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I teach a digital illustration online in such programs as procreate, Adobe, Fresco or Affinity designer, and this video is dedicated to the huge update by serif every program that they have in their Creative Suite has moved to version 2.. This video will be only a very short introduction to the topic. I just wanted to give you this first overview of the new Affinity here it is, I will be making more advanced or more detailed, tutorials and courses. If you would like to stay notified, you can either follow me here or subscribe to my channel here on YouTube, or you can consider subscribing to my newsletter, where Im informing you about the big updates and the digital illustration world and about any upcoming, tutorials and courses. I would like to address here the question: should you upgrade to version two? What are the biggest points that they added to the new program like what is Big? What has changed that really made the impact that makes a difference between version one and version two, and also what are some really minor points that kind of annoyed me because they were changed or they disappeared. Im focusing here only on Affinity designer for iPad, but there have been a big updates to every version of a piece of software that serif has so that will also apply to Affinity designer for the laptop, the desktop version. But in here I will focus only on the iPad version, because thats what Im using, I asked the good people from serif if its actually an option to stay in the old version.

To be honest, I got a little bit, maybe not upset but mildly annoyed, that theres going to be such a big change in the interface in particular, because last month it was only last month I rolled out a new course, which was an introduction to Affinity designer And the focus of this class was basically to find your way around the interface. I was showing the interface how to move across documents and within the documents. What are the handy gestures and on one hand, I am relieved to say that pretty much everything that Im teaching that is revolving around the old version still applies to the new to the new version. I work pretty much heavily focusing on gestures, the two finger swipe or the two fingertap, the three finger swipe power duplicates everything kind of stayed the same in the new version, but theres a whole bunch of new things and new features that was added to the new One – and this is why you should consider upgrading to version two, so I kind of already answered the question. Would I switch from version 1 to version two because um you can stay with the previous one, but I highly recommend that you actually switch to this one when it comes to the old version towards the end of my work this month. I really struggled with the program freezing and I encountered some imperfections so whenever I wanted to, for example, test my pattern, I usually test it in another program such as procreate.

I found some glitches and some issues because my patterns were not repeating properly and there were some small really annoying lines. Whenever I tried to put the pattern together and I tested it across different file formats, such as exporting my pattern tile in JPEG and PNG – and I did the same test on the new version, so I exported exactly the same file in a PNG format and tested It in procreate and the difference was, I dont know if its a bug, the old version, they were glitches and the pattern was not perfect and the new version. The pattern was perfect: there were no glitches. There were no annoying lines that basically destroy your pattern tile. So, even if the new features do not make such a huge difference for your workflow, I think its better to switch to version 2 because its less buggy, at least as far as I tested it for those couple of weeks, its less buggy. I think it will be more reliable and I hope that it will crash less, especially if Im working with really really big files. Okay, so lets have a look at some bigger changes in the new iPad app when you open the new version, 2 Affinity designer app. You will see that youre in the live dock view. This is here the live, talk View and it has changed a little bit, for example, the menu that you choose from, instead of being here above your documents, it moved now to the left side, which I actually like, because I think its a little bit more clean.

Just as a reminder before that, it just looked like this, there was no many on the left side. Everything was here. I think this one looks more professional and it feels for me personally. It feels easier to use also when you click here on the Affinity logo. You have some extra options that you can choose from, for example, in your project. If youre lets say here, if youre in the project folder, you could click on the logo and you can close all the documents at the same time, which saves you a lot of time because before that you needed to go manually to every project and click on It and close it one by one, so our menu moved here to the left side. You have the logo options. Then here you go to your basically something like your home page to your live dogs View now here when you tap on new thats, pretty self explanatory, you create a new document and they have introduced some very, very, very handy. Presets categories such as print press ready photo web, some popular devices Dimensions, architectural, and this is, for instance, a category that I created, because you have an option here to create on this plus icon here a new preset – and here you can create a new category. I really like working in pixels. I got used to it this way, so I was able to hit on that symbol here and create a new category which I labeled pixels and then to add one of my most commonly used artboard in 4000 pixels Square.

