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6 million followers on twitch, and you can find him mostly playing at league of legends. Now this week on, twitch twitch rivals has come back and taken place in las vegas this week, with the 32 top twitch streamers competing for the grand prize of 10 000. Each the event has a total price pool of 250 000, but during the twitch rivals today, title 1 calls out streamers for being disrespectful to twitch staff in one of the event games here is tyler1s response. Then wellness giving context to the situation. Dude im not telling you these these other streamers theyre like children, they are bro, they were like the the main guys were like explaining the rules and and like randomly people, would ask a question: could we put it in our mouth yo? What if we like shove? It up bro, everyone would laugh. I was like what the hell like wait. What like, how socially incompetent, are our streamers bro like didnt, like the guy, was talking and like explaining the rules. Everybody was like talking over him, not even paying attention. I was like what is going like dude. Are you? Are you children, like really? I was like shut the hell up with this giraffe yeah lets put this dress grab the thing grab the thing yeah chance and i asked if we could put the dice in our mouth, because when youre peddling the thing we were asking, if you could bite the Corner of it, so you wouldnt drop it yeah, because if you drop the dice, you got a 10 second time penalty, so i literally was just asking if i could bite the dice i wasnt trying to be disrespectful.

No reward pirates wanted to call streamers stupid because everyone lsf loves it. Lsf do you know im gon na leak, something and im gon na say it because i dont give a and i get mad. You know the brit i heard from a staff member in twitch. They told me that um, the the uk staff didnt want me to get partnered on my moms life. They said the american staff were trying to contact the uk staff to get me partnered, but they refused on my moms life. The american staff wanted me partnered, the british staff didnt want me to get partnered, yeah ill say that fix your headline and then fix your life. You sorry, hello, hows, it going great. Thank you, okay, dude. How is he a melon crap? When did my crab get a melon wait? Am i gon na win im gon na win im gon na win, no im, not gon na win im gon na win, no im, not gon na win how many im gon na win. That was a rollercoaster of emotions. How you ever realize how lucky the old el paso company is for the fact that theres two days in the week that start with the same letter as taco its laugh track. Imagine tacos started with a g, no ones having gakko tuesday. I think we got ta say thank you. Old el paso should be thanking julius caesar for naming those days dont, but dont burn just go on lsf guys.

I would go there, but im pretty sure the only time ive ever been there. They were flaming me for looking too poor, so i i dont know what happened but like it was just weird. It was really weird because theyre, like oh man, azan, he bought a house. I cant believe it the disgusting and like oh saikuno man, he doesnt, look rich enough disgusting and im just like hows this even meg. What this is strange, i tell you just strange but um what if we like shove it up our ass and bro? Okay, i think people would laugh. I was like what the hell like. No, i think people were asking if we could put it in their mouths because, like they wanted to max min max, not because people were being uh childish, yeah, it was soda what they were. Socially, incompetent, oh okay, never mind will said he wanted to put it in for this event, but we actually ran out of time the last day that were going to go um. What was i talking about? Oh yeah, Music, Music, hey, im, competitive too all right. I have im about to ruin my friendship with russell. I got ta stream here about to break it. Your stream russell. My name is russell and im a massive nice to meet you russell. My name is sodapoppin, and here we are twitch, rivals and youre ruining my experience. How does it feel wow? It feels pretty great im pretty used to doing it all the time, maybe someday uh people actually like me.

Well, i cant help you with that russell: hey whats up man, you should do it. Could you imagine, could you wonder, take it like a level further where you have like girls, that stream and then turn themselves into like 2d waifus, like the amount of like neckbeards, that would love these kinds of streams like that, like imagine like lily pichu, whatever streaming? Oh, my gosh im gon na have to do it. There should be like a you can make like a script when you make certain sounds like uh, where it would make your eyes feel like the thing and it like holy or you could push a button. If somebody shows like eludes on screen, it would make like the nosebleed. Oh my gosh im a goddamn prophet yeah. I dont know: can you guys tell security, muted him Music, you what why he wants you to chase after him? What does that mean? Why would i chase after him im the one in first place? No, the joke is the joke. Is cookies um all right? What is this look im sure ill get his attention.

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