Its maybe soft from the thumbnail were gon na go, probably go and trigger a bit more into detail and as well just for anyone whos watching the very start of this video. There actually may still be stock available over at uh gamestop itself, so go check it out. Theyre, actually doing some halo, infinite, xbox series x, restocks. It started at 10 oclock so depending on when this video goes up and when you watch it there might still be some stock there. You guys have to go and see and as well well kind of cover a little bit more restack. So from that, if you guys also got lucky from the xbox drop before leave a comment down below, but when it comes to this stuff, its always kind of nifty and fun. Whenever you go and see these new types of consoles, especially when it has a cool tie in when it comes to a brand new game coming out, as you guys know, we even have the halo, infinite, xbox series x and it always does kind of seem like Xbox and microsoft has always been very, very in depth when it comes to trying to make these more custom consoles. A good example of that is. We could actually go look at the normal website and there is so many other various different types of xbox controllers and xbox leak controllers. You could also even build your own custom controller. Well, the playstations not bad, were still kind of stuck with this good old nice.

Little white boy on over here well for this, we actually have some kind of fun stuff to go and talk about how i guess we can go and potentially go and get one in the near future as well. If you guys are brand new, make sure you guys are subscribed with the notifications on as well for the brand new playstation 5 giveaway amazon links down below for the ps5 disk, digital console, controller, twitter and twitter as well link down below sign up for weeble deposit 100, so you guys go get free stock for money. One base you guys go buy 100 worth of any cryptocurrency is going get free, bitcoin as always link down below. We got a lot of fun stuff to go and talk about, including even more restocks on the way which well maybe talk about later on throughout today as well, but i appreciate all so much for watching lets go dive on into it. So, as i mentioned, we actually have the actual good old brand new on, like nickelodeon all stars made consoles, and i want one of these so so so so bad very, very cool though as well. I do want to go. Give you guys a heads up on it. It is just a somewhat smaller little stock in terms of like it looks like a nice little competition going on, but lets go and show you guys and talk about this, because this looks absolutely insane and i got ta.

Be honest, if you guys want to maybe give your comments and votes down below which one do you guys kind of like a little bit better? We have the good old spongebob big boy over here, which, in all honesty, i would i already my credit card – would be in my hand right now, if i could go get that and we also have a good old teenage mutant, ninja power turtles over here. I know i said power. I just see the power in the actual box itself which over there, but i got ta, go and say i think the spongebob one looks absolutely sick and awesome, so maybe give your vote down below. But as i mentioned, we actually have some pretty cool stuff to go and talk about with this. So everyone deserves a good old spongebob, squarepants xbox and you wan na know what, if i could give every one of you guys one i totally would so these official all star, brawl, xbox 36 consoles, are one shot, contest, prizes and thats a little bit of a Shame but its also around very, very cool, so lets go talk about this and then well get to respects and the second one, the time center below so in celebration and cross promotion of the recent release of nickelodeons all star brawl. Microsoft is currently running a sweepstakes. If you guys want to go end up and check it out, well talk about that in a second in which one lucky gamer can actually go and win the xbox series.

Six console theres, literally dressed up like good old spongebob squarepants over there thats, like my childhood right there complete with a matching controller, only one lucky, gamer, thats nonsense. Everyone should have the opportunity to own a spongebob xbox which im in that same boat, if you guys would end up buying one of these leave a comment down below. I would i would 100 buy this over the halo if it xbox in all honesty, theyre, both sick, though so spongebob has been. Basically, you know around here since 1999 way back in the day over there, but a lot of folks out there, of course, have obviously heard about spongebob im sure you guys have heard about it. Yourselves do as well its all just a nice little console, but basically for this one. The article kind of writes talks about the fact that, like hey literally, everyone should have a chance to go. Get these consoles literally for free, which is only what i would go. Do if i ever possibly could for you guys, but on top of this we actually have theres a brand new xbox series x going on. If you guys want to have a chance to go on android in and wear it. So if you guys want to go and see some of this stuff over here, i love. I love the commentary for this article by the way, its just like just look at it. Its literally perfection over here but anyways weve had a chance to go and see a few other little various custom and unique consoles.

We even saw some cool ones with dead by daylight and other various other, like future ones, that kind of popped on off. But i really do truly think that this is the one thats, probably one of my favorites out there in the first place, especially as you get the nicely known little hands over here, you have the face on the actual controller itself, and everything about this just seems Overall kind of cool too as well, i just think it seems kind of cool i do like it. I also like the fact that even this article talked about how the literal eye itself is just a controller and as well, you could use the other eye with the dumb stick, so you kind of move it around its just a goofy little cute design, and i Literally, would want to go and buy these if i possibly could you know and as well too. Of course, this article writer also then just goes and completely just rails into this controller or in this old like design over here, which is absolutely kind of just funny. Just funny as all heck, so they gon na go and talk about the custom one over here, because its just they just caught a garbage on top. I think theyre, both cool. I definitely think the sponge red ones a little bit neater or they just paint nobody leo from teenage fusion ninja turtles face on the side and then just a slice of pizza on the side.

