Everyone welcome back to another video today rocket league just released a new trailer for the haunted, hollows event that is coming back tomorrow, because they dont announce events a week ahead anymore. They announce events 24 hours ahead. I guess so. This is coming out tomorrow. Get hyped for this new trailer, but before we get into that, lets hear a quick word from our sponsor. If you want a cheap and easy way to get your favorite rocket league items, no matter what console youre on head over to rl exchange and use code, coral coke at the checkout for three percent off its a very easy site to use with tons of payment Methods available and super fast delivery just use the link in the description to go check it out for yourself alrighty lets get into this trailer. I am super hyped to see this. I have not looked at it, yet they just posted it a little bit ago. So lets get into this: oh baby, okay, oh okay, so dill bobs leaks were correct. Its the uh map with the batman logo in the back it looks like it looks like theres new power ups for the rumble that are like batman, themed in the new gotham city, rumble mode. Okay, yup unlock batman, themed items, okay, thats cool, looked like a batman, plunger, oh and the batmobile returns to the item. Shop, get hyped for all of you that have been wanting and craving the new batmobile or not the new batmobile uh, the old batmobile.

It is finally coming back, ladies and gentlemen: oh my gosh. Oh, it looks like a bat themed tornado. Oh, is that a new goal explosion or is that the old one look at that right? There has that been in the game before, but look at those items. Look at that – oh i love these so much im, definitely going to wear those returns october 14th wow that was kind of a short trailer whats the rest of this alrighty. So this is on rocket leagues website. Under the news tab uh, it says batman returns to rocket league for haunted, hollows suit up for event, challenges with new batman, themed items, gotham city rumble limited time mode. The return of all three batmobiles and more its nightfall in gotham city and the rogues gallery is gearing up for mischief and mayhem. This calls for the return of the dark knight himself. The hero rock league deserves his back to restore order during the annual haunted hollows. In game event, on october 14th, licensed by warner, bros, interactive entertainment on behalf of dc, one of the largest publishers of comics and graphic novels in the world, prepare for a long halloween with haunted, hollows event challenges. These new challenges can be completed to unlock items, themes, uh items themed after iconic batman, super villains, check out the trailer above and the slideshow featuring the joker dominus decal and boost gothams finest murk decal harley quinn, wheels and topper poison, ivy boost and more plus claim The free dark knight player title as a login reward batman and his foes are also taking over rumble and transforming it into gotham city rumble.

This new twist is the same rumble gameplay, but power ups are now themed after batman and his enemies use your power ups and engage jokers boxing glove harleys hammer instead of the boot poison. Ivs vines instead of the grappling hook and many more claim, a dark victory in gotham city rumble, while its available as an ltm all throughout haunted hollows. This years haunted hollows uh swoops in with all new arena variant. Beckwith park, gotham knight, beckwith park, has been infiltrated by the most notorious supervillains of gotham city, be on the lookout for nods and easter eggs scattered all across this new limited time. Arena catch a glimpse of beckwith park, gotham knight in the trailer above batmans return to rocket league wouldnt, be complete without his iconic vehicle, the batmobile all three versions of the dark knights, high tech vehicle, the batmobile 1989, the dark knights, tumbler and the batmobile 2016 – are Speeding back into the item shop, each batmobile comes with the new real life decal, giving them their signature. Black color from the movies plus celebrate your goals with three bat signal goal explosions. These three fiery goal explosions show off the bat symbol from three different eras: get all the batmobile and go explosions in the batman, halloween bundle or buy each vehicle or item separately, okay, so theyre giving you the option. If you want all three of everything, you can buy the huge bundle or you can get each one separately.

So in the batman, halloween bundle for 2 000 credits, you get the batmobile 1989, the real life decal, the dark knight, tumbler, the real life decal, the batmobile 2016, the real life decal, the batman 19 angle, explosion, the dark knight explosion and the batman 2016 go explosion. Uh, the individual, batmobile bundles include vehicles, real life decals and a goal. Explosion 800 credits each so each real life decal will be available for current batmobile owners for 300 credits. So if you already have the old batmobile like i do, all you have to do is buy the new real life decal for 300 credits and then youre good. The three bat signal goal – explosions that are new will also be available individually for 500 credits. Each okay, thats, not too bad uh suit up and joined batman in the fight during this years, haunted hollow starting october 14th through november 1st, be sure to earn your challenge. Items throw down in gotham city, rumble, check out beckwith park gotham night and take control of the batman batmobile in the item shop all throughout the event – and this is looks like the new items that they have the poison ivy boost. Uh the batman boost that looks kind of cool. We got harley quinn topper there we got the dark, knight player title see. This is so misleading right here this player title dark knight and they show it all black with like a glowing. Green effect me and you, everyone knows that is not going to glow green okay, thats, going to be a normal, stupid gray title that doesnt glow at all, but they like show it like this, like ooh, look at a new players title and then they dont have A glowing that i wish they wouldnt do that its just misleading um, but they got the joker player banner that looks pretty sick.

Not gon na lie the batman player banner cool, so they have like a drawn effect on these looks like someone drew them. Thats cool uh, oh wow, batman, avatar border. It literally looks like a batman, thats kind of cool uh joker, dominus decal. I, like it gothams finest merc decal, so its like a swat car from gotham city police, nice, cool, harley quinn, wheels; okay, not too bad red and black um, and then we got mr freeze wheels. Look at that little mr freeze face on there its like k2s, but okay, pretty cool, ah joker boost. I wonder what noise that makes im curious, all right, thats, all the items but uh yeah. Let me know what you guys think. I know it its kind of a little cheap that they just kind of took an old game mode rumble and then just reskinned i mean i know theyre working on other things right now, so this is probably not their main focus, but a new uh game mode. Would have probably been a lot more exciting than just hey, heres rumble, but now the power ups look different, its like okay ill take it. You know its new stuff im happy about the new items. I just you know they could have tried a little bit harder. Also theres no mention anywhere in here about uh golden pumpkins im, hoping that that comes back but because they didnt mention it in here. Oh well, see i dont know but uh.

Let me know what you guys think down in the comments below. Thank you guys.

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