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My name is nicole. If you are new, and every year i like to look at the black friday deals for walmart, specifically, i just feel like they usually have the best deals and bang for our buck, and this is the second deals for days black friday ad. This is going to be happening on november 10th online, which is a wednesday at 7 p.m, eastern standard time and then also in your store friday november 12th, 5 a.m. I did not do a deals for day video for the first week, which was on the 3rd through the 5th. I believe, because i just did not feel the deals, its the same stuff, that theyve been giving us time and time after time, and i just didnt feel like it was necessary to do a video on it honestly. But looking at this ad, i really feel like there are some deals worth getting. If you were in the market for these things, im sure they will be doing another deals for days weeks next week, which should be the week of the 15th and of course they always still do their traditional black friday. And so, if you want me to do videos on those, if the deals are worth it, please go ahead and give this video a huge thumbs up, and i will get that in the works. Lets go ahead and check out this ad for november 10th on wednesday online and by the way, thanks to my friend here on youtube, gina schweppe shes done a lot of black friday.

Videos definitely go and check out her channel if you sign up for walmart plus im, not a walmart plus member, but this is definitely enticing. You get access to the online deals four hours before the regular public does and right now you can do a free trial and then you can cancel it like in the beginning of december. So, basically, you can sign up for walmart plus for free get access to the deals. When your little trial goes off, then you can cancel it youre, not anything out of pocket, which is nice, so thanks gina for that tip. So the first thing were looking at is a samsung galaxy tab here they also have one over here i want to mention. I actually just bought this specific one for my oldest son for christmas. This is his christmas present and i did pay the full price for it so kind of kicking myself. I could have saved 30 bucks, but id rather have it if that makes sense, rather than not. This was definitely recommended with the reviews versus the one thats a lower grade of this on tablet. This is like walmarts brand and its got a 10.1 display, two gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of storage. So, like i said, everybody recommended to get this one versus the one down and it wasnt that much cheaper, so thats a good option if youre looking for a tablet for your kiddos and if you want to get a name brand, the 1′ price youre saving.

What does it say, 80 here thats, pretty dang good and i really do like samsung. I think it is a good brand for electronics. In my opinion, all my techie people that always comment on these walmart black friday deals. Please let us know in the comments uh what you think about those tablets down below, because even though im on the internet, your girl is not techy at all. Weve got a laptop here. This is an hp intel core laptop its 279. So if youve got any college students that are looking for something coming up soon, that might be a good investment for you. I know a lot of ladies are looking forward to getting a robot vacuum. I got one way back when and let me tell you i was not impressed, but i think we just didnt get a good brand. This is the shark win, so youre saving 211 bucks wow, so that might be a good gift for somebody in your life thats. Looking for that convenience, all the toys were in the week, one ad, which again i was not very impressed with the toys that they even had, but this is the one toy that i see in this ad is the barbie dream camper youre saving 30 dollars there For any girls that want anything, a barbie weve also got a select lego sets for 30 thats, pretty good too, for anybody that is looking for legos or in the market.

Weve got a bunch of electronics in this ad thats. What drew me to this ad to make the video, because i said oh wow theres – some really good deals in here – that people might be interested in. So we already talked about the 79 tablet which i have. I cannot tell you how it works, yet, hopefully it is good, like i said, the reviews on it were really good that i went through and read, but we also have this kids tablet, which is a really good price i bought is popping up on me for 59. youre saving 40 bucks here. So if you have a younger child, this may be good for you. Its an 8 inch display its got about the same amount of storage and ram on here, so thats pretty interesting. So this is definitely something to check out. I think it does come with the case. The other one does not so keep that in consideration. You have to buy the case too. It adds up pretty quick got another laptop here. This is the hp intel and this one is 379 whats nice about. This is its telling us that all items will be available, but they will be limited quantities. So the tip that i give you guys every single year when doing online black friday shopping, is if its going to be 7 p.m. Eastern standard time i would get on your computer at 6 30 and i would add these things to cart, because you can add them to a list thats a tip.

