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You dont have to do affiliate marketing. You dont need to have any products. So, as always, lets get right to the method, all you have to do is go to and join a search for a website called Google Trends. What I have to do is type in Google Trends in the Google search bar once you search for Google Trends. All you have to do is click the first website, which is a Google website, youre going to be faced with this website right here. What this is going to show you is things that are trending on the world right now, its going to show you topics that are relevant right now, events that are relevant right now and keywords that are relevant right now, but wait. How are you going to get paid for this thats? What Im going to show you look closely? What you have to do is scroll down to the page and when you reach this part right here where it says recently trending. The first thing that you have to do is, if you like, to make money online subscribe to the channel right now, because I post free videos every single week here on this channel thats. Literally, all I teach here how you can make money online through several different methods and if youre not subscribed to the channel youre going to miss the future videos. So what are you doing? Go ahead and subscribe right now and lets continue now, once you hit this part right here where it says recently trending.

What this means is things that are recently training right now on the world see Chiefs has 2 million, plus searches. Josh has 20K. This one has 100K 50k, 100K 100K Eminem has 50k House of dragons episode 9.. This is a series thats trending right now. What you have to do is look for a topic that people are searching for, and all of these topics are clearly being searched for right. Now so Im going to pick one of them and when I pick one of them Im going to look for a trustworthy source that I can use to make money. So I dont know any of these sources so Im going to choose a different topic: Im going to choose this BTS right here and BTS has a CNBC topic so Im going to click on that. What you want to do is search for something choose, one of them, and you want to click on a topic like this: just click it its going to open some website that has news about that specific topic and since CNBC is huge Im going to use this Topic right here to make money before I promote this, I first want to read it to see if its a good article, because because people are going to be reading this and you dont want to waste peoples time and its a win win situation. If you can get a good article for other people to read, while you still make money, alright, one thing that I forgot to mention here is: if you want to get early access to these money, making methods – all you have to do is join the mailing list Or the Discord server, because every single video that I record for this channel takes seven days to get edited and every single method that Im doing and making money with.

I always tell the Discord server and the mailing list first, so they get prior access to the opportunities now Im going to open a Google doc just go to all the links that you need. Resources are going to be in the text file in the pin, comment below and also in the description Im going to open a blank page everything that Im teaching here I teach in my Pro University course in my course. I teach you how you can create a profitable YouTube business. I teach you how you can create a cash cow YouTube channel that generates money for you without you having even to make videos or even you could create a personal YouTube channel like mine. Here I teach all the secrets and Insider details. This amount that youre seeing on the screen right now is just one YouTube channel that generates me passive income every single month. Now, what youre, seeing on the screen right now is my personal YouTube channel how many subscribers Ive got in the last 28 days, I was able to achieve more than 60 000 subscribers in 28 days. This is an insane amount of growth and I teach every single thing step by step inside the course. I also teach how you can set up a affiliate marketing business that you can set up once and it generates cash for you. While you sleep on autopilot, I teach you how you can build a profitable e commerce business and also how to grow your social media and how to become an influencer using Tick.

Tock YouTube Instagram. Now how much money do you think you need to be financially free? What would you do with an extra automated 10 to 15 000 every single month? Would you retire your family travel? The world pay those student loans. Currently this course is being launched, one module every single week and because of that for the price of a night out meal of 49 bucks, you can start building your automated online business today. But if you really want to join and then hurry because soon Im going to be raising the price of the course and for the people that Ive joined now, while the course is still launching Im going to keep the price of 49 bucks a month. So if youre interested in building an online business, dont hesitate, go join now and Ill. See you inside Im going to take this articles, link and Im going to save it to my Google doc all right, so I dont lose it and the Google Doc is awesome because anyone can use it its free to use. All you need is a Gmail account. Now the website thats going to pay to use this is called x, dot IO. This website right here shorten and get paid in three easy steps: thats exactly what it is, create an account, shorten your links and earn easy money right. The cool thing about this website is that they have a high payout rate and they have a low minimum payout.

So all you need is three dollars to be able to cash out your money, and that is great news. You can also refer people on earn a 15 referral bonus which Im going to be using to refer you guys. So if you want to help out the channel go ahead and use my affiliate link and the way this website makes money and makes money to pay, you, which is most important, is when you shorten your link through their website and you promote it somewhere else. When the person that sees the link clicks on it, theyre going to be first redirected to a different website where theyre going to be served some ads and after they see the ads theyre going to be redirected to the actual article that youre promoting so thats. How the website makes money and its going to share some of that money with you. Ive used a different method like this here in the channel before, and some of you think that the ads are viruses. Dont worry its, not a virus, its just an ad kind of like the ones you see on a YouTube video before you watch the video alright, I would never share here virus with you guys, so dont worry about that. Another thing thats been happening here on YouTube and its very, very annoying is those scammers. In the comments be aware, when you comment in my comments, if theres someone asking for your WhatsApp number or whatever it is be aware, because its a scam, its not me, I would never ask you for money.

