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We are living in extraordinary times. The first commercial text message was sent in december of 1992. Today, the digital world is growing rapidly every single day, with more than 3 billion social media users around the globe. With the upcoming rise of the social media evolution, the world is changing and digitalizing more than ever before, and the speed of change is faster than our response. The ever evolving digital landscape has become the battleground, where many are losing their jobs and livelihoods, and so you have to intentionally position yourself to survive, keep pace and stay relevant. Wishful thinking and daydreaming will stifle your creativity and hinder your ability to succeed and thrive in this new era, which is the fourth industrial revolution. One of the great liabilities of history is that too many people fail to remain awake through great periods of social change. Every society has its protectors of status quo and its fraternities of the different who are notorious for sleeping through revolutions. Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas and to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change. These are the words of martin luther junior. One of the greatest men to have walked the earth. There is nothing more tragic than to sleep through a revolution, and these words are more relevant for our time today. The big question is: are you awake? The world was already experiencing an extraordinary shift long before the covet 19 pandemic happened.

This shift continues to accelerate, and so you cannot afford to sit on the sidelines, hoping that perhaps things we just blow over and life will go back to normal, no, the world as we knew it is gone. That era is over the new normal is here, and it is your responsibility to equip yourself with the right mindset and the right skills that will give you a foothold in todays, fast, evolving economy. Those who understand this and can adapt the fastest will be the winners in this era, as technology continues to advance government entities, private sector and other institutions are relying on digital technologies to drive economic growth, promote social, economic development and cultural achievement, and so you need to Equip yourself with the required skills to create and participate in this digital economy. However, i do understand that fresh is like digital or the fourth industrial revolution. They still represent an unfamiliar world for many people today, but im here to help you understand the basics, so that you can let go of your fears and embrace the digital world we are living in today. I want you to understand the world around you and how fast it is changing and what you can do to become part of the revolution. Instead of being a casualty in new technologies. Im here to show you how you can write the waves of change, how you can future proof yourself and your skills, how you can position yourself to become a full participant in this digital economy.

Being aware of how the world is changing provides a gateway to many opportunities in this new era. According to some, experts were at the beginning of a fourth industrial revolution and its one thatll make those that came before it. Look like mere dress rehearsals. For the main event, but what is it and why should you care? Sometimes it seems that human history has been one big, continuous technological rollercoaster ride. First we discovered fire and then agriculture then came the wheel and then cities and manufacturing and trading followed by steam power. Electricity, mass production, synthetic chemicals, computers, the internet, gene, editing, blockchain self, driving cars, artificial intelligence, scientists are now even talking about growing people in laboratories and one day, possibly downloading our brains into computers. This is one mind: blowingly, crazy technological rollercoaster ride were on and its getting faster and weirder by the day, if youre into tech. Of course, this is an incredibly exhilarating ride, but its also a scary one, especially when you think about what might go wrong over the past 300 years. One wave after another of technological revolutions have impacted our lives. It started with the first industrial revolution when we discovered how to fully harness the power of steam. Then, as we entered the 20th century, we worked out how to mass produce products using electricity. This led to a second industrial revolution that lasted all the way up to the 1970s when we discovered digital computers, and then we found ourselves in yet another revolution, but now were going through a fourth industrial revolution and its one thats, so radical.

It makes the previous three look like childs play. What makes this fourth industrial revolution so different is that were well on the way to developing the ability to design and engineer the world around us using the very atoms and molecules its made of, if you think, of atoms and how theyre arranged in materials as the Digital code of the real world were learning how to hack this code and in the process to change our reality. You can see this in areas like gene, editing and synthetic biology, where we are quite literally learning how to hack biology by reprogramming dna, but were also learning to hack stuff that isnt alive by using atoms and molecules in new ways using nanotechnology and other forms of Advanced manufacturing, for instance, were creating designer materials that can be used in everything from our clothes and our computers to robots spacecraft, even the food we eat, but this isnt, the half of it. What makes this fourth industrial revolution so mind? Boggling is the way that were vastly enhancing this mastery of living and non living stuff with an incredibly powerful secret source, and this secret source is cyberspace. In the third industrial revolution, we discovered digital computing and we created a virtual world of bits and bytes and were now quite literally using this to add a fifth dimension to the world. We live in, of course, were all familiar with the three physical dimensions up down. Left right and front back and were used to thinking of time as a fourth dimension, but cyberspace allows us to work outside of these more conventional dimensions and dip in and out of them at will.

In other words, cyberspace provides us with a back door to re engineering and redesigning our reality, its a bit like the science fiction idea of hyperspace, in that it gives us ways to achieve things in the real world. That would be impossible if we couldnt sometimes step outside of it. This is really mind blowing stuff, but its also a little disquieting because were in completely uncharted territory, and we have remarkably little idea of what might go wrong. Of course, we have some hints. We know, for instance, that were now at a point where, if a technology gets out of hand, we cant simply turn the clock back. There is no easy reset button when youre hacking reality and we realize that, if were not careful, a lot of people could get hurt in this fourth industrial revolution by losing their jobs, for instance, or their rights, or even their lives. Even more worryingly, perhaps were beginning to develop artificial intelligences that live in cyberspace and that we dont fully understand or control whats even more concerning is that, just as we can use cyberspace to hack reality, so can they. This could get weird fast. If were not careful – and this is why everyone should care about the fourth industrial revolution and where its taking us, because unless we learn how to develop and use our new technological capabilities responsibly, this could end up being one roller coaster. Ride of a revolution that, for some people, leaves the rails with catastrophic consequences.

The good news is, though, that there are people working on this, for instance, in the school, for the future of innovation in society. At arizona, state university were training. The next generation of experts and leaders with the skills they need to navigate us safely through this revolution and organizations like the world economic forum and others are working on new ways to ensure we can meet the emerging challenges. While reaping the tremendous benefits that this revolution offers, because without a doubt with the right understanding, people and skills, this fourth, industrial and technological revolution, could radically improve our lives. But to do this its going to take an equally radical revolution in how we develop and handle the technologies it involves responsibly and beneficially. The fourth industrial revolution, together with the covet 19 pandemic, continues to shift paradigms. This revolution is characterized by a range of new technologies that are blending the physical world, the digital world and even the biological worlds. Together, the impact is across disciplines and economies and industries. So no one and no industry is left unaffected by technology. The disruption and the resulting shift means that we live in a time of great promise, as well as great peril and in my book disrupt yourself or be disrupted. I mentioned that you cannot stop the fourth industrial revolution. Nobody can stop this revolution, but you can influence its direction and the impact it has in your own life. You dont have to focus on the threats focus on the opportunities.

You definitely cannot afford to be left behind. You need to adopt a new mindset that sets you free from you know: technophobia or mainstream beliefs. That often holds you back and if you start looking for evidence that will support why you cannot become tech. Savvy youll find it and the opposite is also true. Digital is here to stay so its either you learn or you will be left behind. There are no two options about it. So many of us, especially women. We go online to learn about makeup and fashion and lettuce, hairstyles and all of that stuff, and so, if we can learn how to locate online, we can also learn how to future proof our careers future proof our businesses in the digital economy, for more on understanding. The basics of technology and how its going to impact your life, you can get my best selling book, disrupt yourself or be disrupted its available on amazon and on my website ill share. The links in the description below i will appreciate if you can share this video with someone so that more people can be inspired and dont forget to hit the like button below and leave a comment as well. Let me know your thoughts on this subject. Lets have a conversation.

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