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As always, I am mateo311 – and this is your channel for everything. Vr related today well be discussing the next Half Life Alex, or rather when will we get another title of this caliber? Why exactly is half life Alex such an anomaly? Hows? The current state of VR games looking and what should we expect in the near future? Now there are, of course, links and timestamps to all of todays topics, but before we jump in this, video is brought to you by kiwi design lets face it guys. Your quest 2 needs an elite trap. Why not get one with a battery pack kiwi? Has this amazing one its my absolute favorite its got? This super plush top strap and backstrap, making it extra comfy its way more durable than what you get from meta and cheaper, plus its got a massive 6400 milliamp hour battery, which can give you four plus hours of additional gaming. I highly recommend it guys go check out additional accessories from kiwi design and dont forget to use discount code mateo311 for five percent off and to help support my channel okay. So lets start things off for the fact fact that Half Life Alex is an anomaly while SoMo claimed this game is overhyped. Many others regard it as the only true AAA VR title and the best that VR has to offer Im. Clearly, in the latter group – and there are only a handful of other titles that even come close to Half Life Alex in terms of Graphics, storytelling, production, value and gameplay.

If you want to take anything away from this title, its the fact that the mechanics arent groundbreaking but thats about it Alex is also one of the only VR games that you can watch a flat screen trailer and it looks like a modern title. Unlike other VR games that look like theyre from a previous generation, so how exactly did valve pull this off, and why has no one else been able to reproduce this in the past three years. Well, for starters, valve has a combination of things that really no other Studio has not only do they have a history of high end and highly successful game development, but they also have extensive knowledge of VR technology. Many other AAA Studios have stumbled when it comes to VR releases. Not only does the traditional development means that translate well into VR theres, also, a a lot of additional complexity, but an even larger factor that impacts VR game development is the extremely small player base which translates into either low budgets or no profit. Unlike AAA titles on Console or PC that can expect to sell tens of millions when Half Life Alex released, it was only roughly 1 million pcvr players. The budget of AAA title would be nearly impossible to recoup, let alone Be profitable, so this left VR games in the hands of mostly Indie developers and meta funded titles, but valves position was even more unique because Half Life Alex was both a labor of love and A promotional tool valve makes the vast majority of their money by selling games through Steam.

Theyve always used a portion of this money for experimental stuff attempting to find ways to bring new players in historically. This was items like Big Picture Mode, steam link and a controller that can substitute as a mouse, but the end goal is always the same: push Tech further and bring more players in at the time VR was their biggest Endeavor. So the development team got to work on their beloved. Half Life IP and valve showed us just how far we can push VR. In a way this was similar to console, launch exclusives, which are designed to sell new hardware. Now you may be thinking this was an attempt to sell their valve index, but it was not an exclusive title valve went out of their way to make sure it worked on other headsets and its main goal was to grow VR, which it did succeed at nearly Doubling the number of VR Gamers overnight, but in truth this wasnt enough, while the gamble itself was successful, it most likely wouldnt have been for any other studio now, eventually, both meta, funded and Indie titles did get close to AAA quality, but it definitely wasnt the same. These contenders include lone Echo 1 and 2 Medal of Honor above and beyond asgards wrath and finally stormland. If you could think of one, I missed feel free to. Let me know down in the comments. Lone Echo combines stunning graphics and a compelling storyline Medal of Honor was a full fledged title, with both a single player campaign and an array of separate multiplayer modes as Gods.

Wrath offered beautiful Graphics, a 40 hour campaign, excellent mechanics and the developers knew how to utilize. Vr to its fullest when it comes to storytelling and finally, we had another strong showing from stormland as it utilized excellent mechanics on top of a compelling storyline. But while all of these games were great, none of them truly felt like a triple A game. Meadow was trying to recapture valves Magic by funding these already successful Studios, but they couldnt quite cross the finish line its clear. They were even willing to take a loss to help the VR Community grow, but they quickly decided that Hardware rather than funding games, was the better route, so they poured money into developing and subsidizing a standalone, VR headset, and now there are finally tens of millions of Vr Gamers out there so with the player base no longer being an issue. Where are all the AAA titles now? Well the shift to Standalone development world with it a whole new set of limitations. Not only is it completely impossible to reach the same level of fidelity, but developers need to spend a lot more time on optimization and trade. Offs are frequently made unlike Half Life Alex or any other high end pcvr title footage of a quest game looks like something that belongs to a much older console and the closest The Quest 2 has to AAA game. Is the VR remake of a 14 year old title Resident, Evil 4.

