Apple, iOS, iPhone 15.2 Beta 1 is Out! – What's New?

Aaron here for Zollotech and today apple released iOS 15.2 beta 1.. This is currently available to developers and hopefully, by the time youre watching this video, it will be out to public beta testers., Although its not out at the time of recording this. Now, if its not out today, it will usually be the following day.. This came in at 5.4, two gigabytes. Thats on my iPhone 13 pro max. And anytime. You go from a public version of iOS 15.1 or earlier to a new beta youre, going to re, install the whole OS and have a huge installed.. So the update is about the same size on the iPhone 12 pro max and iPhone. Six S plus, along with this apple, also released iPadOS 15.2 beta one that I have on my iPad pro 12.9 from 2021.. They also released watchOS 8.3 beta one.. They skipped 8.2 for some reason and they didnt release anything else other than a new version of X code.. So they skipped tvOS and JomePod. Os. So well have to wait and see when those come out., Maybe a little bit later on now. Yesterday apple did release iOS 14.8.1., Those that did not decide to update to iOS 15. It brought all of the security updates and, more so thats, all it is. Its, not a feature update.. In fact, the new AirPods I tried to see if they were paired with the new device or the 14.8.1 device., They dont show up as AirPods the new AirPods.

So thats, something that they havent updated on the older version and you wont, get all the features. But you will get security updates like they said they would do.. So if you dont want to update to iOS15, that version is out.. Now. Now lets go ahead and take a look at the build number and talk about whats new., So well go to settings than general than about the build number is 19C5026i and this particular build means well probably have at least a few more betas until the final Release with an eye at the end., Typically, it takes three to four betas before theyll release one to the public., So it could be a little while. Now now as far as new features, while there is a new modem update in this version.. So if you were having connectivity issues, whether that be with a new phone or even the iPhone 12 series gets the update, therell be a modem update in the 13 pro max its version, one dot, two one that theyve updated to now. As far as new features in iOS 15.2 theres – something that weve been wanting for a while that they finally added and that is app privacy report.. So if we go back to our settings under settings, scroll down to privacy under privacy, scroll all the way to the bottom., And we have app privacy report under app privacy report., It will show us data and sensor access network app network activity.

. We also have website network activity., We also have most contacted domains and we can see all of the information.. So if we go to maybe Google maps, it looked at our location eight minutes ago and photos two days ago.. So these are things you can allow or disallow, and you can see it even gives the times that things were accessed as well., So we have full information data for the app privacy report.. We can also share that if we want in the share sheet. So well share there, we go. And you have the option to share it or save it, to Dropbox or Pinterest, or something else with your app privacy report. So thats something weve had for awhile.. We could share that, but now we have it broken down into individual apps.. We can go in and see all of the apps that we have and what data theyre accessing., So maybe Tesla and youll see location. And it accessed quite a few times. Today.. So youll see all of the information broken down here, which is really nice to see.. Now another thing theyve updated, has to do with emergency SOS.. So again, in the main page of your settings, scroll down to emergency SOS within emergency SOS., You can press and hold the side button and either volume button to make an emergency call or you have the option to call with five presses. Weve had this before. But the countdown was only three seconds.

Now its eight seconds.. So if I press the power sleep wake button rapidly five times it will switch and countdown from eight seconds down to the emergency SOS when it triggers a call. So we can stop it and stop calling. And so its canceled and then well have to log back in or put in our password.. So emergency SOS is now a little bit more reasonable. With the amount of time.. It was probably triggering a lot of different calls. Only given that it was three seconds or so until it made that call. Now within focus mode, theres, a slight change to some of the wording.. So if you go into your focus modes within settings and go to say, driving under driving, maybe well go to well. Well, go back to do not disturb., Then go to home screen. And under iOS 15.1 that I have here on. The left. Well go to focus under the same mode. Do not disturb home screen., And you can see this is very minor, but theyve changed the wording at the top. And thanks again to my friends, the Moser for helping find some of these youll see before it said, hide notification, badges on the home or on home Screen apps. Now it says hide notification: badges on homescreen, apps apps in your allowed notification list will continue to be badged., And so there is a bunch of similar wording changes throughout the OS.. This time., Many of it has to do or much of it has to do with contacts as its related to the app privacy app or the app privacy report within the code.

