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They are finally here so today to kick things off were going to be taking a look at the top 10 aaa titles available right now and where you may want to spend some of that cash. So without luck hit subscriber join our growing xbox family and lets get started Music so to celebrate the start of black friday season as well. We have two 10 xbox digital gift cards. To give away. Now all you need to do to enter drop a comment down below and the winners theyll be announced in next weeks. Video every single game, then, is a new all time low price, exactly how black friday should be and were starting with resident evil village. This has been long requested for a steeper discount and were finally getting it with a new low price of 50 off, and i do not think you can complain at that. While i preferred the previous installment in the series myself, this was still a solid follow up that throws us back into the shoes of ethan winters on the hunt for his missing daughter. After what is a questionable encounter with redfield things, though, they quickly escalate and youre. Confronted with all sorts of creatures, including the likes of vampires and werewolves, its definitely a unique spin for the series and this its the return of the first person viewpoint, which ive really enjoyed the more restricted viewpine makes for a bigger sense of dread. And this recent change has made them by far the creepiest entries weve seen in a long time.

Great story, though, and incredible visuals, especially when youre rocking a series x. Guardians of the galaxy then has barely been out and its here with 35 percent off a third person action adventure. I wasnt honestly sure of the way the characters appeared at first in the trailer, but having played it now, i was actually mostly impressed with the script and the voice actors. They definitely do a good job of bringing this world to life. The most recent update, then this is worth a mention as well. It always had a series x and s support but theyve just thrown in ray tracing as well the visuals and the worlds we visit and the vivid color palette. It makes for something that really stands out so in this one youre out to save the universe, of course, but in typical guardians fashion the issue started at your hands and it brings the whole gang together, the gameplay, its not groundbreaking for sure, but its very good. At what it does, and sometimes thats more than enough, i hope it does. Well, though – and i hope it gets a sequel theres a lot to like – and i think with a follow up, though you know, find some confidence in the idea of maybe experimenting just a little bit more, maybe trying to push the genre forward. Finally, then, in typical guardians fashion as well, its got a top quality soundtrack. So, while im on third person, then control ultimate edition is here with a huge 70 off.

That is a new low price. The winner of the game of the year award last year, its a very good game. It wasnt my personal choice for that category honestly, but i still do get it from remedy, though its the team behind alan wake and they effortlessly blend together. Like action, adventure with strong storytelling, throwing you into what is kind of this, like, i guess, paranormal worlds: f1. 2021, then i loved codemasters. They really delivered on this one. I was a little bit concerned as ea had just made their acquisition of the studio and theres for sure more id say transactions than ever before, but the racing is also better than ever so im happy to take the trade off. What makes this entry unique, though it contains a story mode and its understandably, very family, friendly and cheesy, but it was still entertaining honestly, and it also makes a great entry point for those new to the world of formula one but yeah. I strongly recommend it, though, for fans of racers out there. This is one with a serious budget behind it. Very few racers get this level of investments, and while it may be hard to pull your way away from forza, i think its worth it. A new low price here of 50 off and i have sunk a ton of hours into it. Full transparency. Then here ive only played a small amount of this next one so far. I now regret paying launch price, but far cry 6 is here with 33 off and my wallet is crying knowing for what i paid.

I could have probably grabbed two games in this sale, but yeah im – maybe a couple of hours deep at most. This, though its the typical first person, far cry experience, meaning a whole lot of open world shooting, as youre fighting to liberate the country, its got a unique set of weapons and lets call them psychics, and it looks fantastic as well. Far cry, though, is far away from where the series started, but i do tend to enjoy them honestly. This seems like a solid entry as well. Its got high profile actors to elevate the story. I just kind of got distracted by reviews for the multiple channels. Im sure, though, a lot of you out there will be happy to see this new low price. So, while normally then in these weekly videos, i discuss games, ive played – and i have maybe one pick up for myself. Its black friday deals, meaning my wish list just went on sale, so ive actually got two games im grabbing, but just know with that its not a recommendation. Rather, like you know, maybe you want to join me for the rides, so first up ryders republic. I wanted this thing day one, but i held myself back in the hopes that it would drop in black friday felt like it was kind of an obvious addition. Honestly, and i checked out the beta. I liked what i saw its a world that needs a whole lot more love, though, and ive loved experiences like the senders.

I just didnt expect a triple a studio to take a spin and im definitely not complaining. This is a fantastic massive multiplayer, extreme sports playground and, honestly, its a great idea, im surprised its taken this long to capitalize on it its packing, though downhill biking, snowboarding, skiing, flying wingsuits, different locations and im excited to see now where it goes. No doubt theyre gon na pack, it full of dlc, then to really hurt my wallet its also then downloading, currently on my xbox and maybe well have a little bit of coverage later in the week. To give you an idea, if its worth the spend a new low price, though of 33 percent off, then my second pickup is going to be tails of a rise. The latest entry in the action rpg series im far from playing them all, but id say im pretty up to date on the latest like few entries and i like this sale, a lot its 30 off. That is a new low price. This is gon na, be my christmas game. Honestly, i tend to go quiet on the channels that sort of like lets say christmas week. Just you know, relax take a step back play, something that i want to play and this seems like the perfect fit. For that moment, im hoping though it doesnt go lower before then, but ive been excited for this one and yeah its even series x and s optimized as well visually, then from what ive seen it looks absolutely stunning, its all about determining the fate of two worlds And youll be growing your team facing a whole lot of exploration on enemies and i think its exciting to see a new entry in this series.

Also from what im hearing it does the tales name proud so heres one im not picking up, but i wanted to give it a quick shout out that is mlb the show 2021.. This is a decent little deal on series x, 70 percent off which no question a new low price. You cannot complain but its the standard edition. You know if youre still struggling to grab a series s or x here it is its 85 percent off. That is a steal for fans out there and, to be honest, i have like the series x, but im actually kind of thinking here, im, not sure how much i care about the upgrade when it is so budget. Anyone that picks up these sports entries late. Like me, though, maybe take a look, i think this is about as good as it gets so up an ultimate game of the video, then assassins creed valhalla not sure how much introduction this one really needs honestly, but its a very high quality entry in the series Im also a big fan of that viking setting. I picked this one up back at launch and it took me forever to get through theres a lot of big games out there, but this one id call it borderline overwhelming its gon na take hours as well. Just for things to really open up expect here, though, not only a whole lot of exploration, but also tons of sidequests secrets, collectibles, and it tells the story of either a viking grader at its core youre carving out a new home.

But theres, of course, also a whole lot more to it and yeah one of my favorite entries in a long time, 60. Off, though that is a steal and it packs a series x and s upgrade as well. So our final game of the week, then to kick black friday off and you can expect a whole lot more videos like this one later in the week. Just so you know, but last judgement we did a graphics comparison of this one on the channel between series x and s so find that one pinned in the comment down below but im a big fan of the team behind yakuza. This was their spin off attempt and i really never expected to see a sequel this time, youre on the right side of the law. You are a detective, it packs in like investigations, and it still manages to squeeze in all the kind of craziness. You expect from the name a small world, though, for sure by typical open world standards, but yeah it doesnt matter when the story is so strong. The exploration is great fun and yeah. The combat system is amazing, as ever a new low price of 30 percent, off which i know that is not huge, but you will not regret it and theres a ton of content to keep you busy. Will you be adding anything then from these aaa games, though, for black friday im looking forward now to diving into the more indie side of things with you all over the coming days? Remember then, to drop a comment down below for your chance to win one or two 10 xbox gift cards and yeah hit subscribe.

If you havent already were releasing as many videos as we possibly can between me and luke each and every week. So i think, reviews deals.

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