Various good deals going on when it comes to black friday when ive actually made this video today, ive had so many comments. These past few days has been mostly kind of talking about and hyping up the black friday deals and as well. We usually kind of do this. Video, like once a week, usually kind of give a recap of whats happened, but i feel like that kind of also goes and ties into whats gon na be expected now for this next upcoming week. We actually do have some confirmed deals going on as well also have some very, very likely deals, as you guys may even saw from my video earlier on today discussing and talking about how target still is sitting on stock. We also have some expectations too, for safer best buy for amazon for other various places too, as well tied on him, and it should, in theory, be a really really good week. So im gon na put this video out for you guys too, as well and 100 zillion percent. We will probably be getting some more employee information throughout this weekend and the next few days for sure to probably get more listings web listings, advertisements, leaks, etc and, overall, all that good stuff. So im gon na give you guys the expectations and what weve kind of seen throughout the week how we can kind of look at that information going forward, which places should have some good stock and all of that as well.

So if you guys will sit back, relax and enjoy one zillion percent well have quite a few more videos like this next week or so for sure. Oh, i even have maybe a few extra videos too, as well on the channel itself, mainly because im sure you guys know as of right now you get more information on the daily. You get stock arrivals on the daily and overall, just want to make sure you guys get your consoles and deals as well so ill. Try my best to hook you guys up the best. I can as well make sure you guys are subscribed for the ps5 giveaway going on amazon links down below for the ps5 disc, digital console controller and talk about amazon for sure as well. We have the twitter and twitching down below sign up for weeble deposit 100.. You guys go get free stock free money go in base, you guys go buy 100 with any cryptocurrency, yes go and get free bitcoin and lets go dive in the video itself. So, first and foremost, i do want to go mention this to you guys. We made a video on this before probably actually our last video as well. We did go and confirm this on up. You guys can see all the actual listings for it. First and foremost, walmart walmart is gon na, be confirmed, going a doing a restock throughout black friday week itself, so playstation 5 confirmed xbox series x confirmed online only starting on november 22nd, while supplies last, as you guys, can see for normal xbox as well as no Mention for the xbox series x, halo, infinite edition, sadly, playstation 5 console playstation 5 digital.

This is all guaranteed for walmart, plus subscribers at 4 p.m. Est going on on november, 2nd now on the same subject of walmart, we also are expecting and anticipating up another black friday deal. This has not been, i dont believe 100 confirmed, but i think theres been lots of mentions on walmarts website. Other things we kind of touched on this earlier video too, as well as be a quick little mention on it, but when it comes to this, it still shows that they do want to do more. Planned drops theyve done a few one. More plus drops already throughout this month and walmarts been actually very proactive on getting their consoles out. So all around really good news when it comes to walmart weve, also seen a few other various leaks as well within kind of hoarding stock and getting stuck, which a lot of us are putting this all together into anticipation for the next walmart restock going on. So well probably be expecting maybe two restocks and once again, even for this video, probably a little bit more on the weekly as well. Im gon na be a little bit more concise, so well get a lot more information throughout these next few days as well. For the next kind of big thing to be on the lookout for is going to be on target so target itself once again, big retailer. Almost all these big retailers want to be doing a lot of stuff over here for the holidays, as you guys saw on our previous video target today, did a restock for the playstation, 5 disc and playstation 5 digital.

Although the one big deal going on over here is the fact that we did going to hear many reports, many instances and many regards that some target stores did not fully go and sell all their stock. We also had confirmations that warehouses still do have stock available. So, with all this put together, it does go to show that there is probably another target restock on this upcoming week as well as, even if its not confirmed for whatever well probably be in testing a lot of these restocks between, like the thanksgiving and christmas time. Because im sure you guys know, this is kind of the time where a lot of retailers want to get people in the stores getting that foot traffic getting that money and, of course, want to get some sales, especially for consoles mixed on in so target. Like i said, does seem like its still holding on stock does seem like its still sitting on stock and does seem like it, didnt go and release all of its stock available for their target restock that just went and happened so that does kind of bump up. The likelihood a lot of a target restock throughout this week that is not confirmed, walmart is confirmed, as we mentioned in this video in the earlier video too, as well. So when it comes to target well, be anticipating most likely a wednesday, thursday or friday restock. Once again, not confirmed, although likely mainly because, like i said you dont have foot traffic and all that stuff on the website, probably friday would make a lot of sense.