, with projects being minute scope and stripped down developers leaned much more into casual titles and a 60 VR game is completely unheard of or still a major gamble. So, yes, the VR Gaming Market has significantly grown VR game development is much more profitable, but the focus is on casual experiences, because the Quest 2 just cant deliver what we can get from pcvr or flat screen games and its gon na remain like this. Until we get some new hardware well, luckily, the PlayStation VR2 is right. Around the corner, releasing in February of 2023 were finally gon na get a taste of some higher end games. Unlike meta Sony, interactive entertainment, doesnt have any grander designs for VR and their focus is solely on gaming, similar to valve. They also have game development experience and extensive VR knowledge. They also need some truly high end experiences to help sell this new hardware Resident. Evil. 8. Is already a top tier experience? Another high end Resident, Evil 4 remake is in the works and Horizon coal. Of the mountain looks absolutely stunning. Theres over 20 games already announced for the PlayStation VR2. Many are exclusives While others are enhanced. Versions of titles are currently available on the Quest 2. for the first time in years, VR game development will be shifting back to high end hardware and with it will come A huge increase to the quality of games, its only a matter of time before the PlayStation Vr 2 outshines the best of what pcvr currently has the age of AAA VR titles is coming, and I expect it to spill over into pcvr gaming.

Even if the PlayStation VR2 is highly successful, we can only expect a few million headsets out there, so its very likely that these titles will eventually go across platform leading to some great new pcvr titles, and they will eventually make their way onto Standalone headsets. It definitely will not happen overnight, but between strides and optimization developers having years of VR experience and higher end Hardware, its definitely going to happen its rumored that the quest 3 has a significantly more powerful GPU and weve been shocked many times in the past with titles We thought would never make it onto the Quest 2, but somehow developers managed to pull it off. This includes games like Saints and Sinners blade and sorcery and Bone lab. While you might argue that these versions are inferior to their pcvr counterparts, they nonetheless carry the entirety of the game. Over keep in mind, meta also acquired nine major VR Studios and bike. Dance is currently putting additional pressure on them with the Pico 4., so they are definitely incentivized to make their own high end games so well get PlayStation VR 2 ports on the quest 3 remakes like Grand Theft, Auto San Andreas and meta will fund their own high End exclusives, I would 100 put money down on the fact that they are currently developing asgards wrath 2 and it will be coming to stand alone lets see if it gets announced. As a quest 3 launch title sometime next year, now whats going on right now.

We basically have a guarantee that high end games are already coming and we havent even mentioned this stuff. That valve is working on. Not only do they have a new headset in development, but also some additional games. They have a goal of getting Half Life Alex to work on a standalone headset and, if theyre, seeing the support from Flat to VR game mods, I wouldnt be surprised if they released VR versions of older titles like portal, Half Life and even Team Fortress 2.. I also expect them to work a lot closer with VR developers now, because the release of Half Life Alex was a double edged sword. It was absolutely amazing, but made nearly every other VR title. Look like crap in comparison since theyre, releasing a new headset, theyre gon na want some great games on it, and the best way to do that is to lend a hand to other Studios as needed. So basically, the gist of this entire video is high. Quality games are definitely coming in 2023 between the PlayStation VR2, the quest 3, the valve Deckard and Studios now, having years of development and optimization under their belt. The goods are absolutely coming and I am pumped for the future of VR. But let me know your thoughts down in the comments. Am I being too optimistic? Will VR remain overly casual or is Triple A coming in the near future? That was todays video. I hope you enjoyed it if you did go ahead and give it a thumbs up.

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