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Now a lot has been said about the psvr 2s disappointing lack of backwards compatibility in regards to psvr1 games as an owner of a big psvr1 Library myself, I felt just as let down as the rest of you when the news broke, but I do understand why Globally, its not possible for Sony to implement back compat across the board, as the control schemes for a lot of the psvr1 games are just so different to what the psvr 2 has to offer. For instance, youve got games like moss that rely on light bar tracking from the single dual shock 4 as the control scheme and then stuff like blood and truth. That uses dual move controllers that are also tracked via a light bar which the PlayStation VR2 doesnt have or need, when the difference in controller Tech between games and headset Generations is so great, it does make sense for Sony need to leave psvr1 to psvr2 upgrades up To individual developer discretion, but that obviously leaves us with more questions which developers are actually going to take the time to do this, how many backwards compatible games are going to be available on or near console launch and, most importantly, how much are these upgrades going to Cost us the people who have already invested in a bunch of psvr1 games and are just about to spend a fortune on a psvr too well thats, where this weeks episode of Ians VR Corner, comes into play because Ive been keeping an eye out and so far Ive spotted 10 psvr1 to psvr 2 upgrades that have been officially confirmed by their developers and Ill be listing them off in a sec, but first I should point out that not all of these confirmed upgrades have been confirmed to be free.

So far, six of them have been and Im hoping well get confirmation for the rest of them soon. But as it stands at the time of recording this Ive divided this list of psvr1 to psvr2 upgrades into confirmed, free and then unconfirmed free, starting with the freebies. First, just like Left 4 Dead, the game that has so obviously inspired it after the fall was designed with four player, co op in mind and its this focus on multiplayer that really made the game shine on psvr1 if youve played after the fall already youll know That shooting the white walker esque snowbreed feels great, especially when youre dual wielding pistols and thats about to improve when, after the Falls developers, vertigo games launched the psvr2 version of the game sometime next year, as mentioned in the recent Playstation blog post, vertigo games has really Taken advantage of the new psvr 2 features, adaptive gun haptics offered by the psvr2 sense controllers, will add a new level of immersion to the gun play and allegedly every slide. You rack and magazine new release can now be felt throughout your entire hands, while each gun now mimics its real life counterpart in trigger pull weight with the dynamic use of the Adaptive triggers its not just the controllers. That will give you an a nice little immersive Rumble, though youll also feel the vibrations of the Smasher as it storms towards you and the hits of the snow breed as they attack you through the psvr 2s headset feedback, plus the already highly detailed environments from the Original psvr version will be bolstered by the 4K HDR display and the new 110 degrees field of view since launching just under a year ago, the games content has almost doubled and the owners of the psvr version will be very pleased to know that vertigo has confirmed That there will be a free psvr2 upgrade for players who already own after the fall on psvr1 Applause.

One genre thats been massively overlooked in the world of VR. So far is the MMO but the ambitious open world RPG Zenith. The last city has taken great strides in filling that Gap. Its heavily inspired by Sword, Art, online and theres, also a bit of breath of the wild in there too, and you can use full motion controls to climb and fly around its huge open world when youre, not using those motion controls to physically defeat your enemies. That is, despite being pretty sparse on content at launch. Zen of the last city was surprisingly popular on the psvr and the newly announced psvr 2 Edition promises to be a much bigger game than before, bringing with it hundreds of hours of new content and big graphical updates. Like crispr textures high definition, models, life like grass, realistic Shadows, lighting and more. According to the recent place, station blog post youll be able to experience a whole new dimension of interaction with the Adaptive triggers of the sense controllers and be able to feel the energy surged through your hands when powering up your swords or the resistance of your triggers. When firing your blasters haptics in both the controllers and the headset, will also allow you to feel the Clash of an enemy Blade, the swiftness of a dash or the slow pulse of a dangerously low health bar best of all, though, is that that blog post also Confirmed that the psvr 2 version will be a free download to all players who already own the game on the original psvr Applause.

