Apple, iOS, iPhone 15.1 is Out! – What's New?

Aaron here for Zollotech and today apple released iOS 15.1 to the public.. This is available to all iOS 15 supported devices.. So if you have an iPhone six S, success plus iPhone S E all the way up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max youll have an update now., And this particular update came in at 1.4, four gigabytes thats on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and it will vary Depending on what device youre coming from whether youre on the beta or not., And if you are on the beta, this is the exact same version as iOS 15.1 RC.. So you will not have an update.. You have the update just a little bit early.. So the only thing youll need to do is uninstall your beta profile, reboot, the phone and youll just be on the final version.. You just got to use it a little bit early.. Now this particular update was released to alongside watchOS 8.1 as well as iPadOS, 15.1 tvOS, 15.1 HomePod, OS 15.1 and also macOS Monterey 12.. All of those are all finally available., And so you can get them by going to settings than going to general than going to software update. And if youre not seeing the update, make sure you turn off automatic updates, go back check for an update and you should See the update available there. Once you install it, youll have a bunch of new features.. Now lets go ahead and take a look at the build number and talk about whats new.

So well. Go to settings then well. Go back to our main page go to general than about you can see. The build number is 19 B. Seven four. – And this particular build, like I said, is the exact same, build as the release candidate that apple pushed out a week or so ago to developers and beta testers.. Now, if youre not on the release, candidate youll have a modem update in this update.. So therell be a modem update for you to improve connectivity with your cellular connection and that should help with 5g or 4g LTE. Switching back and forth between that and wifi. Now lets take a look at the new features.. The first feature is a feature that apple showed off when they announced iOS 15 and that is share. Play. Share. Play allows you to FaceTime someone and then share music, or maybe a movie or a TV, show and watch it together, while its synced. And to do that you go into a FaceTime call.. So let me do that. And within a FaceTime call. Youll see Im. Just FaceTiming myself here to give you the example within a FaceTime call.. If you want to share content with someone once youre in the call go back to your home screen, then maybe go into music. And at the top it will say: choose content to use, share. Play., You can do the same with TV shows.. So if I go over to TV and find the TV app well find it here.

There we go., Once you go into the TV app again, it will say: choose content to use, share, play, choose that content. And then it will sync between devices. And when you Are share playing one of the things you can do is still talk back and forth and it will automatically lower the volume.. So you can hear who youre speaking with.. You also have the option to share your screen.. So maybe you want to show someone how to do something.. You have this icon here, tap on it, and you can now share your screen with someone and allow them to see everything youre doing on your screen.. Ive used this with my brother a few times, and it works really really well., So thats something theyve added with 15.1. And then, of course, when youre in screen sharing, you could show them different photos or anything else.. So you have that. And it also gives people the ability to control share play while youre together in that movie.. So maybe someone needs to pause it or fast forward or jump to a different place.. Everyone has the option to do that., So you have the option to pause, play, rewind or fast forward., And that works across not only TV or music, but also fitness plus and other supported apps. With the initial introduction of the iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max apple said that they were going to bring ProRes video to the iPhone.

And with iOS 15.1 its.. Now here you can enable that by going to settings under settings scroll down until you find a camera under camera, go to formats and under formats. Youll now see Apple ProRes, just like we had apple pro raw for photos. Last year. We now have Apple Pro Res for video, this year.. This is only for the iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max.. It will not be available on the other phones as well., So thats on this phone. And then also since the pro and pro max have macro capability theres, a new setting for that.. So again in your camera settings just scroll down, and you now have the option for auto macro, which will automatically switch to the ultra wide camera to capture macro photos and video.. If you turn this off, you can go in and go to your ultra wide camera and sort of zoom in, like you normally would with a macro photo.. But if you have auto turned on it will switch for you.. So if youre in the camera – and you want to get up close to something – you can see that it will switch as I get closer., So I back up and then I get close again youll see the camera switch, so we can get really close and capture Macro photography. Now again, like I said with this version, we also get progress.. If you have the option turned on and you go to video youll see the option here, just like we had RA or raw photography before.

