We i just want to give you guys a quick reminder tomorrow. We do actually have a confirmed, drop going on tomorrow with gamestop as well as also a little bit of rumors too as well. Some other various console drops going on and as well. We also did not have a chance to go talk about the ps direct all throughout today, which may be a little bit on the sad side over here and as well were also anticipating, maybe a little bit of a walmart restock too. Now we have a lot of things to talk about so make sure you guys go and sit through with the video, but at least we do have a confirmed restack going on as well. Well, probably go and cover up a lot of the additional stuff uh for tomorrow, just in case no people fell asleep. This will be a little more of a late night, video as well as also kind of all the other. Various little restocks well be on the lookout for so, if, basically, if you guys watch this video, you guys can either skip or kind of scroll through the video tomorrow morning as well. Just you guys all know a little heads up for that as well. When you guys are brand new, make sure you guys are subscribed with the notifications on as well for the brand new playstation 5 giveaway amazon links down below for the ps5 disc, digital console, controller, twitter and twitter stream as well link down below sonic for weeble deposit 100, you guys go, get free, stack, free money, go and base, you guys go buy 100 worth of any cryptocurrency, yes go and get free bitcoin as always link down below, and i appreciate you guys all so much for watching lets, go and dive in the video Itself so im sure you guys have actually seen cause.

We have mentioned this a few times throughout this week. We do actually have a confirmed. This is for the xbox series x, basically the major halo edition going on for tomorrow. This will be talking about well talk about whats, going to be in the drop and all that, and also a bit more other stuff, weve kind of seen throughout the day. So the big thing over here is for tomorrow we actually have the dedicated halo. Super fan. Bundle going on this is confirmed over at gamestop, just my quick reminder on it, because we had a little bit of focus on like the walmart and pia strike today. But if you guys are curious tomorrow, october 14th, this will be at 10 a.m. Central standard time, 11 a.m. Est 9 a.m. Mountain time zone 8 a.m, pacific. So, if you guys are just whatever you guys hope, you guys know your time zones you guys are in, but a few things to go and know. As weve mentioned this, so weve had two separate drops right this week. One was the normal xbox series x, halo, infinite edition that was on tuesday. That was the 550 bundle. Well show you guys that in a second and then today we actually had the controller. As of for sale today at 10 a.m, that overall went okay because well obviously not as many people want. You know a controller over say the console itself, especially for a limited edition console, but this one will be going on tomorrow.

Ill probably have a scheduled tweet outside want to follow on twitter ill. Try to get the links out for you guys, if not no worries, im sure some of my restock comeys can help on out, but this one will be probably a little bit more on the expensive side. Weve talked about the cost on it, and this will also be for a pro members. Early access weve had a similar video earlier on this week. Make sure you guys are subscribed if you guys really really want a good chance to go and get this bundle for gamestop. If you guys are a part of the pro game, membership rewards. Basically, you pay 15 for one year and then you have a chance to have the early access drops, and this goes on for the entire year. So we usually kind of say its kind of nice, especially in comparison to say, best buy because you have to pay 15 its for the entire year and you also get a feel the little benefits they sometimes have like. You know just a little like little discounts and other various things as well, also slightly nicer for the trade in. So if you guys want to sign up for this now, that also will be pertaining to future playstation. 5 restocks were also going to restack rumors going around for game stop 2, which well maybe touch on later on. So for this in case, you guys are curious.

This bundle will probably be expensive. I keep on saying this and reminding folks on it ill place this tomorrow morning too as well. This will be a xbox series x, the actual its like 550 dollars. It may be a 500 base because they have like a different controller tied on in possibly but im going to probably assume 550 for the console itself. The controller i believe was 200 and the headsets by at least like 150 bucks, so just be forewarned. If you guys want to get this, this will be probably extremely expensive, like its going to be pretty high up there and also dont, forget also factoring in tax and if you guys also are buying the 15 pro access. You also have to worry about that too. As well so just bear that in mind and keep that in mind that well, you got its gon na cost a lot of money, but this is confirmed for tomorrow at 10 a.m. Now a few things to know for at least for the last drop that happened for the halo drop for gamestop. It actually did take them a little while to get in the groove. So what that means theres, like maybe has a few quick tips. Ill probably say this tomorrow too, as well: uh john, that should be redundant. Just kind of you know it kind of fits the double theme just wan na make sure. Like you know, if you guys, i just want to make sure you guys know whats going on.

