Sony PlayStation, PlayStation VR, First-person shooter 2's Pricing Is ABSOLUTELY BAFFLING

Vr2 has been strange, to say the least, officially announced back in January of this year, there havent been a ton of major updates or reveals for the virtual reality headset since then, and weirdly enough. The few important announcements that have come along have mostly come in the form of PlayStation blog posts, no flashy trailers, no showcase events, its all really been a bit unceremonious. Another major update for the headset was dropped in similarly unceremonious fashion. When Sony announced PS, vr2s release date and price, with an update on the Playstation blog and how to put this mildly, it didnt go well when it launches on February 22nd 2023, the psvr 2 will cost 549.99. The backlash against the announcement has been nearly unanimous and its not hard to see why and frankly its a little bit hard to understand why Sony thought it was a good idea to launch the headset at this price, because really Lots project would dictate that things are Going to go poorly for it, in fact, the deeper you look into the price, the stuper it seems 549.99 is a ridiculously steep price for psvr2, as it is, but its also worth remembering that this is a peripheral which means you cant use it. Unless you have the PS5, which somehow is cheaper than the headset, yes, we live in a world where a consoles peripheral is significantly costlier than the console. No, its, not exactly a new occurrence. Sega went berserk with this sort of stuff back in the day, but it was stupid back then, and its still stupid now and of course, the PS5 itself isnt exactly a cheap purchase either the diskless version cost four hundred dollars, while the regular model costs 500 either Way, thats already a pretty hefty chunk of money.

Youd have to pay before you even purchase the PlayStation VR2. Once you do purchase it, you have at the very least spent 950 dollars over a thousand. If you have the PS5 model, that comes with a disk drive and you havent even spend any money on games yet virtual reality is a niche subset of the market. The most successful VR headset on the market is still a long long way off from breaching even the 20 million units sold Mark. So its hard to understand why exactly Sony has deemed it wise to launch a new Niche Hardware product at such a steep price and right in the middle of a global recession, at that its not like the VR space is lacking in options. In spite of how Niche it is so, its not like people who are interested in a VR are going to have no other option but to buy a psvr2, something like the Quest 2, a respectably, powerful device that is much more convenient to use and has a Solid library of games will set you back between four and five hundred dollars after its recent price hike, which isnt necessarily cheap either, but youre not going to need an already costly console to be able to do that. You can just jump into it straight away with any new hardware launch. The ultimate question is always this: does its library of games justify its price? No matter what the price is so far, the answer is no of all the games that have been officially announced so far.

There arent a great many that have looked unmissable, yes, Horizon call of the mountain which is going to be a launch. Title has looked promising, but there isnt exactly a crowd of people out there who are absolutely dying to get their hands on the game at any cost. Firewall Ultra is in development for psvr2 and its looking good so far, but again its not exactly what you would call a killer, app same with the likes of Resident, Evil, Village and the dark pictures Switchback promising games, yes and potentially great experiences, but enough to make The vast majority of people want to go out and buy 550 on the headset unlikely, looking through other games that have been confirmed for the headset so far its hard to point to any one of them as the system selling game that any new hardware launch. That is, this pricing needs to have right off the bat. In fact, the vast majority of them are easily accessible on other devices. The Walking Dead, Saints and Sinners chap chapter 2. Retribution is looking promising, but it will also be coming to the Quest 2 and the original psvr, no mans Sky VR available elsewhere. The Light Brigade also coming to the original psvr hello, neighbor search and rescue also coming to the original psvr. The list goes on the one game that would have been an exception to this, the one game that would have convinced many to go out and buy the headset, in spite of it not being exclusive to it, would have been Half Life Alex, but that announcement, sadly, Is yet to be made foreign, of course, its no secret? That, as is the case with any PlayStation Hardware, the psvr 2 is going to rely heavily on Sonys first party output, Horizon call of the mountain is going to be an early example of that seemingly, but heres the thing so far, Sony has announced nothing for it.

Other than Horizon, if we knew that there were promising Flagship first party titles coming to psvr 2 down the road wed, have that to look forward to, but even that isnt the case right now. Besides, how much will Sony want to split its development pipeline to allocate resources to VR development? Playstation is already making a push for live service experiences as it is while premium console titles are going to continue to be a focus as well. Will Sony want to make sacrifices on either of those fronts to focus on premium VR titles, foreign, or will it instead hand out VR games to external or smaller internal teams? The former seems almost impossible and the latter is far from ideal and unlikely to lead to good games. After all, handing off first party titles to other teams was exactly the approach that Sony took with the Playstation Vita and look where that got them. The handheld devices. First party support was poor, especially by Sonys standards and most of the first party games. It did get were disappointing to say the very least, given its unreasonably steep price, the easy availability of established competitors, the less than Stellar first impression, its software support has made and the inherently Niche nature of VR as a medium. It just seems virtually impossible that the PlayStation VR2 will be able to even come close to achieving this sort of success. That Sony is expecting. Reports have claimed that Sony is looking to ship over 2 million units of the headset in the first quarter of 2023 itself, but it seems unlikely that it will be in that sort of demand.

Given the circumstances of its launch right now, the psvr 2 seems to be doomed to the fate of the PS Vita, a promising piece of Hardware, let down by baffling financial decisions. So what are your thoughts on this go ahead and share them in the comments below and if you like, the video please subscribe to the channel and enable all notifications by clicking on the Bell icon, to get updates on new videos.

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