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, Music, so davey whats, going on with the patch tuesday vulnerabilities. How many are there and how serious are they actually, the numbers are interesting um, because different vendors, different analysts are coming up with different numbers, whether you include somewhere, including um, a bunch of vulnerabilities that were fixed last week in in crime and edge, for example, im Not including those so without those there have been 71 new vulnerabilities that have been fixed and 68 of those are rated as important, which is serious enough and three are critical. Um and four of them, as ive just said, are zero days and one of those zeros days is being exploited in the wild by attackers already now. This is important because, if its being exploited already, you need to fix it apply that patch as soon as possible, and that includes windows 11 users. Or does it because the zero day thats been thats being exploited in the wild um? Can a fact affect windows 11, and indeed there is a patch out for windows 11 for it, but im told that windows 11 isnt being targeted at the moment. Well, i guess its not being targeted because theres not very much of it out there its not particularly big attacks yet, but it must be worrying architecturally if almost immediately post launch windows 11 is already being exploited, even at very small scale. Well, yeah, you say sort of small scale, but um there we go so lets have a look of those 71 new vulnerabilities that ive just talked about.

14 of them affect windows, 11., theres 14 patches for windows, 11, already of those for a remote code, execution which are very serious indeed, five elevation of privilege, which are used by attackers to to ramp up the privilege that they get once they get on your machine. Um to admin, so they can to move on to other attacks that give them better network control. Uh three were information disclosure, one was a denial of service and one was even a security feature bypass. So you know theres a lot going on here. Theres a whole cluster of vulnerabilities already in windows, 11 and thats before hardly anybody is upgraded so david, i guess one of the trade offs when people do update is going to be. We have seen so many examples of microsoft windows updates that degrade. You know, connections to printers or performance or the start menu. You know, theres a theres, a litany of these things. So what have whats the trade off for users out there right now? Well, at the minute im, not seeing any reports of um negative impact for windows. 10 users, but that cant be said for a subset at least of windows: 11 users, if youre using an amd, ryzen processor powered device, there are reports coming in that performance is being hit by up to 15, which is quite a hit um. Now. Obviously, these are some very serious uh vulnerabilities, some of which have been exploited. So you need to take your security seriously if youve got a windows 11 machine, but if youve got an amd, ryzen powered machine, you then have to look at.

Is that hit to performance for my usage, especially if youre a business for my usage enough for me to then say? Well, i cant update to these security things, especially if the most critical of those the xero day isnt targeting windows 11 machines in the first place.

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