Foreign ER is a fantastic game and its a classic VR title, because its easy to pick up and play – and it instantly makes you feel like a badass Jedi, some might say its the perfect VR game. But in my opinion, pistol whip here gives it a good run for its money, which is good because due to beat saber now being an Oculus owned game, there is a possibility that it might never come to psvr too. Thankfully, pistol whip follows a very similar formula and this stylish Rhythm action game is easy for anyone to pick up and play regardless of their VR skills, because it instantly makes you feel like youre John Wick kicking ass inside of a nightclub thats located in The Matrix. Once again, news of the psvr 2 version of pistol whip on the Playstation blog tells of an enhanced version of the game that will introduce more depth and dimension to the action with headset and controller haptic feedback finger, touch, detection and boosted loading speeds. Thanks to this, every weapon will now have its own feedback for firing and reloading, plus the sensors Adaptive triggers will provide different levels of resistance when the clip is empty or full. What I really love the idea of, though, is the way the headset haptics will allow. You to feel the rush of a bullet grazing, your head as it flies past you, whilst a built in 3D, Dynamic positioning, means that the headset will track where every sound effect is relative to the player, and it will then adjust the volume automatically and, of course, Once again, the PlayStation VR2 version will be a free upgrade to anyone who owns the original psvr version, which is very nice indeed Music.

The Light Brigade is a bit of an anomaly on this list as its the only game in the confirmed free section, thats not actually out yet. The Light Brigade does look very interesting, though, as its described as a single player. Roguelike experience filled with immersive Gunplay and Moody mystery in the game, well be forced to strategically navigate through dense forests, Frozen mountains and forgotten graveyards, and these procedurally generated Battlegrounds will be filled with enemies lurking around every corner. This experience will be further enhanced by realistic physics based Gunplay, which in turn is supposed to create tense heart pounding shootouts that will evolve as you unlock new firearms and also unique spells, but if the game isnt out yet how does this free, psvr 2 upgrade work? You might be wondering well, the Light Brigade will actually be a cross by title for PlayStation, VR, 2 and Playstation VR. So if youre desperate to play this game, but cant afford a psvr2 just yet, then you can buy on the psvr one when it releases and then an upgrade for free. Whenever is convenient for you, Music, the VR guide Deluxe, which wisely changed its name a little while back is a hilarious single player. First person puzzle game where players have to find their way out of the dreams of the titular, the guy using objects and tools that theyll obtain during the guys, immersive snoozes. The psvr2 version of the guide, VR Deluxe, was announced by The Games developer in a Reddit post a month or so ago, and while we dont know what extras the upgrade may bring in terms of haptics and visuals, etc, etc.

Thanks to a question from a curious commenter, we do know that the developer is hoping to release this as a free upgrade for owners of the original game, which is basically as close to a confirmation of a free upgrade, as we can get for this one. At the moment, Music, okay were on to the unconfirmed free upgrade section now and Im kicking this one off with no mans sky. Here now we know that no mans sky is definitely coming to the psvr too, thanks to a Playstation blog post from back in June, where Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, stated the power of PlayStation 5, coupled with the all new PlayStation VR2 Hardware, including the New sense controllers, combined to take the sense of immersion and believability up by several major notches. That was obviously exciting news for No Mans Sky fans, because the psvr1 version running on PS5 was already pretty darn awesome. But what Seans blog post did not mention was anything about there being a free, psvr. 2 upgrade. Well fear, not friends, because just this week this trailer for the free, no mans Sky, psvr 2 update, was published on the PlayStation store. So so, not only can you see some of the gorgeous new visuals that youll be able to witness through that 4K headset, but the blurb at the end also confirms this update as a February 2023 release so Im presuming that this will probably mean that its going To be a launch day, update for the PlayStation VR 2.

