Nintendo, Toronto, California Of America Is Moving Away Plus Key Employee Leaves To Join KFC

And, yes, you have read that title correctly. It is being reported that nintendo of america is moving away and theyve also lost one of their key employees to kfc. With that being said, lets get into the details of everything thats going on here, and this information comes from two snippets of an article found on, as you can see here, nintendo closed its california office today and are speaking up this past friday october 29th. Displacing roughly 100 employees sources tell kotaku the redwood city location was one of three main offices for nintendo of america, which is headquartered in redmond washington sources tell kotaku the closure included the resignation of the svp of sales and marketing nick chavez, who announced earlier on friday Via lycaden that he will be joining kentucky fried chicken to help them continue to grow the young brands. Now this article was even updated, as you can see here on friday night, around 7 20 pm eastern time, nintendo of america confirmed it will be closing its toronto office as well heres. The full statement nintendo of america headquarters are in redmond, washington and vancouver british columbia. We are moving more of our employees and operations into those headquarters and will be closing small satellite offices in toronto, ontario and redmond city california, over time devon, pritchard, executive. Vice president, business affairs and publisher relations of nintendo of america will assume entering leadership of sales, marketing and communications following the departure of nick chavez.

Ms pritchard will oversee strategy and execution of sales, marketing and communications across the u.s and canada. So, as you can see its quite interesting whats going on here now, i do want to make it clear that the offices that theyre speaking of in this article here arent the offices that make video games. These offices are ahead of sales and marketing and its still unclear at this point in time why these offices had to close just to join one main office in redmond, washington and the other in vancouver british columbia. I hope no one lost their jobs during this process because it said at the beginning of the article that roughly 100 employees had to be displaced and im pretty sure that everyone could make that move to these different locations. So hopefully, there was a way for these people that couldnt make the move to actually work at home remotely, because that would make sense if that is the case, also whats going on with nick chavez. It said here that hes leaving nintendo to join kfc thats pretty interesting as well. I wonder if hes leaving nintendo to join kfc to boost the awareness of their brand new kf console. If that thing is even real, so yeah quite a story here and, like i stated earlier, i hope no one lost their jobs during this process, because that would really suck especially right now during this economy. So hopefully that did not happen now before i end this.

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