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2. now ive been using it for about a week, and i definitely have some opinions on it, and i think this is going to be a real world, honest review. So but there is some pretty cool things that nobody else is talking about, so lets get right to it when we come right back all right, whats the action, two, its tiny little action, cam all right, youve, seen it all over the place. I didnt even have to go into all the specs and everything it can do. 4K. 120.. I usually shoot 4k 30 or 4k 60.. Okay, great yeah does a great job i went out. Did some off roading to get some footage to see how good the stabilization was, and it was pretty darn good theres, some shots of it being mounted inside my jeep like a dash cam on a hard mount, then i put it outside on the windshield for a Much higher view, because that wider field of view when it was inside the vehicle just showed too much of the hood, so i need to get it up higher to eliminate some of that hood from the shot i tried, holding it outside out just outside the window. Just holding it, those shots turned out great using the magnet on the bottom. I just stuck it on my steel bumper and got some shots like that and, yes, i did put it on a dji fpv drone, but well get to that in a little bit.

What do you get in the dual monitor? Combo, you get the camera, you get. The second monitor, which also has a front facing screen additional microphones, a usb c port for charging and something else again well get to that and the micro sd card slot and you have a power mode button on the side. Just like you do on the top of the camera, you get a tripod adapter. This is a quarter 20 on the bottom, with the magnetic base things just snap right into place on there. The bottom of this, this little cap comes off. You peel this off and it is a super super sticky stuff that you can stick on just about anything comes off clean and once it starts losing its stickiness, you wash it and its good to go again. You also get a action. Camera mount a two prong mount if you will boom pop it in there use any of your gopro accessories or other action, camera accessories piece of cake on here, and you get this two piece: lanyard one piece slides inside your shirt, the other side on the camera. Snaps into place – and you can get some walk around footage: okay, thats. What you get in the package lets talk about the camera. So all right, one of the main benefits that everyone is touting is how tiny this little camera is and sure its smaller than a gopro session, with better quality, better resolution, better frame rates yeah.

This is a cool little camera, except theres, no sd card slot. It has 32 gigs of internal storage that, after its formatted, it gives you 24 gigs. That is nothing. It is very, very little memory. I run 128 gig cards and all my action cameras. In fact, all my cameras, because i just burned through so much footage. 24 gigs is not a lot to get it off of here. You either need to connect it to your phone, which is very, very slow and prone to error, as i have found out, or you connect it to the base, connect it to usbc and plug it into your computer, which isnt that bad. But if youre trying to shoot a lot with this out in the field, do you really want to carry around a laptop just? You can constantly dump the footage off of here. So for me, thats kind of a downside, theres also no usb port on here. So theres no way to charge it without the use of the dual monitor or the power bank or the the power combo pack, which is just a battery without the front facing screen. It also has the sd card slot, so limited memory limited battery no way to charge it no easy way of getting footage off of it, but its a tiny little camera and something like this on an fpv drone works really well, but you got ta dump the Footage so downside: if you connect them together and i said, did you want to copy the footage to the sd card? Oh yes! Yes, that would be great.

I would love that so thats kind of a downside of the action too when it is connected. It is a little bit bigger than a gopro or the original dji osmo action, but its not too big, and i its it for me its a good good quality size. My concerns with this is that you have a really big piece of glass for the lens, and you have this really big, monitor sitting out here and a really big one on the back im gon na break it im. Just gon na tell you right now: im gon na break it. Thank god it has dji care refresh. You get three replacements in 12 months for a small deductible, its the only way. I would buy this thing because i me being me, am going to break this. Not a question of it the magnetic mount. I think that is solid. I mean it is a magnetic and a physical connection, so once it connects with the magnet theres these two little prongs on either side of the different adapters, so you connect it make sure those are pushed in and you are not pulling this thing apart. So high winds shock things like that: its not going to come apart, so im, very, very confident when it is in the action camera connector. This thing is so i mean i can grab the fpv drone and shake it by the camera, its not coming off. So, im very, very secure in that now these things do stack, so you can use the adapters with the power module or the dual monitor module both of them.

