Black Friday, Walmart, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation LACK FRIDAY 2021 Best Buy Video Game Sale LIVE NOW! The Best PS5, Switch & Xbox Deals!

What about a week away less than a week away and best buy just said screw that noise? We know you guys want the games now so were putting the deals up right now, theyre available to order and grab them in stores online. Whatever you want to do. These are the deals that theyre going to be having on black friday and theyre available now theres over 400 games here, and they just said, come and get it. We dont want you coming in the store next week, doing the zangief, spinning pile driver on babies and grandmas to get your hands on spider man miles morales. So lets take a look right, theres over 400 games on sale. I didnt want to go through every single one of them, so i grabbed a nice little handful of things. I thought were interesting that have decent prices for the most part that i want to quickly go through. Give you guys a good idea of whats out there. Instead of scrolling through every single little thing but link down below, if you want to be grabbing some of this stuff now but lets go ahead and take a look so a lot of these games. If theyre on the xbox and the playstation, the deal is going to be the same one of the biggest ones this year, i think its going to be resident, evil, village, 20 right now, ps5 xbox, whatever you want to do, and because of the free steel book Case through best buy, i mean, if youre, in a resident, evil or not and youre, just getting like a ps5 or an xbox series x, you just got your hands on one.

Definitely, you know worth twenty dollars, in my opinion, all right moving forward, one of them that i was kind of hoping to see a better price on. This is the launch edition, just the standard one of spider man miles morales for 30 dollars, so saving 20 bucks. This was, you know, a launch title, not the greatest deal in the world. If you want the ultimate launch edition its also saving twenty dollars includes the remastered spider man game. So fifty dollars not the greatest deals like. I would have expected these titles and a couple. Others to be a little cheaper, but theyre just not okay. What do we got next guardians of the galaxy? This is one i talked about before ive been hearing really good. Things recently came out just a few weeks ago and its 30 dollars off any of the additions that you want are gon na, be on sale. So, like the standard edition here is 30 bucks, i believe theres this one too. The cosmic deluxe edition im not even 100, what this comes with like. Does it come with extras? Does it come with like dlc or something im, pretty sure its got to come with stuff thats extra bonus content im, not a hundred percent? I didnt really look into it too much uh before i purchased my copy, but there you go: whats included steel, bookcase, sunlord outfit for star lord city, lord outfit, a few little uh, you know things digital download of the uh game soundtrack.

So if you want to grab that one, is it really worth it? Its 30 off versus this ones, 50 bucks versus the standard edition, which is 30.? I grabbed the standard edition. I was like im typically fine with the standards so thats a a decent deal been hearing good things, another one that i was really curious. I was thinking man, maybe we maybe we would see ratchet and clank for like forty dollars, but its twenty dollars off, because a lot of these uh next gen cur their current gen now but ps5 games being 70 bucks, like oh man, a little pricey. But if you missed out on this one i played through it, it was a blast. I mean it was a good game, definitely uh worth getting, but at 50 dollars i mean, if youve held out this long im sure if you hold that a little bit longer itll get cheaper than that at some point. Another one ghost of a sushi shima sashimi. This one, the directors, cut, ps5, saving 20 bucks off uh the ps4 versions on sale as well. The original non directors, cut versions on sale, theres plenty of sales on this game. If youre looking for it all right, whats next whats next ubisoft, always man their games. Come out even if its not black friday, just wait. Two weeks gon na be on sale, far cry 6 and ubisoft original 20 off came out about a month ago.

I mean, i know a lot of people figured, it would happen, it would go on sale. So a lot of people waited uh sonic colors. This is going to be for every system: 25 bucks on the switch but im pretty sure yeah on other systems, its twenty dollars, because that that switch tax you get that baby, sonic keychain decent game. I mean if you, if you like, sonic colors, the first time you played it. If you played it, i never did. I bought this on the switch and it was okay, not the greatest experience ever, but if i would have paid 20 bucks for it, i would have been happier, but i paid 40. So you know it is what it is return all this is one um ive been wanting to get my hands on. I think ive seen better deals. A lot of people are always pointing out. Gamefly gamefly has some amazing deals, thats one thing i have to point out: if you dont mind used games gamefly their deals are amazing: hands down like youre, getting a lot of this stuff cheaper than what even the black friday deals are, but you got to realize They are used games, but the case and everything else is, you know, never been used by anybody. They just stockpile them and then, when they sell them, they send you the case with it, and i know ive seen return for cheaper through gamefly um but unfortunately, like i dont know where i live like all these addresses around here.