So if you click on it, you will see. I have my favorite settings for this document already saved and in this way you can build a very nice library of the formats for your documents that you use a lot. I think, overall, these new documents – creation section, is a really nice upgrade and I really like, like it much more, compared with the old version. This button allows you to edit your current preset and this button, which is like multiple or something like multiple squares. On top of each other as the files, if you click on it, you are able to edit this entire section. Here you can delete um, any document presets that you dont need, and you can also move them around by holding this hamburger menu and then holding the icon and then dragging it to where you want it. So this is much more customizable and it feels nice and intuitive. Also in this live dogs view. What I really really like is, first of all, if you want to close the document you just lets say I want to close this one because its empty, I dont, need it. You just click on this cross and then it asks you if you would like to close the document, and you close it so deleting, I think, is faster and second of all, if you further want to edit at first when I was testing the beta um, I Didnt know where the other options went its very handy.

You just use your finger and you swipe to the left, and here you can edit the name of the document. You can duplicate it or, if youre, in a project you can move it out of the project over here now lets open a sample document. For example, this postcard file and lets see add some changes within the document View, I will locate the same document in the old version and open it in a new window so that we can make a comparison. So here we are in the old version. Theres a lot kind of missing here in this upper part. We have the left side menu and we have the right side menu and every time youre in a like choose a given option from the menu, for example, right now, Im on the move tool, you have this context menu that differs depending on what tool youre using From your menu, this context section will change, and what is new in this new version is that the icons look a little bit different. They have some new colors and the context menu moved entirely to this upper bit of the screen. So we have some new icons and their position is also new, which will initially take some time to get used to and at first I was a bit like. Oh, no things have changed, but I promise to you one day working with the tool and you really get used to it fast.

So here this upper left corner its the same, you can switch between the designer Persona, the pixel Persona and the export Persona. Here in the hamburger menu three horizontal lines, you have the document settings so its pretty much the same. Then you have the three dots, the edit options. You know things like duplicating cutting copy pasting. Then you have the move options here. You have the ordering options flip and rotate. This is very handy alignment options. I actually like that this has been separated and has been moved here, because I use the Align Center option quite frequently, so Im happy its a little bit more accessible. Next, you have Boolean operations. Next, you have the selecting options. Then you have the options to select same and select select object. I use this option quite a lot whenever I want to find a particular color fill and then change it very fast to another color. Then this little magnifying glass are the viewing options this option the next one gives you the preview guides, such as bleed margins the grid and something that Im mildly mildly. Irritated with is that snapping has been moved here and also one thing that Im really missing here is the delete option. I can still use here the three fingers swipe down option which opens the quick menu and I could use the option to do it here, but you will see I really liked it that both snapping was here in the old version and the delete option was here.

So Im kind of disappointed that it disappeared, but I think it has a lot to do with the way I work with my workflow, I Im already in the zone when Im creating my patterns in Affinity designer, so I got used to certain steps and Im pretty Sure that when I get used to this version, it wont be such a big issue. Snapping is really important for me because I often put some tiles together or I create live previews. So I use it quite a lot, and sometimes I just like to you know, draw with my apple pencil with my right hand and then to make some extra operations, with my left hand, thats. Why? I liked my delete button and my snapping button over here, because it was very fast but oh well, so I have already shown you the quick access menu. You either long press – and this opens this quick access menu or you use the three finger swipe down. This quick access menu contains a frequently used operations such as duplicate. If you want to cut something or copy paste or delete, theres a new command controller. As far as I know, this particular functionality helps people who want to switch from the desktop version, people who are used to working basically on laptops with keyboards to iPad, and this is where you can combine using some commands instead of regular gestures. But my preferred way of working is to use gestures instead of commands, so I will not be focusing on this option, but you can definitely read about it more in The Help Center.

Just like in the old version. You have the handy question mark. If you hold on it, you can see this little cheat sheet. That shows you. What is what and starting from the left side, you will see that the majority of the changes have not changed, but there are three. I think three year, new powerful new features in Affinity designer that I would like to draw your attention to. We finally have a shape Builder option. We have the knife tool, this is new. This is very handy. You can basically basically cut your shapes and divide them and put them in a different order, and the third powerful new feature is the option to use the vector warp where you can create warp settings with your objects in a non destructive way without destroying the original Layer that was the very first glimpse into the version 2 of affinity designer for iPad. I would love to know your opinion, so please, please leave a comment in the comment section Below. Have you already downloaded the new version? What is it that you like? What is it that you look forward to using what is it that youre excited about, or quite on the contrary, what are the things that annoy you or that you struggle with? Perhaps I could help you with some handy tutorial in the future stay tuned on my YouTube channel or through my newsletter, for more updates and for more detailed tutorials on this version to Affinity designer thanks.

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