Music, okay, were on to the unconfirmed free upgrade section now and Im kicking it off with swordsman VR, which is probably the newest psvr 2 announcement on this list. Not only that, but its something like the fourth or fifth game to be confirmed to be playable on the psvr 2 on the day of launch swordsman VR is a story driven physics based medieval combat game, thats rated incredibly highly in most peoples, best psvr game lists, Which makes it seem weird that Ive never actually played this one before, but somehow I completely missed it. Maybe psvr 2 will be my time to shine, though, because there looks to be a massive game here to try out with seven different thematic environments against four different cultures: zombies and five different bosses, theres dozens of weapons to wield Shields, armor and skills for you to Customize and even telekinesis and Chrono kisses powers that let you manipulate in game objects and time itself. We dont know much in terms of what improvements the psvr1 to psvr2 upgrade will bring to the game. But we do know, thanks to this tweet to developers, Sin Studio and their reply. That news of whether or not the update will be free is due before the end of this year. Hes hoping that the little smiley face at the end of this tweet means that its happy news for the owners of the game and not for the developers wallet. Oh just like the Light Brigade, The Walking Dead, Saints and Sinners chapter 2 retribution isnt out yet, but it is due out this December on the Quest 2 with the psvr and psvr2 versions, landing at some point in 2023.

Theres no hints as to whether itll be a launch title for the psvr 2. Yet, but having played a demo of the game on Sonys new headset, it did seem pretty polished and almost ready to go to me. I actually cannot wait to jump back into the story of The Tourist and discover more of New Orleans Secrets all whilst stabbing multiple zombies and probably a fair few humans as well in the head with a massive knife. And while I can safely say that it doesnt really change the formula too much chapter 2 does add a whole load of new weapons to play with, and some really pretty new locations to stealth. Your way through as well, which will look extra gorgeous through the psvr 2s 4K headset. So, while I can confirm that this game plays great 8 on the psvr 2, taking special advantage of the sense controllers, especially what I cant confirm so far – is whether this game, like the Light Brigade, will offer players a free upgrade to the psvr 2 version. If they buy the psvr1 version, First heres hoping the games developers end up being Saints rather than sinners. In this respect, Music, if you own a psvr and love, beat saber theres a high chance that you may already have synth riders in your collection. As this freestyle dancing, VR rhythm game has been incredibly popular on the platform again theres, not a huge amount known about the psvr 2 upgrade for this game other than this Reddit post from the developer over two years ago.

That has confirmed its in development, but you can probably expect the psvr 2s controller and headset haptics to come into play as you catch notes, ride, rails and Dodge the obstacles in synth Riders, many levels with a psvr 2 version of the game on the way. At some point, it stands to reason that the developers would offer it as a free upgrade, but so far theres been no official word either way and thats. Why its sitting here in the unconfirmed section, Music, Applause, foreign, the original psvr version of alvo? I wondered out loud if it would be the psvrs answer to Call of Duty and after having played it. As far as I was concerned, it was the fast paced cod like PVP modes, were incredibly fun to run and gum. My way through it was easy to pick up and get into, and really the only downside to the game was the fact that the lobbies dried up pretty soon after release. The psvr2 version of alvo was confirmed by upload VR back in June, but once again details on what that version might include in terms of psvr2 tech. Improvements are pretty much non existent at the moment if it ends up being a better looking Port of the Quest 2 version that added new maps, a co, op zombie mode and cross play lobbies will all be in for a treat when this one eventually comes out. But one thing upload, VR couldnt confirm with alvos developer was whether or not the psvr 2 version will come as a free upgrade so heres hoping it will foreign and once again, that is all the psvr2 news.

I have for you all right now, Im keeping a close eye on all the comings and goings around the psvr 2 and its potential library of games. So do like this video, if you found it helpful, subscribe to Eurogamer for almost daily videos about video games and Ians VR Corner episodes every Sunday and do check out these other videos that are on screen and clickable right now. If you want to continue your journey of Discovery into the potential of the psvr 2.

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