Philadelphia 76ers, NBA vs Chicago Bulls – Full Game Highlights | November 6, 2021 | 2021-22 NBA Season

What struck me just from the outside first couple weeks is this team looks like its having fun offensively Applause. This is the nba boy you going here soft theyre, going to throw that spot. Doesnt need much of an over pass first type of guard. Given the bulls, the lead, no, the flood Applause, Music, fading away. Put it up there to stop themselves from passing up on this kid he was talking about. He was disappointed in dropping down in the draft, but then he was happy. He got stained its all down tomorrow, big man, drummond yeah. He had a sense. There was a white jersey over there and pushed it to the corner, caruso that was beautiful bradley had it rejected second chance lifts out. Third chance goes down against the bulls. He did get outscored by cornell david that night, but oh wow, thats Music, without a basket on the milking block and speed, knocks it down and billy yeah. I think adam might guide you by an inch, a bulls, announcer jenga tower knocks down the jumper russo Applause taxi gave it off to curry, who finishes might have grabbed his knee and helped him trip you think or no, oh, he just punched yeah. He did Applause. I dont think he did it on purpose. He was upset with not getting the call well been a while. So it is a technical foul, its on embiid, good sport right there telling me i didnt mean to do that.

His largest lead was six philadelphia. Had it up to 11 just moments ago, and oh wow yeah, you said it early, though he when he went inside out personally, he started to knock down the threes. He has 20. now derozan cashes in 37, sixers 58. Applause thats. What im talking about right there? Curry missed the three front iron long rebound, though for embiid, oh backside. Oh, my goodness, flying screened and rolled there he dove embiid was waiting for him now hes up screening again for zach Applause, Applause right there you got ta, get the ball to vote in the corner, but hes hot theyll get it on the pads intended for embiid Lonzo beautiful five players; Applause, even though he struggled with his shot hes hit some big shots for the bulls: Applause, Music Applause, whoa 21 year old, tyrese, maxey, Music living right working against drummond, five to shoot drummond way out there got ta, give it up. It is three waiting Applause yeah. I dont want your participation, no, no! No! You try were going to do it again at some point again during the corner. Hit me and got the flyby bulls recovered very well, but maxie beats caruso when he gets his hands on a rebound Applause. Music Applause sometimes lead to runs corks Applause, Music Applause across the lane, intercepts Applause and hes, a heck of a rebounder Applause, and he does it again: Applause, Music Applause, Music, demar, derozan out to Applause top two records in the east, caruso nearly had it now you Have to with 9.

Applause theyll tie this season high with 30. Applause. The bulls were right back in in philadelphia, either hit a big shot, or there was a near miss by the bulls.

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Philadelphia 76ers, NBA vs. Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | NBA Season 2021-22

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