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The watch design looks amazing, but the tech buffers are not very appealing. I personally dont mind it at all, because the watch UI does a great job at blending it in now, if youre planning on having a photo as your background, you will need to do all the cropping on your phone because it doesnt let you edit the photo From the watch to center it, I like that Google chose to go with the more traditional round watch design, and I really like how light reflects on the curved glass. The 1.2 inch AMOLED display is quite small, but its very sharp and its a bright display. It has a brightness that can be boosted to 1000 nits, making it very legible and direct sunlight typing out. Messages on here is okay. I do find myself making more typing mistakes than I did on the tick watch Pro 3, which has a 1.4 inch screen its not too bad since Ive been using voice dictation when no ones around me, which does an excellent job. Can you do me a favor question mark? Can you bring me my camera lens thats on my desk question mark so the bottom of the displacers as the notification shade, and it will show interactive icons for activities that are running in the background like if youre playing music? If you have an upcoming alarm, if a timer is running or if you have a workout running, the only icon that isnt interactive is the battery icon.

The watch is using Corning Gorilla Glass 5, so it should be durable, but I recommend getting a watch case for it. If you worry about getting any scratches on it, I am always bumping my watch against furniture and walls, so I ended up getting one. Not only does the watch look sleek and elegant, but it also has been incredibly comfortable to wear all day long. It also helps that the watch is very light at just 36 grams Ive been wearing the watch, while I sleep work and go to the gym without any discomfort. I do put it on my right wrist when I go to sleep and then put it back on my left wrist. When I wake up to let my wrist breathe and to avoid getting any watch marks, Google offers a variety of watch bands that you can pick up from the online store. The included active band. Flexibility is good, and the soft touch coating feels great the bad attaches to the watch in a unique way and Google says it resembles the way you put a camera lens on and I can see the resemblance so attaching the band does take a little getting used To and after a few tries, I got the hang of it, and I can now swap it out with ease. Pixel watch is running Wireless 3.5. The offers an easy to navigate interface. You swipe up for your notifications and swipe down for the quick settings swipe left or right to cycle through the customizable tiles you can add and remove tiles as well as rearrange the tiles to your liking from either the watch or the pixel watch app on your Phone, the watch offers many interactive watch faces that will display all the important details that you need at a glance.

Most of the watch faces are fully customizable and you can choose which complications you want and you get a pool of colors to select from for every watch face. This watch face is my favorite one, because it has five complications that I can configure to my liking, and the time is nice and bold, while the date and weather are very easy to see at a glance, the watch has 32 gigs of storage, which should be Enough to download all your favorite watch apps and some music, it also features 2 gigabytes of RAM. Despite the watch using the exynos 9110, which is an older chipset from 2018. The performance of the watch is great. The watch is smooth and very responsive. I have not had any major issues with it for the past two weeks. I would also like to add that I have not had any connectivity issues at all. The watch has maintained a Flawless connection to my phone, the entire time that Ive been using it now. I did run into a little software bug on some of the watch faces. For example, the half dial concentric watch face wont, show the step counter theres just an empty space. Instead, let me know if youre also experiencing this same issue. One of the things that I love about the pixel watch is the fine tune haptics. It makes the watch feel incredibly immersive. The subtle vibration feels good from typing a message to scrolling through your apps and settings.

Its also a nice touch that the intensity increases slightly. When you get to the end of the scrolling space, I was hoping that they gave us a vibration, strength, option or pattern for those of us who want just a slightly stronger vibration or a different pattern on our wrist, not a deal breaker. But it will certainly be something that can improve the user experience. I feel that the pixel watch provides one of the most satisfying sounds on a watch to sound design team did an awesome job. This gives you some awesome sound feedback when you unlock the watch when you set it on the charging dock and when you get notifications, this really completes the whole Smartwatch experience and I love the default alarm sound on the watch. It sounds so soothing now onto the microphone and speaker of the watch, so I made a call to one of my friends to get his feedback on how I sound, while talking through the watch and heres the clip yeah, it kind of gets distorted a little when I put a foam volume all right, so talk now: hello, hello, testing, testing, yeah. For me, when I put you at 100, you get you get distorted like if you start talking its its its too much for the little speaker, but if I leave it at 75 and you talk, then everything thats. I can hear you clearly all right, so you say you sound good, then I sound clear Im pretty far away from my watch.