So when it comes to this, we have the usual drop time, which will be at 10, as you guys know, but we usually do see. Gamestop, take like an extra like five. Ten minutes, sometimes, like you know, from one to nine minutes, basically to kind of get in the groove. Wait for the drop make sure the websites all good. Let people like make sure the websites stable. You know all that type of stuff and kind of get people in the groove im sure there is also some workers out there as well that are trying their best to make sure everythings all working good. So basically wait uh just keep on refreshing casually. Keep on spamming, adding to cart for the pre order itself, but just want to remind you guys there i think, for the drop itself. The last drop. I think there was a hundred and twenty four thousand people just waiting on the website so like little, so that we actually have a gamestop tweet that sent out. I was like hey guys were so sorry, but like theres, literally hundreds of thousands of people trying to go to get this console. So just bear that in mind and keep that in mind when it comes to all this stuff in general, its a big thing like theres, going to be a lot of people, especially for this. Although this one may be slightly less sought after because it is more expensive, so keep on refreshing keep on trying to add to cart like more so spamming, add to cart.

Well, probably be anticipating like a few additional waves, we usually do see halo xboxes. Do a few waves too as well, so just so you guys dont know so they usually do like you know like five like five minute batches and then another five minute batches. You just have to basically be consistent. I know its kind of annoying and hard, but with a lot of people trying to get these limited edition consoles and they already promoted this on official tweets weve talked about this week and stuff. So a lot of people are waiting for it and trying to go. Get it but, as i mentioned, because this one have a slightly higher cost price point, itll probably be sold out at least slightly a little bit less as fast, hopefully, and as well. It also kind of deters a lot more bots and scalpers too, because they have all these little accessories. This is probably the one you want to go for so just keep that in mind. Check that out now ill try to put a schedule tweet out tomorrow as well and ill, remind you guys tomorrow, just for just the confirmation of the drop itself happening. So we have a few other things to go talk about throughout today too as well. We did not have a ps tourette, which made me sad. We did have the individual email invites. I was waiting for it and, of course we just did not get lucky and have sony go and bless us with a proper open public tourette, not the best.

But the one kind of the nice thing was that we did have target actually going to restock. So, as you guys probably know all about that, we did at least have some sort of movement all throughout today. That kind of sprung up on a lot of us. I talked about that earlier on today, so at least we knew we knew the stock was there, but we didnt know exactly where it was and uh just for a little bit of a side note – and i may actually make another video on this as well. If we have more confirmations, but it does kind of seem like gamestop, actually might potentially have some bundles tomorrow, it has not been confirmed or like, like pro membered out, so keep that with a grain of salt, but apparently theyve also been changing up. Some of the playstation 5 bundles on the website, so that doesnt necessarily mean that theres gon na be a drop tomorrow or even on friday, but we also have seen gamestop do these yolo and random drops like so they just randomly go and do it so bear That in mind that theres, that very very small change tomorrow, they could be doing a restock. But if there is not a restock, you know tomorrow or on friday, from gamestop its, not the end of the world, because that also means that well probably just be prepping up for stock or maybe even as early as of next tuesday, because it does kind of Seem like gamestop is kind of you know, like kind of whittled, their way into the tuesday drop times so bear that in mind and keep that in mind when it comes to all this stuff, so its looking nice and looking good, this is always confirmed as well.

Always uh just a quick reminder too. Please make sure you guys have your information pre saved, if you guys dont, do that youre gon na be wasting a lot of valuable seconds and a lot of times for this type of stuff, like especially for very, very sought. After limited edition consoles, like the xbox series xs at gamestop, you need those valuable seconds make sure you guys have your credit card apple pay credit. Have the app downloaded. Have your information saved email saved? Basically, just like do all the early work you guys can get done. I know no one ever really likes doing that. I know i myself dont like it or something to as well, go and sign up for the pro access now, because they wont actually have a chance, like, i think, theres, actually like a weird like little soft limit, where, if you sign up for that same day, There is sometimes people having issues we have been seeing. People like just having like overall issues with it, which stinks, but at least at least we kind of know about it. So, overall make sure you guys are on point make sure you guys are careful this one. Like i said, because it is a little bit more expensive might be better and well still be kind of watching out tomorrow for a few more random drops such as walmart too, but well. Give you guys more info and talk about that. Probably in tomorrow mornings.

Video and also well be kind of watching stuff, the rest of the week as well, but i do very much appreciate you guys watching if you guys can try to get these consoles. Leave a comment down below as well make sure you guys are subscribed with the notifications on as well for the brand new playstation 5 giveaway amazon links down below for the ps5 disk. Digital console controller, twitter and twitch room as well link down below sign up for weeble deposit 100. You guys go, get free stack for your money. Go on base, you guys go buy 100 worth of any cryptocurrency guys go and get free bitcoin. I appreciate you guys.

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