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So Im really excited. I feel lonely, but its quite fitting, because the film is all about Enola being alone, so here we go, bring it in how Millie Bobby Brown became an actor. I became an actor at the right age of eight Ive, always loved kind of performing, in whatever capacity that was dancing singing the whole lot and I became an actor, but I just being bored on a Saturday really theres, not much else to it. How does Millie boy Brown hide her accent I dont I will like switch in between sometimes Ill just go straight into my American accent, which is a lot harder, and I could maybe finish the autocomplete interview like this okay. So how did Millie Bobby Brown and Jake? Bon Jovi: well, I dont know how did Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bon Jovi thats my question: oh its meat – oh, oh God, thats, embarrassing! Um. How do we meet? We met on Instagram, the the old Instagram and uh. We were friends for a bit and then um. What can I say how to be Millie Bobby Brown? Well, you wake up every day. Grab yourself a coffee, you um, you go to work for at least 14 hours a day and uh. You do wireless interviews and thats thats how you thats, how you are me? Okay, so good luck with that next Im so excited about this, which ones this? Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, its not stuck anymore.

Does Millie Bobby Brown. Okay, know how to drive. I do I do I got my drivers license when I was 15 and a half. No, actually sorry, I got my palm and I was switching it up and then I got my drivers license when I was 16., so yeah its been Im a really good driver. I actually only got pulled over twice before and I uh just showed him the old and he let me go so. I dont recommend that, though I was terrified actually the whole time and I didnt get a ticket which was great, does Millie way around actually have the 11 tattoo. Speaking of that, I do indeed I have a seven tattoos. I have one on my back of flowers. One on my right here, I dont know what my ribs a one here and another one on my foot. Does midi boy Brown play video games? I play Sims 4 and I love it. I like live mode and I also like building homes in it. I also have a vet in it, so Im just leaving vicariously through my Sims character. I also like to play fortnite from time to time, but I mostly Bush Camp until the very end of the game until theres like five people left and then I and then I hand the controller over to an experienced fortnite player to let them finish the game. So its been its been hard, but I dont really like video games.

Im, not very good at them does really Brown, no martial arts. I wish I could say I do. I think I got like two black stripes on a white belt. Thats, not nothing yeah, its! Not nothing exactly pull that face at me. Next flower is Millie Bobby Brown, a producer of Enola homes. I am, I am the producer of another homes um. This is your first turn as a producer. This will be my third time producing the first film was yes, my first time Ive producer, but now Ive its been a minute, but Im only 18, so its not been a minute really its, maybe around cousins with Noah. Indeed, I am no Im, not although I wish I was no Noah and I are best friends, but I wish we were oh, no schnapp, sorry for guys last name, it um the whole Walk of Fame. No Im not, and I think, like you – need to have a certain set of skills. Would you want one um sure thing I mean I got one from Amazon. I put it in my office, but uh other than that sure Id be grateful for anything. At this point, alrighty next up does Millie Bobby Brown like waffles. No, I dont people think I do, but actually in stranger things I had a little spit bucket next to me and Id spit into it, because I couldnt swallow the waffles, because Id gag can Millie Bobby Brown Cry On Cue.

I can, but I wont for this was Billy boy Brown on Hells Kitchen, oh God I was actually when I was nine. We can slowly move past that dont play a video of it its embarrassing. He also sent all the chefs out of the kitchen because they, I think they undercooked something, and so we didnt get dessert. Also best moment of my life was Millie Brown named after the singer Bobby Brown. No, I wasnt. I was named after myself, Millie first name Bobby coming from my father, his names Bobby and my last name. Um goes way back what are Millie Bobby Browns Hobbies. I rescue animals thats my hobby um other than that I like to bake. I dont really like cooking, but if I have to, I will yeah thats it. I went through like an embroidering period of my life, but then got really bored so its like phases. What was Millie Bobby Browns favorite song All Too Well the 10 minute version. Taylor, Swift, what was Millie way around first movie, that I was in or what I watched fast. Maybe I watched E.T first movie, I was in Godzilla king of the monsters, what is Millie Bobby Browns car? Hmm, what Millie Bobby Brown favorite food carrots Im a rabbit. I love carrots and when I feel like Im about to faint, I need a cube of cheese and, if you are Devil Wears, Prada fan, youd know what Im saying here: actual robot carrots uh raw um.

I I am not a fan of also as soon as you boil them all, the goodness and antioxidants and all that thing come out of them, so raw merely Bobby Brown, just plain old Jimmy Fallon wrap. That would be something I did that one time on Jimmy Fallon. I wrapped multiple things. I wrapped a recap of season one, and I also wrapped Monster by Nicki Minaj – is that going to be like a new career sort of twist? No, no Im gon na just leave it up to Nicki Minaj to to do that. I will definitely stick to my my day: job rescuing animals, Millie Bobby Brown, Emmy, oh well! This is, I dont, really know much about what this really means, but I I definitely was nominated twice at the ripe age of 12 and 14. I think alrighty that gives me anxiety, Millie Bobby Brown, purple pants Fallon. It might have been family. Oh, oh, oh see, I didnt know that, but this is exciting that people think you know people just write my name with it with a purple pants. Next to it I mean this is very exciting. I I didnt know there was much hype about the things that I wear, but thank you. Those purple pants were a little bit itchy. They were great, they look great and um. They were tight. Malibu Brown Comic Con, oh gosh, oh no. Ah, I have been to over 40 Comic Cons, big Comic Con girl.

I love visiting a Comic Con. I love going there and I also love being someone there, like. I love meeting fans that I think its a very good and safe environment to meet fans all right. First, surprise: Millie, Bobby Brown, purple pants, very big surprise for me: didnt think anybody really cared. That is my wired, auto complete interview. I hope you enjoyed.

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