. So you can turn that on or off. It uses a huge amount of storage., So I wouldnt recommend using it regularly, but the video out of it looks great.. I had a separate video where I recorded the entire thing with ProRes.. It just takes a long time to get that footage off the phone because we only have lightening or airdrops., So it took about 45 minutes to get about 15 minutes of footage off the phone.. It does take awhile to do that, but it looks phenomenal. Now. The next thing is: live text. Thats, something weve had with the iPhone since the initial launch of iOS 15.. However, with iOS 15.1, if you have an iPad, theyve brought it to the iPad.. So if we go to the iPad, maybe well go to on an iPhone. Lets, move these phones over, so I can show you. And then you go into your camera.. While we could go into photos before and capture live texts. Now we can use it directly from the camera.. It will recognize texts.. You can see it there., And you have this little button here in the top and we tap on the button.. It captured the wording and then we can copy and paste or look it up or more.. So we now have that option built right in to iPad with the camera.. For some reason, this wasnt here with the initial launch of iOS 15. Also you can insert the same thing using the keyboard.

. So if we go to safari well go over to safari. Now within safari, if we go to the address bar, maybe press and hold well. Try again.: We have that button. There. We tap on it.. Now we can capture text directly from whatever were looking at trying to identify different things. Youll see.. As I move the camera around. It identifies the time. And then also the wording and tries to insert it at the address bar., So thats, something you can do with iPad now that you couldnt do before.. If you have AirPods pro AirPods, three or AirPods max or any headphone that has spatial audio with head tracking theres an easy setting, now that theyve added to control center. So Ill go ahead and place one of the AirPods pro in my ear. And well go ahead And go to music here and Ill play a song. Just make sure its connected here. So well connect our AirPods.. Give it just a moment here to connect. There we go. It gets confused with all these devices, sometimes and maybe youre listening to music.. So if I turn on this song and press or long press 3d press on your headphones here in the control center, you now have an option for spatialized stereo, which weve had before.. But if you tap on this, we can go to fixed position or off.. So it can use head tracked, fixed, fixed position. If you dont, really like the head tracking or turn it off altogether.

, So thats something theyve added right in the control center. Instead of having to go really deep into the settings to disable that or enable it., So theyve added that with 15.1., If you have an app that has your vaccination status within it and youve added that to the health app, you can now add that to apple Wallet., So you have quick access to that. And it looks like this. My state doesnt currently support it, but youll see it looks like this, where you have add to wallet and health., Then youll have a QR code to sort of scan that status. If you need to. – And it gives you the information about it and the medical information, it gives you quick access to apple wallet with that information.. So if you have that support where you live youll be able to use that within shortcuts. Theyve added a pre built action for overlay text.. So if we go into the shortcut you can see, we now have the option to overlay text on an image.. So you can select a GIF or GIF or overlay text on any image, youd like. And then also theyve said that theres, a new collection of games that lets you pass the time with Siri., So all built into shortcuts specifically.. So we have that available in 15.1.. Now, within the translate app theyve added a language., So maybe you want to translate something. Youre talking back and forth to someone youll see the languages here at the top.

Now include Chinese Mandarin, China mainland. So that wasnt there before. With 15.1. We have Mandarin Chinese. Now. Also, if you use the home app theyve added some automations for you., So within home. If you go to automation, you can a new automation and change things based on certain accessories.. So maybe you have an accessory that checks for humidity or air quality.. You can enable different actions based off those things., So youll see when a sensor detects something maybe a light sensor or a motion. Sensor well put well pick a light sensor hit next. And then, when we change the level that it actually rises above or below, you can select the Lux value here.. So if it drops below say 20 lucks, we can tell it to turn on a light.. So itll hit next and say, maybe select a different color.. This is for a specific type of light., But if you have any of the supported devices that can sense the light in the room, you can adjust it with this or humidity and more so theyve added. Some new automations in this update. Now as far as new features and changes, thats everything that apple included in iOS 15.1.. However, there are bug fixes as well with things theyve resolved. And the first thing is photos could possibly report incorrect storage in previous versions.. So when youre importing photos and videos, it would tell you that the storage is full.. Thats been resolved in this update.

. However, the storage bug that many are familiar with, where it will tell you, you have more storage available than your phone is actually capable of. Or if you go into your settings and then general and then iPhone storage. Sometimes there is huge amounts of storage. Being used. Apple is not said. They fixed this, but people that have been running the release candidate have said that most of them see this issue resolved where system data and iOS data are not taking up huge amounts of storage.. There are still a few people experiencing that issue though. Now, as far as other bug fixes apple has resolved an issue with the weather, app where it may not show the current temperature for your location and instead will display the wrong colors as well. So youll, see Where Im located here. Its working properly, giving me the correct temperature, although its not updated on the other widgets yet.. For some reason, it will at least tell me the correct temperature, where I live as well as display the correct backgrounds depending on the weather.. So again, if I go over to a different country where its night right now youll see that its displaying the correct background for where theyre at. Some people were having issues with this. And as long as you have an eight 12 bionic or newer youll, see animated Backgrounds as well. Now also audio when youre playing music, and maybe you go ahead and lock your phone.