Im, like I dont know, I think, like maybe eight inches away from the watch it held up to your your mouth like like about like a phone, oh uh, yeah. I can hear you just fine. I thought you were talking to me through your phone. Damn thats good, then thats good, to know all right all right. Well, thank you. Thank you Ill. Let you go then. Thank you for the call all right. I would recommend pairing your earbuds to your watch. If you intend on leaving your phone behind and only taking your watch with you, because the speaker on the watch will get drowned out by the surrounding noise on a busy place now something else that may be disappointing to some of you is the battery life. Google claims a 24 hour battery life. The watch has a small 294 milliamp hour battery. For me, I have been charging the watch Once at night at around 11 pm and it lasts me until 9 PM with about 15 to 6, depending on whether I have the always on display on or off now coming from the ticwatch Pro 3. That gets me three days of battery life to the pixel watch. That gets me 24 hours of battery life, its kind of a bummer. I can take the tick watch with me on a weekend trip without needing to bring the charger along, and this can be said about the pixel watch. You would definitely need to bring the watch charger with you on a weekend trip this wouldnt be so bad if the watch could properly charge through reverse wireless charging.

When I place it on the back of my phone and now, if you want to get the best battery life out of the pixel watch, I recommend turning off the always on display turn off till 2. Wake turn off the sunlight boost and set screen timeout to 10 seconds and keep the brightness low. Now, when I want to extend my battery life, I simply just turn off the always on display and I keep every other feature on now. If you end up going with the LTE version, you might end up with a shorter battery life than the Wi Fi model. I have seen about a 10 decrease in battery life. When I set up my e Sim on this watch, if you press the top button on the watch, it will open up a list of your most recent apps. Now, if you double press it, it will switch between your two most recent apps. Now, if you double press the crown, it will launch Google pay, which has been working really well, no issues there. If you press and hold on the button above, the crown you will get access to Google assistant and the power of Google assistant on your wrist is awesome compared to Siri and Bixby. You will get more responses to your questions with Google Assistant. Something else that Im happy about is that Google home is now available on the pixel watch and Im constantly readjusting my lights and being able to do so.

For my watch is amazing. All your daily activities will be tracked through the Fitbit app and for the first six months you get to Fitbit premium subscription for free. After that, you will have to pay 10 a month, or you can do the 80 a year, and this will give you access to Advanced sleep, analytics Wellness report, fun, games and challenges, its kind of a bummer that you wont, get the advanced sleep analytics. Unless you pay The Tick watch, Pro 3 offers a sleep analytics for free and even Apple doesnt charge. For these features, the hardware sensor does an excellent job at accurately tracking, your heart rate, when youre resting, walking or jogging, but with heavier movement activities like weightlifting or cycling. It doesnt do such a good job. In addition, the GPS tracking is good when youre, walking or jogging, but when you are cycling, it isnt as precise. Now, if youre someone that just goes out for walks and jogs and then sometimes hikes, then this is a good watch to have so. Overall, I have turned on every feature on this watch that it has to offer and Im getting about 19 hours of battery life. I charge it once a day, and this is not very impressive, but for most people, thats, okay and Im – really looking forward to Googles. Next pixel watch iteration and I really hope that the pixel Watch 2 gets a bigger screen and a bigger battery.

Now, if you dont mind having to charge your watch Daily and we are rocking a pixel device, then I would recommend getting a pixel watch. You will get the latest software and the experience is seamless, alright guys, so that does it for todays video. Thank you all for watching and if you found the video helpful feel free to drop a like And subscribe for, more Tech related videos, and I will talk to you on the next one.

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