Itd be black friday uh. Their last drop, as of today was literally a friday, restock and as well. It came out like a little extra few more days to kind of move some stock around get some bigger stock to other various stores and locations and make sure you make sure that stock goes great and beautifully so were going to be probably interesting up. Another target restock, although not confirmed if they are still sitting on enough stock to go, do another drop. We might anticipate a bigger drop too as well, especially because a lot of stores are only in like the two to five stock numbers or so, which has not been that good. Now the next big one to go and mention two as well after we kind of showcase through this, i did go also through the most of the target deals on the website. This is only a sneak peek. By the way i dont wan na have full transparency. There was no playstation, 5 consoles on there. We saw some switch deals mixed on in and a lot of tv deals too, which, if you guys want to make a separate video for, like the best black friday deals for a lot of these locations for lg tvs, etc, etc. But basically, when it comes to this stuff too, we didnt see any playstation 5 mentions, but well have definitely be on the lookout throughout these next few days to see or also from employee contacts if they have any stock arrivals as well from other various stores.

Next big one is gon na be on the black friday. So, as you guys can see, a lot of these stores already pretty much do have their black friday deals all up over here and once again, best buy, does not go and have any playstation direct boxes. On the website, although with how much botting, scalping and everything else mixed on in for these websites, it would make sense and why they dont want to publicize it or mention it too, as well. Best buy actually has been doing a very intriguing thing. These past few weeks, so theyve been doing a total tech restock, as of on monday weve seen this on multiple restock times in general. So when it comes to that, well definitely be on the lookout for a monday, restock weve also been hearing rumors that they might be doing another wave of restocks both for the halo, infinite consoles and playstation consoles, and also xboxes. So all that stuff, just based in the past two weeks, we can anticipate a best, buy total tech restock on monday, once again, not confirmed just based in the past few weeks and how theyve been doing the format and kind of how were also even seeing how We saw walmart and wants to do a monday, restart and probably a little bit more throughout the week. You kind of want to get the restocks a little bit early because it kind of lets the supply chain issues, deliveries, fedex and all that have a little bit of a breather because im sure all these normal things, such as tvs, headphones.

You know random watches, games cameras. All the stuff put together will probably also be kind of flooding throughout the market everywhere, because theres definitely people want to buy stuff. Besides, just the consoles themselves, so thats just based on expectations, not confirmed as well, but based on a monday restock, we still have not seen the halo, infinite. Xbox series x gets sold online, they did have a total tech paywall behind it and they have not done a single online listing for theyve also had a few little leaks and rumors, which we may make a separate video on too, as well talking about how they Might be doing some online restocks and theres also on top of that, too, might also be doing an also, maybe possible, walking event, although the walking event seems a lot less likely because they morse already did one as well so xbox series example: infinite editions likelihood throughout The week very, very high playstation fives as well, whether behind total tech or throughout the rest of the week on black friday, extremely high xbox series xs will have to see they may want to go. Switch between the two once again, not confirmed, although very very likely, based on these past few weeks, amazon amazons been very, very quiet in regards to quite a few of their actual restocks amazon for the xbox series x, halo, infinite edition. We have had confirmed that quite a few, not all, but quite a few xbox series x, halo, infinite editions have been cancelled and not allowed to be sent out and sold, so there is still apparently gon na be some stock available for that in their internal systems.

