Clash Royale, 2022, Supercell, October 26 Best Deck for Phoenix Launch Party! Win Exclusive Emote!

The new car just got released today, Im gon na show you the best deck for the challenge. The first challenge, as you guys can see the background, is the Casual change. You just need to get six wins losers, dont, really matter dude dont matter at all, and the second stage you need to get 10 wins. You can just lose two times at the end. You get this awesome emote in Clash Royale, if you guys enjoy my content, want to support me after the update just drop for special offers, or something now lets make sure to use code model shop. I really do appreciate, I would say it start with jumping today and Im gon na show you the best second, how to beat this challenge. This is by far the best deck for the Phoenix launch party challenge. We got a really classic Lavon deck. You can use everything in Cardinals charge and you have to for sure seen since the Phoenix launched by chance. You have to have the Phoenix in your deck and adjust something for the Mega Man, since I feel like its really similar to making a ton of DPS a ton of damage and really really tanky, also against lightning lightning. Doesnt kill it. So I just think the single Target damage is awesome. I stopped in for the Mega minion really really works well of, like any type of addicts, its an air card. If you guys want to see more gameplay about the Phoenix more different interactions, make sure to also check out my video from two days ago, where I actually showed this card in a really really deep way, so make sure to check it out.

But I would say his style jumpsuit Challenge and lets be the challenge with the best deck for this challenge. So I guess youre in the first game were just gon na drop, our tombs lets see what the pawns are playing and, if you guys already have like some Phoenix experience at least watch. My video and kinda understand how that card work works. You already have a really huge advantage of this card. This is really important. Just keep in mind. Phoenix also does pretty well against Lavon, but the problem is, or the kind of thing we need to worry about in itself is Phoenix, is good against everything, so it doesnt matter which deck youre playing, even if youre playing a ground deck with like golden examples, Phoenix Just absolutely destroys this one, so hes, just gon na use a poison in the Phoenix just shredded, one of that, its absolutely crazy to think of um hes, just gon na use a skele King in a bag. So I guess ice cream is going to be graveyard, but instead of the um hows, it called hows. It called guys instead of the um. I just forgot the name Im, just cooking Im, just gon na use the Ability here so just to make sure to kill the egg and just go Phoenix here lets see what he does now look at the Phoenix damage, its absolutely crazy to think of so Im. Just gon na go for zapier.

Instead of the baby doing he most likely has uh. He most likely has hows it called um uh instead of baby dragon is Phoenix, so this is really interesting, so hes just gon na go over his own things. I guess were just gon na tank our Tower here, going for a live on T, okay for sure we dont get the egg at this time or, like dont, get an egg at all so far. But this is the thing sometimes, which is really good with lemon. Also, if you have a lava on Phoenix push and the opponents, some are like able to kill the Phoenix um, okay, Ive already to kill it, make sure to kill it. I need to make sure to kill the Phoenix the time no, I dont I dont and yeah. You just need to make sure. Sometimes the Lavon is tanking for the Phoenix and when the lava is taking for the Phoenix, your opponent is really really struggling against that. So I guess were just going to take a fireball here hitting both of that and he still needs to commit something to the Phoenix so hes, mostly just gon, na hes gon na go by bam, bro, which is fine for me. But I guess oh, the Phoenix is still on Tower. The Phoenix is still on town still just a pretty decent damage difficult for zappy. Can I get another Phoenix out of that? Oh my God. Thank you.

I just need to make sure everythings gon na go live on defensive. He gets closer for tonight on top of my Phoenix, but this is great. The Phoenix act plus tornado plus that combinations absolutely incredible and puts a ton of work okay, so he goes in now. For a great aggressively, I think, Im just gon na go Mighty mind the block at the bridge Im using my um using my Phoenix here. I just hope the Phoenix is putting in the work we need to Phoenix is doing actually a solid job against square, but look at the DPS look at the damage. He does so so quick and I guess, theres nothing he can do here. He cant win this one. Fireball doesnt really do too well against that, but yeah this is over. He cant really do anything hes playing it pretty decent, I would say, but our deck is just so good and I need to tell you guys this zap plus um. Does that plus um hows? It called um like Phoenix air combination. I would say if you want to call it that is absolutely crazy and one of the main win conditions you want to use in. As I said once side Maps, the live out is tanking for the Phoenix act um after the Phoenix just got killed, and then you get another Phoenix behind your Lavon or like next to your Lavon, which is absolutely crazy. You want to ride.