Its like gamestop wont, deliver to you like, if you wanted to sign up for them like to rent games from them. So if, if your address is blocked in gamefly system, they wont ship, you games that you want to buy so thats. One reason i havent bought from them is simply because, whenever ive tried, theyre like oh, we dont ship to your address, like you, mother, another game that recently came out a little over a month ago, absolutely love it myself. I know ive heard some criticisms, but monkey ball bananamania anniversary edition 25 bucks. I think maybe yeah ps5 everything else – that switch tax, youre gon na get it cheaper five dollars cheaper on other systems. So keep that in mind. Ps5 versions, 20 bucks cant go wrong. In my opinion, i said, ive heard some some people say, ah, you know have some negative things to say, but i think overall, its been fairly positive with that game. Another one death loop, like recently came out as well. A lot of newer stuff is on sale, not everything that we would hope for, but 30 dollars, saving 30 bucks off ps5 windows. 30. If you want it there, it is im still like im, not 100 on this one man like it didnt. I dont think its necessarily a bad game, but i just didnt look appealing to me now this one i highly freaking recommend i absolutely loved it. If you have a nintendo switch cruising blast at 25, bucks hell yeah.

If you love the original cruising games in the arcade or if you just really liked them on the nintendo 64 back in the day this game, i mean i had a ton of fun with and i paid 40 dollars for it and im happy. I did but at 25 yeah if, if you were waiting or you could, because i know for a short while cruising blasts like it, went out of stock everywhere, um for a short while for a short while and if you missed out and then kind of forgot About it, but you still wanted it nows the time man. 25 bucks hell, yes, uh demon, slayer, the hinokami, chronicles 35 bucks. This one came out a month ago as well. I bought it for the ps5 and for pc, because i have a lot of people in my house who, like demon, slayer and ive, had a lot of fun with this game. I definitely would recommend looking at reviews, if youre not into demon slayer or, if youve, just kind of barely heard about the the anime and whatnot uh and youre kind of interested. Look at some reviews – maybe some gameplay of this, because it may appeal to you. It may not ive had fun with it but yeah to each their own. On that one. I i think its a great game, but i dont think its going to be for everyone. If youre a demon, slayer fan, then yeah, it makes sense right, uh, the next one, thats uh nickelodeon, all stars, thirty bra on every system here so yeah.

I played this. I didnt really like it at all. If youre a big fan of all these, you know properties and whatnot cat dog, some ninja turtles, spongebob, freaking, real monsters, brennan stimpy. It might be your thing, but i i i think you know i know the developers are like trying to balance things and work on it and putting out patches and updates. But when i played it, i i wasnt feeling it. I really wasnt feeling it, but if you really love those those properties like i said you grew up with some of those cartoons, then yeah, why the hell not uh tony hawk pro skater one and two for the switch is 20 bucks, well, its uh 30 dollars On ps5 and xbox series x, but for the switch its 20 saving a little bit of money there, not too bad fun game, absolutely worth it hot wheels unleashed. This is one that i bought it for the switch i paid full price, but ive been hearing. People say if you have like the ps5 or the xbox, get it for that system instead, uh, unless you know you really just want to play the game in portable on the switch its good, but i guess you know the graphics. It just looks a lot nicer. Maybe the loading i dont know i just heard a few things, but on the switch it plays fine. So, no matter what system you get it for you, you should have some fun with it: its 25 bucks on the ps4 but yeah it it its its a fun one.

I can kind of recommend it, but you know to each their own. This is one i was hoping a little bit of a better deal for because i know death stranding had like it had its its its fans and it had its people kinda in the middle, and then you know typical stuff right. I mean im, not saying anything. Profound here, but it was very polarizing, i guess you would say uh when people first saw this game in action and playing it its a different type of game. I absolutely loved the presentation. It was a fun one for me and ive played through it a few times, the ps4 version and once on the pc, but i was really hoping to get the directors cut for the ps5 i was. I was hoping it would be a little bit cheaper than this, because youre only saving 10 bucks, but if you were waiting for it thats a deal. I guess right. What else can you say uh if you, if you didnt, get assassins creed, valhalla a launch title? Forty dollars off these twenty dollars, im pretty sure for uh every system yeah its gon na – be 20 bucks. If you skipped out on it, what else do we got plants versus zombies, battle for naberville, just one? I threw out there im not into this franchise too much, but my kids absolutely love this game, and this was one that like when it first came out, i had to grab it.

