Nintendo, Toronto, California Shutting Down Offices In American And Canada?

This is your boy retro coming to you with another video today, so im gon na. Let you guys know i am going to record for my playstation 4 for the time being um due to the fact that my mic keep making stuttering noise. I cant figure out why, but i have got some hella gaming news for you guys um. This is uh reported by otaku and um. I never expect this to happen, but then again its california. They do these stupid ass laws. Putting all these mandates in companies are now starting to move shipping. Something else well. To put this in perspective of why im saying this because i i know this is why its happening it says by the okusaku article shout out to ethan: uh got ethan gotch. This is the one who reported the article. It says nintendo shuts down california and toronto office, so this is not happening just in us. This also happened in canada. Well, wow, okay, it says right here it says: nintendo close off they uh close um im. Sorry nintendo is club its california office, closing the day displaced in roughly a hundred employees or tell oto. You know okay sources, it says redwood uh, city location was one of the three main office of nintendo america, which which headquarters as renowned in washington sources, tell taco from closure, including resigning uh resign. Was it origination, resignation, im, sorry thats what it sounds like resignation of spp for sales and marketing nissan said nick sanchez, who announced earlier today friday the villas lending that he would be joining kentucky fried chicken to help the team growing the yacht brand brands.

So it says the spv provision was held by doug browser who was promoted to president of nintendo after reggie fizzy may step down in 2019., wow thats crazy. It says nintendo did not immediately respond to uh request comments, it says: nintendo uh, americas confirmed will be closing. Is toronto uh office as well heres the statement and theres the statement right here. It says nintendo america headquarters in renowned washington, of those employees operating those who will close small offices in toronto or redwood cities. California, over time it says: divine uh, patricia arts executive. Vice president business affairs of publisher relations of nintendo america, which is n o a w which is nintendo, america, will assume uh internal leadership, sales and marketing communication following his departure. Nick sanchez and mrs patricia will oversees the strategies of executive sales in communication across the u.s and canada. It says how reggie first man became nintendo legend. It says per attender office where well have the sales and marketing department, along with the field as dedicated um working with retailer stores across the country, video document of backing office 2012 sure under wood hausburg published toys and nintendo characters, huh interesting, so basically um. That nintendo is actually shutting down. Uh is america and toronto, like small offices, thats bad actually. So that gives bens question so whats going to happen to nintendo america, though thats the question you know um, we did just got this announce of this high uh spy price of the uh nintendo online stuff, which is the nintendo still lackluster in certain in certain areas.

You know stuff like that whatever, but then again its nintendo, i mean. Would you expect especially the japanese uh theyre out of touch with their customers, especially america uh? I wont know if it gets that point that if now you know what that would be happens, itll be so sucky right now to be for real. To be real honest. If i see this happen, this could happen in the future. This could be take this with a grain of salt. This could be a theory. Okay. Imagine if nintendo does this right think about the implications that will happen with other japanese companies? Will they put out their american brand version out, because these companies is them over? I mean, if you think about it, theyre not making that much money is nintendo getting their money. You know what im saying is need to know getting their. You know their fair shares of stuff like that whatever, but to close down nintendo america, not just in the united states, encounter two as well in toronto, um, mind blown so would japan close off the west, though i mean that will suck? Imagine if you know any stop coming here, but even though lets lets listen, who kidding manga is out selling every thing right now at this point in time. So whatever i probably see it, but imagine the implication of video games stop making, but they said it closing down a small office from what the otaku oracle setting i will put the links down below in the description.

Yall can go, read it yourselves, you can go check it out and um yeah. This is crazy, though i never expect nintendo to pull this uh, but then again its nintendo whatd. You expect because think about this, and not only theyve, been suing a lot of roms. Lately, theyve been selling a lot of ram types as well theyre, just out of touch people. You know they just really out of touch, and now they got this high, sparking and price point to whereas, like why are you trying to compete with me with microsoft and sony? I mean even though there are but like when it comes to price point wise, because you cant talk on the switch you cant um, do video chat and voice chatting and im, not gon na. Tell you im gon na be 100 honest with the nintendo switch. I, like the console okay, i like the console because i like the games and stuff like that now heres my biggest start with the console. It has lots of features, it has lackluster of features and im. Gon na tell you why it has lackluster foundations, no voice chat, thats dead, and then you only can change menu. Colors you cant even change multiple colors down. You hear multiple options: the black and white that you cant even customize on this you know like compared to the playstation. I have to give playstation community a lot more credit when it comes to customization and when it comes to um, you know uh cuts my steam and stuff, like that, whatever you could at least gave us different colors.

I would love to have a blue layout. At least i mean blue is my favorite color by the way. Ah, it is what it is, and then you have to break this. I dont feel like breaking jailbreaking my switch im not going to anyway, because i want to stay online and want to play the games and stuff like that whatever. But my thing is nintendo, i man well, i feel i feel sad for the hundred employees and then bowser too i mean the man aint even been a president that long you know what im saying hes been present alone when fujimay resigned and stepped down. You know what im saying: thats crazy bro. Well, i cannot complain about more than that. You know so it is what it is uh you know i would consider this is the most stupidest move that nintendo can do, but then again, but dude nintendo get their money or their fair share of money of the of the uh. You know the american dollar, and this is the reason why everybody in chicago playing you know to country row, give our money to developers in japan thats what we want. You know what im saying thats, what weve been wanting for years, but do companies ever listen, though? No, they never listen to their fan base anyway, and this makes it totally hell different than compared to nintendo. Yall. Feel me what im saying until then guys. I hope you liked the video hope you guys enjoy and, like i said, i will be recording for my playstation from now on.

For the time being, please rate comment share and subscribe and, like i said i will put the links down below in description once i finish editing the video out. I want to say thank you guys for watching, and i have another video for you guys later on today, uh we had a another tragic loss from another japanese voice actor. I read on the anime news website, which i would normally dont report on, because, thanks to the roots teeth, what they did to vic miana, by the way that they didnt they didnt go away with fans and twitter is just dead, its just a dumpster fire. You cant do anything that much so until then, thank god for watching greatly appreciate it and um, like i said, rate comment and subscribe and turn on uh the notification bell. I will put the stuff in there until then guys.

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