The Lavan is tanking for sure Phoenix, also its good against Lavon, but Phoenix count. Does everything in the game right now and might be the best card right now next game here against KFC and lets see what he does here. Thomas are once again starting and so dropping a tombstone is completely completely fine. We dont need to worry about that now. Opponent Justin goes golden first place, so lets play Golden rocket. Does he play Golden lighting? Does he know that my um Phoenix doesnt die from spells or like from a lightning at least doesnt have lightning and awesome, which is really important about that? To be fair, is that um like, even if he kills it in my half, like most of the time like the ACT, is going to be able to spawn another Phoenix? So this is just important to keep in mind guys Im using my Fireball here. I guess Im using my ability just try to kill the Phoenix somehow also Splash like go with the baby going away. Please go in for a zapier, please and Martin Royale was really scared. I was really scared for one second, so hes going for a kindergarten. I guess right now you guys gon na see a DPS. You see the DPS from the Phoenix, its crazy, its absolutely crazy. Okay, look at this. The Candy Crush absolutely get shredded at the bridge. Okay. So what does the opponent has hes going for a llama check? Okay, look at the Llama jacket.

Look at the Lumberjack guys! Look at the Llama Jack look at the Llama Jack okay! He needs to walk a bit good to know against. Lumberjack gets good distraction, but he also spawns an egg. Never ever thats gon na come in Phoenix tip on just important action when the egg is really really close to the tower, since the arrows they dont really need to get like that of a long range. If kind of get my point since its really closed, you dont get an egg, but besides that you always it always feels like always getting egg, because or like out of that, which is like really important to know so. Okay, I need to kind of make sure to I dont know I think Im just gon na go zap here. Okay, now we need to make sure the kind of defense is counter Bush right. This wont be easy. This wont be easy, so Im using my um using my boy here, Im using my Tombstone now, okay well apply it. We are fine and now thats exactly exactly what I said. If hes gon na kill my half theres nothing, he can do so its using his column defense. This is what he can do actually in this situation, but yeah. Just as I said, you really want to kill the Phoenix here, even sometimes its not possible, because if, if the egg is born there, you always need to commit Elixir, otherwise hes going to be able to get a um hes going to be able to get a Connection, if you want to say like another another Phoenix out of that so Im just going to use my alarm on here to the bridge, hopefully uh, Im just gon na Im, just gon na go for phoenixy behind that right, like were just gon na.

Let lamaja go, I guess I think its the smartest play. We can do in the situation and I guess were just gon na go for a tombstone here on top of the counter card is coming down, lets go. So how is the opponent gon na defend this? One, do we get an egg out of that? Okay? Can we Firebase both of that? Can I go for zap here, zap, look at the DPS look TPS like malawa got shredded. Okay lets see what he does. Next, okay hes, just gon na go drop. This at the bridge were just gon na go for Mighty Miner. Here, um, okay, no Phoenix, please okay, Phoenix is coming out for sure. Phoenix is coming out. Okay, hmm Im! Just gon na go for a tombstone here, okay, what is he going to do now? Its its pretty close Im just gon na go for my lava Mount here. Okay, alarm is coming on the bridge Im just trying to get some decent chip damage now. Okay, okay, can we get the egg came? Oh no. We cannot but Im just gon na go for Fireball. Here, okay, he tries to be aggressive, but, like my Tombstone is putting in work. Oh can we at least kill this egg? Please no another one is coming down were going for this app here we do get some damage, see what the heck is he doing. What can he do? What can he do were just gon na go for another Mighty mind the bridge.

You just block this. Hopefully, okay hes just gon na drop this. Do we get another balloon then, or do we get a balloon down now at the bridge, just to pressure as much as we can? He goes in for this? We can go for Fireball. He either we see anyway, Evens gon na go for Fireball like at least the. Hopefully, the egg is gon na, be respawning that, and I dont really see any way from winning this one. He goes for lightning, lightning, NATO wasnt enough, and this is why were taking this when it was close, but we still played pretty well. So yes, now were physics wow. I just absolutely also love my batches, so I would say Dewey whiskey. Do we go louder? First play, I would say, not so were just gon na wait until he does something, and he just goes in for skeletons so could be like an expert like Expo um actual Phoenix. There could be something else so um lets see what he does. Hes just gon na cycle lock, I still dont, really feel comfortable doing anything since I just feel like. I just want to wait and he just goes and throws Phoenix in the back, and so if he does, of course, for the Phoenix back Phoenix its, not really slow, you can just normally go for a lava and the feeling should go in your half of the Map, okay, so he just pushed with a mighty man, so I exactly still dont know what hes playing I for sure want to get my skeleton look at him.