They just like. I said they just stack like that, which is kind of cool. So lets talk a little bit more about this dual monitor, so you do get the same screen on the front as the camera has on the back, so for a front facing screen. Thats great. You have additional microphones on here, so you have back and side microphones, giving you complete, stereo sound, which is really good and the sound is not bad honestly, its not that bad. But you know at anything more than kind of an arms length. The microphones just arent going to pick up well in that case you need another microphone and were going to talk about that in just a moment, because there is a way of connecting an external microphone sort of all. Right has the usbc port for charging and getting the footage off now what you do to charge the whole thing is you just charge this, and this actually is an extended battery. So every time you take the top piece off and you go and use it, and you put it back on here, it will charge this until this one is depleted and then you can charge this again. It has the usb i mean the it has the micro sd slot on the back, supporting up to 256 gig memory cards. Alright, so great camera works great. A couple questions. People have asked what about the overheating? Okay, iphone. 12 pro max overheats.

If im shooting high speed video for an extended period of time, gopro hero 10 overheats, if im using high resolution high speed footage for an extended period of time, my dji osmo action like every camera i own, pretty much – will overheat when pushed to their limits using High frame rate high resolution footage for an extended period of time, so yes thats a thing. They all do it. The processor in here at those resolutions and frame rates, is generating a lot of heat. This is a very small frame to try and dissipate that heat. So, yes, it will heat up most of the time. Most of the time you are shooting short pieces of footage. Granted there are those times where you you want some very long piece for whatever reason right it might overheat. Now ive seen the tests where theyve had it sitting on the table, theyre going. Oh look its overheating. Well, yeah you have it sitting on a a table like a big portion of the camera is not dissipating heat. You want this thing in the open. If theres air blowing over it even better, so if youre outside in the wind, you know youre skateboarding or something its going to be far less likely to overheat, because wind is blowing over it, helping keep it cool if its sitting stationary for an extended period of Time, especially if one of the sides is sitting on the ground or something you may experience overheating same with any camera, is it worse on here, possibly because of the small size, its just something to keep in mind when youre shooting action stuff all cameras overheat, so That being said, all right now, when i i did my unboxing video, one of the things i said was two show stoppers for me, were that the main camera didnt have an sd card slot, which is a pain, but normally im going to be using it like This, when i do need to just use it by itself, i just have to deal with it and, if i know in advance im going to take my laptop, so i can dump the footage off faster.

My next big complaint, which i said was very serious, was not being able to connect an external microphone now true, there is no mic jack on here. There is no 3.5 millimeter mic jack. However, it does support digital input interesting right. So what is digital input? Well, digital input runs over usbc, so some devices that can output digital signal can work with the action too. Maybe youd like me, to name one of those: how about the rode wireless go 2. This will work now. I also suspect that the upcoming dji mic will work because it has a similar interface. I dont know for sure that it will work, but i suspect that it would work, but the rode wireless go microphone works today and all you have to do is well just turn. Ive got the transmitter on. I get the receiver on im going to plug just a standard usbc to usbc cable on here then im going to turn the action 2 on, and i see a microphone icon up in here. If i do not have this plugged in, there is no microphone icon, because its just using the internal microphones when i plug this in, i now see the microphone plug now heres. What well do okay, this is testing im testing it. It should sound pretty good all right on the action two so now im recording on the action two. Oh, i need the microphone now im recording with the action two with the rode wireless go and ill just move it over here, one two, three, four, five one, two, three, four five and yes, it works extremely good, a little inside shot of my studio here, but It records awesome audio this way, so there you have it.

There is a way of connecting some microphones to the action too. So if you didnt know that there you have it so that solves one of my major issues, because i own the rode wireless go to – and this is my favorite mic – to use for a number of different things to record this im using the older rode wireless. Go – and this is the rode wireless go to so i own both of them. I love them, theyre, great microphones, and to be able to use them with the action. 2 super cool, so love that so thats it for the action two. You really need to decide for yourself if something like this is going to work for your purposes, its gon na work for some people, its not gon na work for others, its just that simple its not going to be for everybody and at 519 dollars for the Dual monitor combo or ‘9 for the power combo its not inexpensive. I mean thats a significant purchase decision, so you really need to figure out. If this is right for you now, i want to talk about the app for just a moment. The memo app one thing that i really like about using the action or the action 2 with the memo app is even when i am recording i can see, live video. So i know if the camera has moved or the exposure is off or if somethings going wrong.

I can see it in real time with the gopro app with even with the hero 10. As soon as you hit record, the live preview goes away, and that is apparently some kind of patent dispute with somebody and until they work that out, that is a major drawback of using the gopros wirelessly with the app is. I cant see what im shooting, where i can see what im shooting with the action 2 and the original osmo action. So, if youre interested in picking up an action 2, please do me a favor visit, my friends over at theyll hook, you up theyve got both the power combo and the dual monitor combo available. They happy to take care of you over there. Thanks for watching everybody, this has been carrie with filmmaker central and ill catch.

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