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The state has taken another big step towards living with covert as more restrictions were eased today. Its been five long months well play good shot, but the team is finally back together. Its just been really good to see everyone again. We can just go over all our skills and get ready for the season. Now that new south wales has reached its 80 double vaccination target, community sports can get back up and running in non covered times. The cricket season would be well underway by now its not been easy for us. It disrupts our playing. It also makes the planning process to bring teams together and recruit players really difficult. Bringing teams together has been tough in the corporate world too, for the fully vaccinated today brought an end to compulsory mask wearing in offices, but, unlike the busy beaches and bustling retail strips most office, buildings are still close to empty through september. The sydney cbds office, occupancy rate was just four percent. Now thats expected to lift as restrictions do, but the property council says the return to workplaces. Here will be more of a trickle than a flood. We will have a staggered return and i think, with the summer ahead, theres a lot of motivation for people to come back into town to see their peers and to collaborate when they knock off. They can head to the pub and stretch their legs. Another change of rules means you can stand up indoors with a drink again.

Standing up is good, its a lot easier to police, especially on weekends, when youve got a full pub on your hands. If you want to take the party out of the pub theres good news too, the number of visitors allowed at a household has increased from 10 to 20, and the cap on outdoor gatherings is up from 30 to 50. 265 new covert cases were announced today and Another five deaths restrictions are set to be eased further on december 1, a day promising far greater freedom for the unvaccinated ruby, cornish, abc news sydney. It felt like an eternity, but four long months of homeschooling are finally over for 150 000 students kindergarten year. One and year 12s went back to class. Today, all other students go back next week under strict covert rules. Ronnie heyman reports, bellys full uniforms on shoes are tied and lunch is packed im feeling a bit emotional. To be honest, hes been with me for four months. Almost and its time to go back five days, kindergarten student jared slam is ready to see his friends. How are you feeling excited good morning year? One student olivia kirti is also raring to go. Everythings gon na be great. Its gon na be a great day living under harsher lockdown restrictions in a classified covert. Hotspot was tough on the family, its been a hugely challenging time, both my husband and i work full time. The kids were really unhappy about being at home some year, 12.

Students are back for two weeks of revision before their final exams next month, its nice to be back with people, but definitely looking forward to it all being over soon. Obviously, when it comes to sort of you know large scale, learning from home thats something that i dont ever want to see again. The state government says its investing more cash into extending its school tutoring program to next year. While that focuses on learning loss experts say vulnerable, students will need more support. Our safety net systems that keep kids safe rely on us having eyes on children and as soon as we shut schools down, kids became invisible. Schools still look a bit different masks are mandatory for staff and high school students and strongly encouraged for primary aged kids. Staff must be fully vaccinated and schools can still temporarily close. If a positive covert case is found, i feel confident that theyre doing everything they can to protect our babies so youre going to miss your mum yep a sentiment easily forgotten when walking in the gate, most so excited they arent.

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