And what is the controller? Why does leo suddenly have a right, analog nose makes no sense thats why this ones the official second place prize on over here and, of course, the spongebob console owns his first play status, but it really shouldnt be a prize at all. It should be all around the world, which i will be honest with you guys. Once again, i would probably go and buy the spongebob xbox almost without a doubt like this is actually overall really really cool in general, but basically like yeah. This is really i love. How the article just based was like we all need this. Would you guys go buy this? I probably would now i mean im sure some people, like the more cool like aesthetic of the halo, infinite xbox but like come on like this looks sick. I love the little. I love the little everything the tie. I love the controller and i would love to actually go and win this in the first place and of course, as i mentioned too, there is a little bit of a sweet six going on over here. If you guys are curious on this from xbox to on top of this, so basically fans will have a chance to win one of the custom, xbox 36 consoles and controllers by just retweeting the xbox sweepstakes tweet. If you guys are curious and thats just on xbox and basically until you guys have until the 24th over there have a chance to go and get some kind of cool little xbox stuff over here too, as well and, of course, its just a nice little Promotion too, when it comes to all of this now, i would have loved this game actually ended up on game pass too and im, not sure.

If it is videos, you guys can, let me know down below, but overall i just think its kind of sick and cool, and i really hope this would actually we can see more custom consoles and custom things mixed around over here. I think its overall, just me and as well were just going to have the game. Stop uh actual drop, go and happen. Slash ongoing. Now, as i mentioned, you guys want to go and check and see just to see if stocks available or not itll kind of depend on when you guys watch this video and all that i touched on it earlier on today, anyway too, as well, but in case You guys actually had any good stuff with the drop or whatever feel free to leave a comment down below if you guys would like, but for some odd reason. You guys see this video later on or you guys have not had a chance to go and actually get your xbox series x, either: infinite halo, infinite edition or normal console. There actually are a few more drops coming out in the near future. We did go and talk about this as of yesterday and earlier on today, but just in case you guys did go and miss it. I know. Sometimes people are busy with work or school or whatever. We actually do have a few more controllers coming out here and game consoles all this throughout these next few days. So as of today, you guys, like i said, maybe if you guys are on the early part of the video you can maybe go and see if gamestop goes public on the xbox series, x, halo, infinite or as well, if they just have extra available stock ill, Apply this video up around like 10 45, so well kind of depend.

The drop started at 10 oclock itself, but if you guys want to go and creep on it, basically its 550. for the custom, xbox series x, halo, infinite console. We just want to creep on that, plus all their bundle stuff mixed on in and you guys for some odd reason missed it or it comes out of stock or like an hour from now two hours from now. Whatever there actually is. Another drop confirmed for october 14th, but as also for tomorrow, too im sure you guys maybe heard this news. There also is the xbox elite series: 2 wireless controller thats for 200 that will be available over at gamestop. This is the limited edition xbox like controller going over there, all based and inspired over by the actual, you know, master chief outfit itself and then the big boy, one, you guys, probably go care about, and then we did touch on this. This little on the mediocre side, the xbox series x, basically, big boy – bundle, if you really like halo well, be officially out as of thursday at 10 a.m. Central center time, 11 a.m, est nine a.m. Mountain time, zone 8 p a.m, pacific time, and they were actually basically saying that was going to be like the really really popular bundle when it comes the xbox series x, where it has the halo, infant and console the actual controller itself. I believe the controllers right above it the 200 controller and then also custom halo, like basically headsets and this plug, can be a very, very expensive bundle.

I touched this before because the consoles 550 – the controller – is 200, so that together is ready, 750 dollars without tax, and the heads is quite like 100 itself, so its gon na probably be maybe like a 900 plus dollar console slash bundle going on from gamestop, but If you guys really want to go, get it and really want to confirm it, it is a limited edition console and i mean maybe well get to see more cool stuff like spongebob or patrick constance in the future, at least for this is officially on out. If you guys want to check it out on thursday, but if you guys had a chance, if you guys want to say you guys, if you guys would buy these consoles or not or if you guys had luck on gamestop or as well good luck for the Future game stuff leave a comment down below and as well make sure you guys are subscribed with the notifications on as well for the brand new playstation 5 giveaway amazon links down below for the ps5 disc, digital console, controller, twitter and twitter as well link down below Sign up for weeble deposit 100: you guys go, get free stack! Your money go in, make sure you guys go. Buy 100 worth of any cryptocurrency lets go and get free, bitcoin leave a like and comment down below ill see you guys up later on throughout today.

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