I do have a friend that works over on amazon if we see any stock arrivals stock, uh allocations or whatever ill 100 make a video on it for all of you guys out there. But when it comes to the playstation 5, we have usually kind of seen around like a once a month restock way for amazon. So the anticipation for that it lines up pretty good with a black friday drop so throughout the whole entire week, well be expecting it. But a little bit more on the closer end on wednesday, thursday, friday or the weekend for amazon for playstation 5 disc editions, playstation 5 digitals have not restocked in around two months now, so wed also be anticipating. Maybe a double whammy drop with both of them. Xbox series x, uh, normal additions, have not restarted around like three months four months, its been a very, very, very long time when it comes to all of their restocks, so well be anticipating that too as well. It would not surprise if you just saw a triple whammy of all the consoles in general throughout that week, especially as amazons also trying once again to kind of promote a lot of black friday deals. But sadly the black friday deals we kind of get from amazon. So far are um led, camping lanterns. You guys think im joking basically thats a lot of their black friday, teals mix on in, for all of that. Also, on top of that to you, gamestop gamestop has been extremely extremely quiet.

We did not see them. Do anything for a few weeks the big rumor for gamestop is gon na, be on the walk in now, gamestop actually had a few employees. I kind of want to get more information for you guys throughout this weekend, but it does seem like gamestop, has had quite a few employees number one reach out and have been requested to work additional hours for an upcoming event. That event still has not happened and weve had a lot of people spec. Then he was either on the halo, infinite, walk in event in bundles or a black friday event. Right now it seems a little bit more on the black friday side. Very intriguing. Well, definitely be watching that more. We havent seen too many instances of stock arrival so far, but its good to know that we actually might be seeing just a walking event. We have not seen them to playstation 5s. We have knots in the new xboxes, normal xboxes and also halo infinite. Besides, after their pre order stage, we have not seen anything else with that as of yet so i want you guys to keep that in mind when it comes to that stock. Gamestop looks extremely likely, although they sometimes do earlier drops. I think this year, especially its not black friday, only being on thursday and friday, just throughout the rest of the week, due to supply chain issues and everything else, so gamestop extremely extremely likely.

Throughout this week, halo infinites likely normal ps5, bundles and disk bundles likely online listings likely because weve also seen them do combinations of both online orders, as well as also in stores. Even in the same week, we saw like three weeks in a row one on a row but like just in general, like spaced out where they did online listings, as well as also in store events. So black friday should be very good for gamestop theyve, been holding stock and should be a very good event. We also do, lastly, ill, probably make another separate video on this a little bit more extra ramble into it, but meijer also, i do believe, has a confirmed restock going on as well for the black friday week and well have more information on that. Just a separate video because ive been talking so much, i dont waste your time too too. Much and well also probably touch a lot of this on the weekly video, but we also wont be anticipating xbox series x, halo, infinite editions from meyer, and, i believe, also ps5s too, as well. Although the times weve had a few little different instances on it on their website, though, it has like a 6 a.m, restock time which is extremely early, weve all been hearing rumors for other times too as well, so it might be a few additional waves, maybe depending On your store and all that well 100, give you guys more information throughout the week and of course, theres always the mid tier places too, which will probably go and cover up a little bit more on a separate video on the weekly videos to get more information.

But gamefly is overdue and they have confirmed stock and online too, as well, for online restocks as well would probably have quite a few drops and, of course, new egg shuffles and all the other various places, such as playstation directs and as well as also microsoft directs, Which will have another separate video on right after this one theres also a few little midterm places and walk ins well be watching, but well kind of get a little more information for that throughout the weekend. For you guys – and i do appreciate you guys all so much for watching but im sure most you guys only care more about the big boys – well have a similar video with kind of somewhat similar information on the weekly video as well. But at least we do have a lot of good information for all of you guys hope you guys enjoy the video make sure you guys are subscribed ill. One zillion percent have a lot more videos for you guys throughout the week with more information everything else. We also do have the amazon links down below also the twitter and twitch room down below.

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