I always tell you guys so make it a black friday list. Add it to your list and then a lot of times. You can go from your list and add it straight to your cart and a lot of times they will make. These deals live before that 7 p.m. Mark so sometimes at like 6, 45 theyll go ahead and make the site live, and then people are already snatching it up. And if you wait till seven oclock youre going to miss out so theres, just a couple of tips there to kind of speed up the process. For you keep in mind, walmart has done a really great job with you know, making all the bugs clean now when doing this, for a few years now used to have a lot of crashing and stuff when going to your cart, but that seems to have been Eliminated over time, theyve learned their lesson. If youre in the market for some air pods, we got 89 youre saving 30 bucks there. These are some things that i dont think will sell out, because people pretty much have these things theyre, not like new things or people that are like really wanting these things now, because people have already purchased them in the past. Weve got an all in one printer. I want to say this is a black ink only. I was looking for one actually in color 29 youre only saving 11 bucks, not that big of a deal, not something that i would go crazy over a couple.

Other cameras and stuff like that, if youre interested in home cameras, weve got some tvs in this ad and i think these are really good price tvs and in my opinion i would go for the big mama jama over here for 548 dollars. Youre gon na get the 60 inch one by samsung, its a class 4k smart tv. My opinion. Why would i pay 478 for this 55? I can pay a little bit more and get five more inches. I know it. Doesnt seem like a lot but theres. Just so close there i would just go ahead and pay the other price for one, but again these are limited quantities. They are telling us, when we click on them, that you will be able to purchase these online. So keep that in mind. That is really awesome. That youre able to do that got a couple of sound bars down here. Weve got this one that is 44, and this one that is 129. This one is like an off brand. This is by lg thats the price difference there. If youre looking for a projector, this is really cool with roku. I thought this was a good price for 89 youre saving fifty dollars here, really good for a child or a teenager. You know to project like youtube and stuff in their room. I just thought that was really neat. Also, some cameras over here weve got the gopro hero 8 for 249, its a bundle thats, a pretty good price.

I do have an one of the older gopros and they are always expensive. So, if youre looking for that, that might be something that you want to add to cart and then also for the kiddos. I mean how cute is this: fujifilm mini seven plus bundle for 48, really great gift for on the cheap course walmart always does their dvds. On sale, theyve got the 30 titles for 5.96. We got 796 996 and all the way up to 1296. yall remember back in the day, and they probably will do this for the week of black friday. They usually save those dollar 96 dvds for them. But right now theyre cheapest at 5.96 for this week on the end, something that i love, that theyve been doing the past year or so is the vinyl and the turntables. I think that is such a great gift, especially for old souls or for teens that are just loving that and what i thought was really interesting is theyre going to be 15 and if you click on it right now its going to take us to all the Ones that are going to be available and look how much they are regular price, so these are the same ones that they have in the ad. The pictures. 26.97. 25.97. I mean how cool is it to have the dirty dancing like throwback, show them my age there. But this is a really great price, because theyre usually priced for about 30 bucks, so youre saving about 15 each and then youre saving fifteen dollars.

Also, by buying the turntable for thirty five dollars, i mean i remember when they used to be way more than thirty five bucks weve got some apparel here. I would pass on the athletic work stuff because youre just saving two dollars the stuff is really cheap. All year, long, not just for black friday, so nothing that i would go ham over and then, of course, weve got some jeans for girls and for boys for 7.50 thats, a pretty good deal even old navy and some other places. Dont go that low with jeans, and i find that walmart and targets apparel is just fine for the kids. Paige weve got some random stuff, but some goodies. So the first thing you know im going to click on. Is this 22 inch black stone? This is the adventure ready griddle, so this is the one to go so far. I cant say because i havent seen the other future ads yet, but we dont have a regular blackstone, yet we did last year. So just keep that in mind. If youre wanting a regular blackstone and not this portable one – and you want to hold out on it, you may want to do that if you dont care, this is a good deal 117 dollars. That is not bad at all. For a 22 inch, you all can see the size right here. Weve got some burgers. Weve got some sides its perfect. It is nice that it is portable to go if you are a camper or if you travel a lot, and you want to take your grill with you 117, you cannot beat it.

