Rocket League, Batman, 2021, Batmobile HAUNTED HALLOWS 2021 Event On Rocket League! BATMOBILES RETURN And More FREE ITEMS!

I mean look, how crisp that looks, and you can do this on a bunch of different consoles. You can use a bunch of different payment methods and your items will be in your inventory super fast, its super simple and you can use code deal bobs at checkout for three percent off now. Lets get on to this video at 105 000 subscribers im gon na be giving away a white octane. So if youre not subscribed, make sure you do subscribe because theres more where that came from yo whats, going on guys dewalt here and here we go rocket league – has finally announced haunted. Hallows is back with their dc crossover. Batmobiles are all returning theres, three new bundles that all have batmobiles in all new free joker items, harley quinn items, mr freeze items, a new rumble game mode with whole new redesigned like rumble power ups like they just all look different, which is quite cool. We have a trailer to watch, but there we go. I mean i already leaked it all if you guys didnt, believe all the leaks that i said were true now. You finally know everything i said was true but also id like to point out. I said that theres, a real life decals for the batmobiles and i was wondering what they would be, but now i realize at the moment all the batmobiles have sort of two colors. You know your primary color is always black and the accent color is always.

You know whatever accent color, you want to choose and it will add a color to the decal. Well, all the batmobiles are going to be in bundles now with a real life decal. And if you look here, the real life decal will make the car fully black. So here we have the 89 batmobile notice how its fully black thats, because the real life decal makes it fully black same with the 2016 batmobile and same with the tumblr. It makes them fully black, which is awesome. We also have all the items to showcase. All of these items will be free, but lets watch the trailer for haunted hallows. So there you go, haunted hallows literally starts tomorrow. How awesome is that, and then you get a sneak peek of some of the items. Also, if you saw at the end there, that batman goal explosion, i think that will be the dark knight goal explosion. Maybe i cant remember um, but yeah theres going to be new batman, gold explosions as well, but theres a lot to read here and i dont think we really need to read all of it, because i already showed you guys in the game files all the new Items so all we really have to do is go and look at the new items, but theres going to be new challenges. It says during haunted hallows event and thats how youre going to be able to get all of these. So theyll be nice, simple challenges and then the new rumble is called gotham city rumble and that will be lasting all throughout the event and then obviously theres.

The new arena called beckwith park, gotham night, which is a limited time arena and it says, be on the lookout for nods and easter eggs scattered all around the arena. Thats going to be fun. I love easter egg hunting, so im going to enjoy that for sure, and then all three versions of the batmobile are coming back into the item shop. Each batmobile will now have a real life decal, giving them their signature. Black color from the movies plus celebrate your goals with three bat signal: goll explosions. These three fiery gold explosions show off the bat symbol from three different eras: get all the batmobiles and gold explosions in the batman, halloween bundle or by each vehicle or item separately, heres. Whats included in each so you can get the whole bundle for 2 000 credits and that youll get all of the batmobiles. All the real life decals and all the gold explosions or you can buy individual batmobile bundles and all of them will include the vehicle. The decal and the gold explosion for 800 credits, so, if you dont have you know if youre only missing the 2016 batmobile, you can buy it for 800 credits and then the real life decals will be available for 300 credits each. If youve already got the car and the three bat signal, gold explosions will also be 500 credits each. If youve already got the cars and also note the batmobiles cannot be customized with additional items, so you cant put any items on them.

So there we go. The event will last from october 14th to november first so for about two weeks just over two weeks, and these are all the items that youll be get for free from event challengers. So this is the dominus joker decal, which looks awesome. I really like that. Then we have the gothams finest merc decal wow, okay, thats good. I like how its got the the joker laughing spray painted all over it, but thats like a swap van, which is awesome. Then we have harley quinn wheels, which you can see. Oh yeah theyre, pretty cool, then we have mr freeze wheels. He looks really creepy in there im not gon na lie and look. We do have the freeze effect that i thought theyd have. We then have joker boost, which i think looks awesome that really does fit. Then we have poison ivy boost, which is cool. I like that. Then we have batman, boost thats, really cool. The batman boost is really good. I love that and then we have harley quinn topper, which is this is all sort of just a hat. Then we have the dark, knight, player, title. Okay, i think its just gon na say dark knight. It wont actually look like that would be cool if it didnt gain, though, or if it was a black player title that would be awesome. Then we have a joker player banner and a batman player banner which looks pretty nice.

Then we have the batman avatar border. I love this. This is beautiful. Im already gon na make my player icon like a derpy face and have that around it. That is gon na look amazing, and that takes you back to the start. So there you go. Hopefully you guys are excited for this event. Who knows what else it will bring? Who knows when the new item series will come out as well, that ive leaked? If you dont know about that, then click on the video that you see on screen right now, but thats it for this video. It was a lot of fun leaking all of this before they actually released it, but there you go everythings, confirmed right here, ill see.

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Rocket League, Batman, 2021, Batmobile VUELVE EL BATMOVIL | ROCKET LEAGUE x DC HALLOWEEN 2021 👻