I love him and I dont get shredded so okay, at least like this is really good. Okay, also, his egg is dying, which is really important. We always want to make sure of that Ill. Like take care of that for sure I guess Im still gon na go for my Phoenix here. Why not lets find out what he has um, but he for sure is going to be able to be back at another Phoenix really really soon so hes gon na use a mighty money, really great mighty man. If hes gon na get the ability down in time which he most likely does and also, I think the egg is too close to the tower. No, its actually still not happening, and it seems like he doesnt have any response to that. This is absolutely crazy, so hes gon na use a mine. I think Im just gon na go for my mighty mine like this, and look at that. Tawa is down how a credible is that okay, I dont really think I need to defend this. I think I find this is crazy. This is really really crazy. So, okay, so it needs to be really really really really close at the tower and immediately gets Target right if you like for one, but even even just like one second, even just for one second. Um and its not getting a target for one. Second, you still need to kind of make sure to um yeah, you kind of like it play something as you guys can see.

It was so close to our Tower, but it still wasnt able to be enough. So just gon na play off unixie lets see what he does against it. He doesnt really have too much against it, but okay, he goes for a really smart Mighty mind. Look at the Phoenix from him is cleaning up my lava pups because its just so so fast can I go for zap here I cant. Ah, it doesnt make sense. Why am I killing this Phoenix in his half? This is a mistake which Im not saying you shouldnt do. Okay, he will use the Ability he gets fine for me at least he like for sure he kills that, but were still all right with that. Okay, so Im using my Phoenix here in the back just gon na relax just gon na chill um. I know that I still have like a really solid situation, so I dont need to worry about it too much its just gon na go zappy Im just gon na go in for my Tombstone here, hes most like yeah gon na be more aggressive. Now he goes in yeah, he goes without poison. Okay, at least we know its big spell now. Im just gon na go be aggressive here with that and lets see how we can defend this. He goes in. What is it? Does he have rocket? Ah hes just his poison, okay, oh, I need to kind of make sure the Phoenix is not connected.

Phoenix is hopefully not or I mean the mighty Miner, but we do not get the balloon damage also to Tower. It might be a bit closer now, as I really wanted to to be so. Okay youre, just gon na drop some mine on defense. Here I dont know why he did that its a really really huge mistake, Batman. Also, the things on the other side is putting in some work, but we still need to be careful here, so the ACT is actually okay. The egg is actually doing his job and I think this is it also another Phoenix ball and sometimes its so hard to see whats absolutely happening. What is happening right now, whats happening in class Schwab, which like which um Phoenix is spawning where um an agware. Since you cant also take a mind or like kind of finger ball, um a phoenix is just able to spawn one egg and afterwards its another Phoenix, but this Phoenix actually, which gets we wiped from the egg, would be able to spawn another egg. So you just want to make sure to always keep in mind if your opponent plays a really really cheap, cheap deck like a cheap Phoenix cycle like he did that you always want to make sure. Okay, um, Im, gon na relax and exactly know um Rich Phoenix. Actually is able to spawn egg, since you dont really want to overcome it like. Okay, Im also need to place it more against the Phoenix, since I need to kill the egg and then the Phoenix not even able to kill her and hes, not even able to spawn an egg anymore, since it should also will spawned already.

I want another one. So this just kind of what you take a need to take in mind. I hope you guys enjoyed todays video. This deck is absolutely great, but you can also use the decks on my opponent. Graveyard seems really really solid Golem. I think honestly, this might be one of the easiest change of all time and also, first of all, as I said in the first challenge in the first casual change, you can actually try out decks and you cant really lose anything. So if youve like find your best deck use, it then in the second off challenge where, where you need to get like the emo with 10 wins, you just can lose two. So first challenge as the um as the Kaiser. As you guys can see here, the Phoenix launched by the first time is a casual change. Try out the decks, get the six wins and then go with the best decks for the Phoenix launch party, but this is my opinion at least the best deck for it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe. Make sure you subscribe more on the shop and, I would say, were gon na see you tomorrow for another update video or for another great video about the update and yeah make sure to subscribe use cold.

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