So what you have to do to use this website is: go up Scroll up to the top of the screen, and you want to click sign up on the top right corner here on username. You want to type something email password and confirm your password after youve done that agree to the terms of service and click register. Thats. All you have to do. Okay after you register to the website right. This is what youre going to be faced with before we proceed. I forgot to show you something very important that I know you guys are going to be asking me what payout methods do they support PayPal, Bitcoin payoneer and some of these two that I dont even know what they are to be honest, so PayPal Bitcoin pay here Its not payoneer, so if you guys can use any of these transfer methods, then youre good to go with this method. So right now what you should be seeing is this exact screen right here, its going to show all zeros and its going to show here your link, earnings, daily CPM referral, earnings views and date? Okay, so this is where youre going to track your links track. How much money youve made so far, everything related to the link that you shortened is going to be shown on this panel right here. So now you need to click, create a link on the top left corner of the website. Remember the link that we posted on the Google Doc were going to go back to the Google Doc, get that link copy it again.

We want to paste it here on the xio website. Now. This thing right here is optional, its just a name for you to know what youre promoting so in my case, Im promoting a article about BTS, so BTS Im just going to write that so I know what it is when I look at here in the panel. So this one already exists lets search for a different name. Bts Mysteries lets create that one all right, this ones available. So now this is our promoting link. This is what you have to copy copy. This link go back to the Google Doc file and paste it somewhere, so you dont lose it. So I went ahead and posted the link and it gave me a countdown on the top of the website and after the countdown ends you just click generate. Link. Click continue. This is for the person thats going to be clicking on your link by this point. Youve already earned money, alright get link and, as you can see, Ive successfully opened the website. So I just pasted this shortened link here on my search bar and it serves me some ads. I click continue and now Im here on the BTS homepage. This is what people are going to go through when they click your link, but after they click your link and see the ads. Youve already earned the money they dont have to read the article if they dont want to for you to earn as soon as they click and see the ads youre going to be earning the cash okay and, as you can see here now that Ive viewed my Own link theres one click, theres, the earnings theres, my average CPM.

So you can do it yourself, but I dont recommend it because youre gon na have to do a lot a lot of times for you to get a significant earnings, its much easier for you to use a traffic method and be able to earn money while doing Nothing now after you have your shortened link its already good to go. Youre gon na go to this website called link Veritas, which Im also going to leave the link in the description and in this text. File for you below. All you have to do here is create an account youre, also going to pay it via this website for the clicks that you get so youre getting paid double for every single click that you get if youre already subscribed to the channel, then you probably already know This website we covered it in a video from tap mobio and the way that they pay. You is through ACH for United States folks, wire transfer, PayPal for almost worldwide and E Check and bank transfer for worldwide folks. So wherever you live, dont worry theyre going to be able to pay you. So all you have to do to create an account here is just scroll back up to the top on the top right corner. Theres a button called register. Click on that youre going to need a username email, address, password and accept the terms of service and then click Im, not a robot and click register right now, alright, after you register to this website, all you have to do is click on the top here and Create a link youre going to get your shortened link and youre going to post it here now, once you create your account on this web website to be able to use your shortened link here, what youre gon na have to do is youre going to use my Video that teaches you how to use system, i o to get a free landing page youre, going to use that landing page to advertise on this website right here.

So when you have your link, all you have to do is create here, create link that video on how you can get the free landing page Im going to point out to that video at the end of this one. So you can go watch that get that landing page come back and finish the step here. Okay, so once you have your link, all you have to do is set your target URL to your url okay. So when this orange arrow shows up, then youre good to go just click on that now its going to ask for your short link title. What is your article about BTS stars is what my article is about so Im just going to copy this and go back and paste that, in a few short words, of course, all right click. Next, here on this green check, mark link title now. You can write a little bit more what your article is about. Now you go back to BTS now Im going to copy this whole thing here, paste it here, alright, thats good to go. Click next Now link description, so Im just gon na come here copy some stuff and then Im gon na go back and paste it alright. After we have a description for our link, this should be green and we should be good to go now for the frequently asked questions. This is going to be Auto populated for you, just click the plus button and select them alright, thats good to go just click.

The green check mark now we have to add a picture for people to be enticed to click on our link. Lets go back to that article and lets save this page right here. Save image right now, weve saved the image lets, go back to link vertize and lets go paste our image right here. Okay, so after you paste your image and upload it to the website its going to ask you to crop the image in a way that looks best for you, so I think this looks good, so Im just going to click. Ok, all right now! You can see our link here on the top right corner, how its going to look for people that are searching link. Vertize is also a search engine. So when people are browsing through their website, theyre going to see this, and if they want to read the article theyre going to click on it and every time they click on it, youre going to earn money from x, dot, IO and youre still going to earn Money from all right, so I think this looks pretty good Im just going to click the arrow and go next after you click next theyre going to ask you where you want your ads to run so Im just going to leave everything on and click next. Okay, so now theyre going to give you a link to your profile, a link for you to share your content with other people.

If you want to do it manually by yourself, I dont recommend doing that, but you could do it anyway. If you wanted to now, you click done theyre going to redirect you back to the home page. So lets go through everything that you learned here on this video today, because I know it can get a little bit confusing. So the first thing that you need to do Step One is go to Google Trends search for a trending topic. Click on that trending topic open the page copy the link. Then you want to go to x, dot, IO, and you want to shorten your link after you shortened your link, you want to come to and you want to create an ad like. We just did right now, but remember for you to be able to create an ad here at youre, going to need your free landing page on a system. I o video and if you want to go check out how you can get that for free.

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