. Steve also was able to identify that apple has added the code for some child protection. Measures. So communication safety in messages.. Now this is not see Sam protection., So thats suspended currently maybe indefinitely, but this is child protection measures where, if you have a child account set up on a phone and someone sends them an explicit photo, it will sort of warn them and say this could be Sensitive to view, are you sure, And then you could contact a parent or guardian, make sure its something thats, not explicit., And the idea is to make sure children arent seeing things they shouldnt. Now. Of course, this is again controversial, just like CSAM, but this is in the code. Theres, no easy way to verify whether or not its truly active though. So theyve at least added the code for that., But again no CSAM detection, just yet.. So, as far as features within iOS 15.2, I would expect the majority of new features not only from what Ive mentioned already, but additional ones to be shown in future beta releases.. So as soon as those those are available, of course, Ill go over those as well.. Now, when it comes to resolved issues, there are seven resolved issues that apple has mentioned in the notes for the app store and swift UI. As far as known bugs and issues., There are two mentioned mostly developer, focused and theyre – really sort of fixing things in this update, but I dont think youre going to see new features until maybe beta two or beta three beyond what Ive already shown you.

Now. As far as battery life, it will take a few days to measure that since iOS 15.1 has been out to the public thats what Ive been running., And so it always takes a couple of days for things to settle as far as the battery and give you An accurate reading of the battery., I generally say two to three days and then youll have a more accurate reading of the battery.. I can show you my previous battery life though.. So if we look at maybe two days ago, youll see I had four hours and 57 minutes of screen on time five hours and 59 minutes of screen off time and used about 50 of my battery.. So this phone is getting amazing battery life even with the screen off running music and things like that., And the background is really doing quite well.. As far as performance performance seems to be quite good on this device so far its nice and smooth. And on the iPhone six S plus, I sort of use it as a benchmark for speed and things like that, because its the oldest phone or one of the Older phones that are supported. So youll see scrolling and things are basically smooth, but about the same as before., And I did go into Minecraft just to see what it was like and show you how fast it loads.. It did seem to load a little bit faster than before. Its, not super fast, but lets take a look at the frame rate and well respond.

Here. And the frame rate is nice and fast on this.. So it seems to be very smooth.. There was a couple of betas ago that it wasnt it seems to be as smooth as this device will be.. So in general, I think the overall speed or performance is quite good on this. Now this did start to get a little bit warm. When I opened the Minecraft, but even after the update, it was only slightly warm on any of these devices.. So far, the newer phones and even any of the other devices Im using are not getting terribly hot.. When updating, I think apple might be pushing more focus on the battery and trying to keep that processor cool.. As far as benchmarks, I used geek bench, five and youll see that the single core score on the iPhone 13 pro max was 1680.. The multi core score was 4656.. Typically, this will go up after a little while. But if we take a look at the history here – and you can see today versus before so lets, get rid of the other ones. Youll see were actually a little bit down, but I only ran this once.. Typically, if I run it again, it will increase since its done sort of processing things in the background. Now lets. Take a look at all of these devices on the left.. I have the iPad pro 12.9 from 2021 in the middle, is the iPhone six S plus.

And then on. The right is the iPhone 13 pro max. And, like I said, I ran it once on all of these devices., And so these could increase a little bit over time as all the background processes are finished, but it gives you a general idea of what to expect.. Now, for those of you that are curious about iPad youre, going to get the same sorts of features on iPad, iOS, 15.2, beta one.! So again, if we go to privacy, we can go all the way down.. We have that app privacy report and it just loaded there., And that gives you a general idea of what to expect. Its not going to have any different features right now than the other version.. So the iPhone and the iPad are pretty much synced up with that.. But other than what Ive already mentioned, dont expect anything new on the iPad just yet.. Now, as far as battery life battery life seems to be poor still for me on this device.. So youll see here that battery life is generally about five hours of screen. On time before recharging it and sometimes even less so four hours and 21 minutes than I used it for another hour., And then I had to recharge it last night., So its just not doing very well with battery life.. Hopefully this update fixes it.. Now, as far as, if you should install iOS 15.2 beta well, if you know what youre getting into then you can try it out and see how it goes for you, but without using it for a few days and not using any 15.

2 beta. Yet I cant really say as to the stability of it and whether or not you should install it on your main device.. I typically recommend against that until using it for a few days.. So if youre going to use it on your main device, I may hold off a little bit. But if you want to try it out on maybe a secondary device or an iPad that you dont use for your main device for phone calls and texting, then maybe I would try it out.. Otherwise, I would hold off a little bit. If youre not used to betas. As far as the next beta release, I would expect that within one to two weeks lately apple has been pushing them out weekly., So we could see it as soon as next week. Maybe the third or we could see it the following week after that we dont really know theyve been really random this year, as far as when theyre pushing out betas and what to expect with that., So thats everything with iOS 15.2 beta one just a couple of Different updates and some bug fixes., I expect more in future updates. If theres anything else, youve found Id love to hear from you in the comments below. And if youd like to get your hands on this wallpaper, of course, Ill link it in the description like I Normally do., If you havent, subscribed already, though please subscribe., And if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like as always.

Thanks for watching.. This is Aaron. Ill.

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