. Many people experienced an issue where it would just stop. Playing. Apple has resolved that issue in this update.. Also, if youre using voiceover and have multiple passes in your apple wallet, apple has fixed that issue.. So if youre, using your apple wallet with voiceover, it should no longer crash or lock up., So it should work like it was intended.. Originally wifi gets fixed as well.. Some people were having issues where you just couldnt find your wifi. Network. Apple has resolved that in 15.1., So that should be working similar to what apple did with the iPhone 11 series phones with iPhone 12.. This year apple has updated the battery algorithm to better calculate the capacity of the overall battery.. So if you have an iPhone 12 mini 12 pro or a 12 pro max like this phone and you go into settings and go to battery than battery health, youll see maximum capacity.. This is a physical capability of your battery.. All batteries degrade over time. And apple, says 80 after two years is normal., So you will see this number go down. Its completely normal. Just from using your phone., However, theyre saying that the estimate of what this is saying is more accurate with iOS 15.1., So they did this last year with the iPhone 11 and theyre doing it this year, with iPhone 12 series phones, just like the majority of iOS Updates. Apple has included security updates and iOS 15.1.. If you go to safari and go to their security website Ill link that in the description.

, You can see the security updates there. If you scroll down youll, see. Currently, it says details available soon for iOS 15.1 and iPad iOS, 15.1 and all of the other versions they released today.. However, this takes quite some time, usually a few hours since they re they post the actual update. Then it will take a few hours to show up and then it will detail the security updates.. Sometimes they go into a lot of detail. Other times they dont tell you much, but there are security updates in this version. And, like I said, Ill link it in the description.. If you want to check it out for yourself as far as any additional fixes or resolved issues, apple has not mentioned anything else other than what I already mentioned.. So theres, no mention about green tint.. If youre on an iPhone 12 series phone, I keep getting questions about that., And at this point I would recommend just bringing that to apple to have them check it out., Since it seems to be more of a hardware related issue, as they havent acknowledged it.. Also, if youre having issues with CarPlay, they havent mentioned anything about that. And Bluetooth, does seem to be much better in these versions for me., So Ive had no issues with Bluetooth whatsoever., It seems to connect quickly., And you saw earlier when I connected the AirPods Pro It seemed to be fairly reasonable.. However, it does get a little bit confused when you have multiple devices, sometimes, but switching between iPhone and a Mac or an iPad seems to be pretty seamless as well.

Its much faster than it used to be.. As far as overall battery life battery life has been pretty decent for me, as Ive been using the betas for weeks, now. And well give this just a moment.. This is a 13 pro max with a hundred percent battery health. And over the last few days. Well, take a look at yesterday. Yesterday I used about 30 to 40 of my battery had three hours and 23 minutes of screen on time five hours of screen off time, depending on the day it varies greatly.. So if we go back a few days well go to this day, which was really good three hours and eight minutes of screen on time, four hours and 34 minutes of screen off time., And I only used a quarter of the battery. Im easily getting 12 to 15 hours of screen on time on the 13 pro max, which has phenomenal battery life. Anyway, generally 15.1, seems to be very stable.. That way, as far as overall performance performance seems to be pretty good as well on older devices., I wouldnt hesitate to update since the performance seems to be okay.. Of course, I wouldnt expect it to be incredibly fast as its going to be an older device, but it seems to be what you would expect with previous versions.. I see no slowdowns or anything like that, depending on what were going. Through. Youll see scrolling as nice and smooth. And its generally what you would expect with a success plus like this.

. Now, as far as whether or not you should update to iOS 15.1, I would say if you were hesitating to update to iOS 15. This is the time to do that. Generally by 0.1 updates. They fixed most of the bugs the majority of bugs it becomes much more stable, has better battery life and tends to be a better experience. Overall, also youll get that added benefit of security updates.. So I definitely wouldnt hesitate to try and update to this version and see if it works a little bit better for you. iOS 15 early versions tend to have issues generally when they get to iOS 15.1 youre going to be good to go.. Now, as far as any future versions – iOS 15.2 betas – I would expect pretty soon and well get some new features and changes later. On. Generally apple will continue to roll these out until iOS 16 in June.. So expect some small changes up until then, and we should see some betas pretty soon with newer versions. Now, if youve found anything else, Id love to hear from you in the comments below. And if youd like to get your hands on this wallpaper Ill link it In the description like, I normally do., If you havent subscribed already, though please subscribe., And if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like as always. Thanks for watching.. This is Aaron. Ill.

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