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So what are your excuses? Got all this cash got. All this cash will uh crazy Yahoo finances. Brian sozi breaks down the stat of the day on Apples. 2.3, trillion trillion dollar valuation uh its shocking when you think about yeah sure Apple, finished, finished Wednesdays session, with a 2.31 million Mark a trillion market cap. Imagine 2 million according to Yahoo finance data, alphabet, Amazon and meta were worth a combined 2.3 trillion. Well. Whats helpful here is all the value that came off meta specific. Oh there you go metas meltdown of course, this year backed helping to drive that underperformance there uh Big Apple is the winner. Yeah! Well, listen huge huge value generation, huge profit margins, cash reserves, Timmy Cooks, Jimmy Cooks, you ever listen that track well, Jimmy crack corn! No! The the Drake song Jimmy Cooks, you never listen to it uh, not lately. I dont remember actually no its off the. I think its off the latest record. Actually, you got 21 Savage in there as well. They put out a video for it recently. Oh um yeah anyway, I said Timmy cook, so it brought me to Jimmy Cooks. Im, like I dont think that theres an inspiration or a connection there, but Timmy Cooks. You know what Im saying: thats, uh, okay, yeah Timmy Im on board. Timmy Cooks, I mean, or maybe he bakes, I feel like hes a baker he might bake, because we are talking about apples, um, some apple pie, not oranges, because you rarely bake an orange but apples, you bake them all the time yeah I dont even know.

If youve ever baked an orange, I what I think about it recall baking, an orange yeah. What do you normally do with it? Um yeah I mean you eat it. Oh just straight up, you dont do anything fancy with it um. Sometimes I juice it. Okay. So getting a little fancier, you know what I think uh. Let me tell you theres, not much you can do with. Let me tell you where orange is underutilized. Im gon na tell you right now where orange is underutilized: okay, ice cream! There should be more orange infused ice creams, uh, those two flavors together delicious you have a little Citrus, but obviously sweetness and the freshness of orange to go with the creaminess of ice cream yeah Im just putting that out. There Im sure it exists, but Im like I go through the supermarket. I pay attention. I see whats going on. I dont see a lot of connection happening well, dont they have the orange sickles. Well, of course, they have the orange circle, but nobody ever nobody ever went high end with it Ben Ben didnt. Do it Jerry didnt, do it? No, they both didnt Hagen didnt. Do it and Dodge didnt. Do it no, its four guys? Maybe you Baskin didnt doing Robin didnt. Do it no there, he didnt do it and queen didnt. Do it no Im just what am I doing? Listen to me for a second here. Will I need an I need a I need a high end.

I need an artisan I need, like actual, like tiny little orange pieces in there, theyre good, with uh chocolate too right, yeah. Of course, its gon na be good with chocolate as well. How about chocolate ice cream with orange? Well, I might be a full chocolate. Ice cream might be a bit much, but maybe you could have some dark chocolate bits in there sure you know Im just putting this together right now, so its all freestyle but like I obviously the internet is going to show us something. I dont want a sherbert. I dont want a Sherburn Music. You need the cream. I dont want a sherbert, I understand so for everybody who was just screaming listening to this and they were saying well Lou. You got an orange sherbert Music Im, not talking to you guys talking about. They are good, though, Im talking about orange and cream, you understand the difference. Hmm, this is key. Were gon na figure it out. Dont worry, okay, we need the heavy header, we need the full cream. We need the cardiac arrest, sir yeah. Well, its so thick. You cant get the scoop going its too cold Music. Do you have anything else to say about this? Uh Apple, owning everything? No, I mean its a big deal yeah these things they go up and down apples, the biggest market cap in the world one day the next day, theyre, not uh, meta, yeah alphabet has a crack, and Amazon has a crack at different moments in time, depending how People feel, I always think its funny when you think about these big companies.

Youre like okay, you got a minus one like it for you and your lifestyle thats. I think if you have to minus one its easy yeah, the second one gets harder and the third one is nearly impossible. If you try to eliminate three of them, uh yeah man, I mean even meta, owning WhatsApp. I use WhatsApp all the time and Instagram Instagram, yeah and Quest and whatever else go ahead, I want you to only leave one of the. You could only have one of these companies left to Aid you in your various daily activities. Well, I dont use apple that much actually okay, so you eliminate Apple. Who else you eliminate uh keep going. You only have one left, probably meta, metas gone now. All thats left is Amazon alphabet and you can only have one alphabet yeah because well its also because you eliminated apples so now whats your phone sure, yeah yeah, you kind of got to go one way or the other right there, but Apple without Amazon and alphabet Thats a different experience, too. I mean uh, where what do you? What what which uh search engine? Are you using on Apple or are you giving up YouTube because thats, an alphabet company or Google company its a tough one yeah? What about you yeah, Im, keeping alphabet as well? I think I think well, I think you might not realize, will but were posting this video on YouTube: Music, okay, thats wasnt! That funny was it its just like what its just like how these conglomerates, I know, but its just like its so far, reaching its just a funny its funny.

You come to the youre like wait. A second, our entire life is good, is on alphabet. What are we doing here, like our entire life, is on alphabet like this isnt Im, just thinking about hmm, my Google pixel phone, I know thats, where you went with it, but its like thats, the extent to which people dont you dont think about the full scope.

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