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walmart will have ps5 on black friday starting november 22nd. Lets go ahead and talk about it right now. We got the ad right here. Ill go ahead and check it out with you guys lets talk about all the details to try to get that ps5 for you from online. Only this black friday lets check it out. Music, hey guys, welcome back to pop games and thank you for stopping by lets, go ahead and discuss the playstation 5 at walmart this black friday. Hopefully everybody out there can get their hands on a ps5. I want to make sure that i discuss this information with you guys so that we can all have a chance at getting a playstation 5. all right. So when we go to, we click on this little black friday deals revealed, get a peek over here at the top of the website. Click on here this will open up the weekly ads, but here for november 22nd we have black friday. So we have black friday november 22nd down here below click on here and then this says its valid from november 22nd to november 28th, go ahead and click on this ad right here and then we will see that the first thing here on this page that we Clicked on is the playstation 5 and the xbox series x. So i know a lot of people are interested in these. Not only that, we also have the xbox series s over here on the bottom left, but lets click on this first page and see what the details are.

There are some. You know there is some fine print down here that we have to look at, but lets click here on the playstation 5 and see what the deal is at walmart for black friday. So it says here online only starting november 22nd, while supplies last all items available online and in limited quantities due to circumstances beyond our control. Select items may not be available in all stores, while supplies last sorry, no rain checks. Okay, so up here says online. Only okay, so that is what we were worried about: thats thats, the main thing that we want to know. According to walmart, this is starting november 22nd. They didnt say when didnt say if its november 22nd, 23rd, 24th 25th all the way to the 28th. They only said starting november 22nd online. Only so you have to watch out for the alerts. Follow me on twitter, real pop games. I try to post as fast as i can, whenever the ps5 do go up for sale, so make sure you follow me on there. Its going to be crazy but at the same time its going to be another chance now, if you want to make sure you get your a higher chance of getting a playstation 5, because ive seen that walmart has done this in the last couple of weeks, where They made an event only for the walmart plus members, which walmart plus is a membership. You have to pay to walmart, i believe its like 13 a month or something like that or like 100 bucks a year.

You can pick your membership from and then basically, what you do is you get priority to events like this im, not sure if this is going to be included just to walmart, plus members or if this is going to be included for the regular public, but Is a good thing to have right now? I do know that some of the deals do go live four hours earlier for uh walmart plus members for black friday, so lets check that out one second. So, according here to walmart, it says members get exclusive. Early access to online black friday deals shop four hours before everyone else. Every black friday deal included join now at All right, i will leave a link down below for that as well. Now, walmart plus, is right next to the playstation 5. So you guys, if whenever this does go up for sale, you know what im saying if it does happen on the 22nd, you have four hours. You know from the time that this goes live so lets go down here and uh lets read down here. The fine print so again, due to uh circumstances beyond our control select items will not be available in all stores. We dont care about that right now, because the playstation 5 is going to be online only. It says online sales begin monday, november 22nd at 7, 00 p.m, eastern time, okay, monday november 22nd, 7, p.m. Eastern time, all right just making sure we got that and uh.

That means, ladies and gentlemen, that 7 p.m. Four hours early will be 3 p.m right, eastern time on november 22nd, with walmart plus. So this is for sure gon na sell out super fast. You already know theres bots theres, other people trying to fight for the same console like regular gamers that want to buy a console. Everybody is fighting for the playstation 5, so that is the deal there. Okay, so if you have walmart plus four hours early on black friday early access, however again they havent told us when its gon na be going live, im assuming its gon na be november 22nd, but again be ready. You know the window is between what was that window at again. It was between uh, valid november 22nd to november 28th, so just be watching that entire time keep your eyes open to watch for those playstation 5 drops at walmart. The same thing goes for the xbox series x, drop at walmart and the xbox series s, but twitter is your best friend when it comes to the playstation 5 restocks and the xbox series x restock so make sure you follow me on there real pop games again, Its going to be hectic, they might sell out fast, but this is just another. You know set of information for you guys out there another basket of wealth information for you guys to pick out of that basket and trying to get all that wealth in your brain.

So that we can go ahead and try to get the ps5 for you, your family, your friends, loved ones, whoever you want to get one for lets, try to make it happen this black friday, its gon na be tough, but it is not impossible. Ladies and gentlemen, right now were almost at the end of 2021. The year is almost over and the playstation 5 and xbox series x are still extremely hard to find, which is insane in my opinion, you know, but i believe that with more time they will become more available in stores. However, we do have some. You know information out there circulating that sony is gon na cut back some manufacturing because of the components it cant find those chips or whatever so thats gon na hit hard next year, but guys, hopefully, this helps black friday is november 22nd, starting at walmart online. Only the playstation 5 xbox series x all right. One more thing that i want to talk about. People have reported that the trial of walmart plus does not work when trying to buy a playstation 5 on there. I think you have to have the actual 100 membership, which means that you have to buy it for the whole month or for the whole year before you can try to get one of these consoles. The trial, like the seven day, trial that you can get for free, does not work when you try to buy. These ive tried getting a playstation 5 multiple times in the few drops theyve had at walmart uh and i do have the walmart plus membership and i have not been successful.

They have that q. Now that has a countdown timer and it does not work for me. Ive tried ive gotten there like instantly and its not been working, hopefully to fix that uh. Some people have been successful, so that is awesome. But me i have not, but guys again, black friday november 22nd, ps5 and xbox series x at walmart lets hope everybody can get one. So i hope that everybody has a chance of getting a playstation 5, this black friday from walmart and also, if youre, looking for an xbox series x. I wish you the best of luck with that as well. Its been crazy lately, but its not impossible. I believe in you guys we can do this together. Follow me on twitter, real pop games check out my channel here for more content. Thank you for stopping by. I will catch you guys later happy thanksgiving and best of luck wish. You guys well in this journey of trying to get a ps5 this late in the year.

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