It is a bundle, so it includes the hard cover and carrying bag yall. Some of these accessories for black stone – they are so so pricey so for 117 for everything that is a steal right there, my friend, so if youre looking for a gift or if youre wanting one yourself, i would definitely snag that that will not be online long. I can assure you just like the regular one. Last year went pretty quickly and as far as in store, they will not have that many of these in store. I can guarantee you so try to get it online if youre in the market that yankee candles for 10. That is not bad theyre, usually about 20, so its about half off and yall know bath and body works does their candle day the first saturday of december. I usually do a video but ive been kind of like anti bath and body works lately and im, like you know, the throws good on some of these other candles from walmart and dargan, and now with the price increase from bath and body works. I feel like its not worth all the hassle anymore, so i would just go ahead and get a bunch of these. You know the yanking handle is a pretty good brand. Some of their throws good, some of its not but for ten dollars, thats a great teacher gift, a great filler right there save yourself. Fifty percent ive also got a gourmet, airfryer, toaster oven.

I thought this looked pretty cool. It looks pretty swanky and pretty sleek for 49 and youre saving 40 there again another good gift option or something that you might want to put away for someone for weddings or you know, new couples, college goers, all that stuff is great. The last page on this ad, i know, were already through it already but, like i said, theyre doing this every single week, breaking it up enticing you to buy every single week its definitely a good move by all of these companies that are doing it and to Try to keep us at a store which is nice convenience having things shipped right to your door, so im not against it. At all. Weve got some vacuums, so the shark cordless pet pro with power fins is a hundred and fifty dollars. It says youre saving a hundred and twenty dollars, thats crazy, yall know these vacuums can get super expensive. So if youve been wanting, these black friday is always the way to go, never buy these like throughout the year when they are regular price the shark navigator. This is the pet, upright vacuum: youre saving a hundred bucks and just paying 99 pretty good deal for those weve got some egyptian cotton sheets set. So if youre looking for some swanky sheets 45, i dont know about yall but im all about like the cheap sheets. I know once i convert yall, probably like never go back, but i just cant im just that person like i cannot pay the full price for, like the swanky sheets and stuff im like it is its just a sheet like id rather pay enough for something else.

I dont know got some cookware and this is a new brand from walmart the time and table. It reminds me a lot of their time and true clothing line honestly, and they do have the pioneer woman, stuff im thinking that will be next week or definitely the week of black friday itself. Theyll hold out for her and do those usual deals like crock pots and all that stuff that you guys are waiting for. We love all those cheap things like that, the time and table 28 piece cook and prep set. So this is 79 bucks. It comes with a lot of sheet pans, it comes with all the accessories and measuring cups, the pans, the pots – and it looks pretty nice so again, another good gift option for 79 or someone that is just now starting a new home newlyweds all that stuff. This is great to put away if you know all those things are about to happen and save you some coins now and then. Last but not least, we have the time and table 20 piece baking set. So if you have someone that loves to cook loves to bake, i mean 30 for a gift is really really awesome, and these things you know theyre not probably the best quality but theyre, not your lowest quality from walmart either they look kind of sleek um. With this brand so im thinking those are good choices if youre in the market, so that is this weeks.

Black friday deals for days for walmart for november 10th, through the 12th online november 10th in store november 12th. We will have more deals for days, im, sure the next week and, of course, for black friday week, im excited for them yall. Let me know in the comments down below what deal for this week, that you are definitely going to be purchasing, or at least trying to purchase and again, if you want to see more deals for days, talk throughs, like this make sure to hit the thumbs up Button and if you are new here id love to have you, i do these walmart black friday deals videos every single year. I love doing them, ive, always shopped black friday for a long long time. So ive got a lot of tips and tricks up my sleeve. So definitely subscribe and stay tuned for the next couple weeks and we will have more walmart deals for days.

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