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Yes, the holidays are here a time to reflect on the past year, a time that you can spend with family and loved ones and, of course, a time that you can score. Some really really sick deals on video games and hardware, and i have some of my favorites from this most recent black friday thats coming out most recent, the upcoming black friday from some of the major retailers now before i dive into these sick deals, make sure you Go over onto twitter and follow at stay xbox ready. I get into a lot of shenanigans on twitter and im going to be retweeting. A lot of these black friday deals so starting off. We have the ad from target and target, will start at sale on november 21st and go through the 27th. Now this in terms of video games is pretty tame. There is a pretty noticeable absence of next gen console stock, so no series x and no uh ps5s are gon na be in stock over this black friday period for target, but there are some other deals that stick out to me. Here are some of them. They will have xbox series s consoles in stock for 300 and they also have access to the xbox all access program, which is basically a program where they give you the xbox and game pass, and you pay 25 over the course of two years. It ends up. Being 600 over those two years, which is a bit of a discount, because if you were to get a series s and then pay for xbox game pass ultimate over the course of two years, it would come out to 660 dollars.

So it comes out to a 60 discount if youre interested theyre, also running sales on series controllers, and so usually they run for 60 now theyre running for 50., but the accessory thats sticking out to me is this. So this is the hyperx quadcast gaming microphone now for those of you, whove been following the channel, you know that i work in voiceover im a voice actor so ive gotten very lucky to have been able to work with a variety of condenser, mics, shotgun mics. I even own a couple personally, so this is sticking out to me because its a great value for a pretty decent condenser, usb microphone, its coming in that 84 dollars when it usually runs for 140, and this is really awesome, its an immediate way for you to Upgrade your sound and its an affordable way to do so, rather than just going with the uh standard headset mic and if youre thinking about getting into streaming, which is very easy, you can run it all through your xbox console and then its an immediate way and A budget friendly way to, like i said, upgrade your sound, so you look super professional and super cool to your perspective, audience and the thing about this is you have the microphone sure and youre going to sound, really awesome in the party chat, but you can plug Any headphones that you already have into the audio jack, so already you have some utility with that.

The build quality is pretty solid as well. It comes with its own shock mount, which is a pretty decent bundle in and of itself. Yes, this is perfect, especially if youre gaming at a desk. It will fit perfectly on a desk stand and itll screw really perfectly in with that shock mount. If you have a microphone arm, it looks really great on camera. If you like, i said, are going to get into twitch overall, i would highly recommend this. This is what stood out to me personally and i think its a great value and a definite cop theyre, also putting various games on sale as well. They have categories of games that are going on sale for 40, 30, 20, 15 and 10. and the standout one for me in this all of the sale bundle kind of stuff is in the 30 category. They have guardians of the galaxy. Now this is a pretty decent deal for a game that just came out i feel a few weeks ago, and on top of that, the game is really fun. So i think this is definitely something that you should pick up as its not on game pass as well, so this is probably the lowest its going to be. I dont know when its going to be this low half off uh for a while. So i would definitely recommend picking this up. Moving on to walmart now walmart. The notable thing that sticks out immediately about walmarts ad is that theyre advertising that theyre going to have series x, consoles and ps5s in stock, yes, were talking about walmart walmart, who was canceling pre orders for xbox series x consoles the walmart, who bungled the release of The pre orders of the ps5s last year, the walmart, who was rumored to be stockpiling next gen consoles, while orders remain unfulfilled.

Yes, that walmart the other thing about their next gen console stock. Is that theyre only selling these online? So i dont know how thats going to be any different from when they try to sell online uh for the rest of the year. It usually is a mess. People complain about their website being buggy and not working all the time. I dont know if its gon na be any different but well see how it works, but its clear that, in order to even have a punchers chance at getting a series x or ps5 through walmart for black friday, youre gon na have to be a walmart plus Subscriber because walmart plus subscribers are going to be able to shop four hours earlier, starting on november 22nd than everyone else, and i really really really dont think that those series, xs and ps5s are going to last past those four hours. I really believe that you are gon na have to be a walmart plus subscriber get in on that window. If, like i said, you want to get a series x now here is my case for the series s. I know some people are apprehensive about buying it and they want to wait for a series x, but its the series x, unfortunately, is in higher demand and you might have to wait a while until they become a little bit more available before youre able to grab One in the meantime, i really dont think you can go wrong with picking up the series s it.

