PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Video game console EPIC PUBG Rank Montage! | Made it to top of the leaderboards! (PUBG XBOX Series X)

Music, oh Music, up because i have no idea where im going hes about to beat him hes on top of the rock Music: oh Music, one more one: more 65, next ridge, Music, not the guy in the garage Music three times. How is he not one yeah? I got him Music wheres my shots going. Thank you nice. To be honest. Oh he is nice one more one more right in front of you on your right on your right. Hes on lets go what is going on. Ladies and gentlemen, i hope you enjoyed the video if you did and want to support me a little more and the best way and free way to do so is to go to, create an account and then link your account, whether its on console or on Pc and go to the creator, appreciation program and use my creator code, which is brent bryson. Its super easy to do, and i would love you for a long long time. Thank you again for the support and, as always, stay beautiful and have a great rest of your day.

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