It runs all of the current games beautifully. Even some of the newer games like forza and halo, infinite runs them beautifully. 60 fps is not a problem for this machine, ive even tested it at 120 fps and it still runs beautifully, of course, its going to be at a lower resolution. But if youre going for the frame rate boost anyway, chances are youre, probably not going to care about the resolution as much its a little bit future proof in that way. Even if you were to buy it right now and you dont have access to those things, because it will be able to take advantage of that tech as it comes out. And if you really really really still after buying a series s and playing on it. For a couple years – and you still want to upgrade thats fine too by the time that series x consoles, become more available, the xbox game, studios umbrella and their library is going to become more robust and who knows by that point in a couple years, they might Release the xbox series x, slim double x pro or whatever they name it, and you can trade on your series x and upgrade that way. Its three hundred dollars three hundred dollars its the price of a nintendo switch, but can a nintendo switch play games at 120 frames per. Second, no find me another machine for that price point that can run frame rates at that rate.

Theyre also running the sale on controllers at fifty dollars. But what is interesting about walmart sale on controllers is that they expand it to the other colors and the other styles over at target theyre doing the 50 sale, but theyre only doing it for the standard black series x controller. If none of the controller options at walmart that are on sale, look good to you, then i highly recommend going over to xbox design, lab and checking out and making your own custom controller. That is pleasing to your own specific eyeballs. They have some games on sale here as well. Guardians is going to be a 35, so its not as cheap as target. But what is interesting to me, the standout one here is that theyre having far cry on sale, far cry 6 for 35, which i think is a very interesting discount, thats perfect for me, because im not a far cry fanatic when it dropped. I didnt really want to play pay full price for it. I wasnt really that interested in the game to do that, but 35 dollars. For me, that is the perfect price point. Also, as we know, buying a game at launch is a little risky right. You never know what bugs theyre gon na be you never know how broken the game is going to be. So i a pragmatic person now have waited for them to fix all that stuff, and i even get a discount now so im playing 60 dollars, im going to pay 35 and of course, far cry 6 is not on game pass.

So this is a pretty decent addition to my library in terms of ownership. Now, if you want a return to the good old days of camping out outside of stop and waiting for your chance to pick up, the latest console maybe get in a fight or two. Then now is your chance, because on black friday itself, november 26th gamestop is going to have xbox series x, consoles and ps5s in the store. I wouldnt be surprised if people started lining up outside of gamestops around the country, starting as early as wednesday, its going to be crazy guys, but it might be worth it. You can make an event out of it. Bring your camping gear, like i said, and kind of make a thing of it like its better than finding a bunch of bots for online that sell out and buy up the stock in point two seconds. What would you rather do fight your family, who probably has access to some crazy knife to cut the turkey or fight someone outside of gamestop for the chance to get an xbox series x? I dont know you decide and if youre interested in trying out game pass nows the perfect time to do it because gamestop is offering game pass ultimate three months for 25. Some other notable deals that i feel are worth mentioning include the sale thats going on for the xbox elite series, 2 controller, its 40 off at select retailers, but the razer wolverine is 60 off.

Now there are a lot of customer reviews saying that this controller is better than the elite series controller and its only a hundred bucks with this discount thats going on right now and that razer wolverine controller that ones gon na be a best buy. I dont think i mentioned it. So yes, razer wolverine, 100 best buy ign, also reported on a seemingly crazy game. Pass hack, uh saying that right now you can do the one dollar pc game pass deal and if you upgrade to ultimate for an extra dollar another special that theyre running right now, you can get game pass ultimate for four months for two dollars. If you are a new subscriber, if youve had game pass in the past, then you can do sort of that same hack, but its going to be 16 now this comes with a huge asterisk right, because when i first saw this i said whoa thats, crazy, thats, An amazing deal, but then i went to the comments of that ign article and people are saying well its not working for me uh its working for some people. Um. If you are a current subscriber to game, pass its not gon na work for you, you have to let your game pass subscription expire and some people were saying that, even if you let it expire, the deals still not going to work so try it out, but At your own risk, if it does not work out, please dont come for me in the comments, because im im giving you fair warning now now this is important to know all these prices right, because a lot of these major retailers they will price match.

If you find something cheaper at another place – and you say hey, can you match this price? I see its uh over over here, its uh this price and over here its uh a little bit more. That worked out. Definitely at best buy ive done that a couple times, and amazon also does that as well, so make sure you keep up with the prices of these deals. Well, have them down in the description with links yeah. Those are the black friday deals that stick out to me. Those are the ones that i think are the best. If you find something on your own and you think dang, this is a sick deal, make sure you comment it below and ill check it out. Anyway, thanks for tuning in, if youre tuning in for the first time, my name is ray, make sure you subscribe set your notifications to all.

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