We actually have a copy for the switch and the xbox. My kids love this game, its a fun one for kids, if youre into it, i mean i see the appeal either way: ive played a little bit and i do like it, but this is definitely one to consider for them. Childrens right there we go uh hades. Twenty dollars, saving ten bucks, doesnt sound like the best deal ever, but for a ps5 game that has like gotten a lot of positive press and its definitely a great game. I mean twenty dollars its worth it right. What else do we got? We only got a handful more to go lost judgment, youre, saving, 30 bucks, another one that just came out about two months ago – definitely worth it. This is one um im thinking about picking up because ive been eyeballing it for a while, and i did not notice. This was on sale. When i placed my order earlier when i grabbed a couple things, but there you go ps5 ps4, xbox series, x, 30 for lost judgment, and then we have a mass effect, legendary edition. This is one that came out six months ago and you know not a bad deal here: youre saving 32 bucks 28. I dont know that ive seen a better deal anywhere as of yet maybe some places have this slipped in for 25, im, not sure, but at 28, if youre, a mass effect fan its its a decent deal right.

Another one that i think is pretty good, but not the greatest deal ever but disgaea, six unrelenting addition: defiance of destiny, youre saving, 20 bucks, these games, man, uh theyre, theyre ones, if youre really into uh the franchise, its kind of like grab them when they, when They come out because you dont know how long theyre gon na be printed like you just never know, and this guy has six is, is possibly gon na, be one of those. If, if you dont grab this game within like the next im, not trying to fear monger im, just saying like, if this is a game, you dont grab within maybe the next six months, youre gon na start, seeing where its not available anywhere and people are charging A hundred dollars for it type of thing bound to happen, thats just a prediction, but i always say it with with these uh these nis america miss america, whatever, whatever you want to say, if you want the game grab it when you can – and this is a Good deal, man, that is a good deal. Uh doki, doki literature club plus this recently came out physically uh, its only five dollars off, but it was one i thought id point out. I know a lot of people like this game. I purchased it on the switch its the same. I mean ive had it for the switch but yeah on the switch. Its the same deal 25 bucks moving on neo collection, you get one and two remastered saving 30 dollars came out early this year.

I think ive seen a few deals here and there maybe a bit better than this. Let me know in the comments: if youve seen a better deal, i havent checked the data on it, but this is one i thought id point out, because these are some really good games. Man really good games all right. Only a couple more left, one of my favorite games of the launch of these uh current generation systems, yakuza like a dragon. I freaking enjoyed the hell out of this game its unlike other yakuza games, its a role playing game turn based, you know, fighting and all that, and i just really loved it – the character, the storyline, the interactions with everybody it. It was like my game of the year last year, pretty much 20 bucks for xbox or ps5 well worth it if youre into those kind of games, baylen wonder world, i just had to throw this one up, because i thought it was going to be cheaper man. I thought they were going to throw these at you just for buying anything like we cant get rid of these. Take them, please, ah very mixed on this ive heard people really enjoy it and then a lot of people myself included. I own two copies of this game for the ps5 and the switch i tried man. I really tried its man. What we thought we were getting was not what we were getting, but i only have myself to blame for buying it because i played the demo, and i thank them like hey, thanks for putting this demo out.

So we dont waste our money on this game. For those of us who are hoping, it was something else i mean i didnt pay full price mind you. When i did buy my copies, i mean i bought, like i said, switch and ps5 two copies for even less than what the game was going for. Originally, for one copy, so i mean it is what it is, but yeah 15 bucks man they should be giving those away this one. I highly recommend. I wish it was a little bit cheaper, but blasphemous deluxe edition, i believe its also available on the other systems, but for 20 bucks better deal if you have those systems on the switch youre paying 30 great freaking game. I i believe i may have reviewed this. I know ive done some video content on it in the past. Well worth it well worth it another game that i really love, and i just wanted to point it out, because man 15, if you have not played dragon quest 11, its a great game and at 15 bucks to have it physically, why the hell not! This is the definitive edition that has the 2d mode, the orchestral frickin in game music like it says, which was originally just on the switch but boom you got the playstation xbox version. 15 bucks grab, it i say, grab it. I love that game. One of my favorites scarlet nexus another one um that recently came out about a half a year ago, 25 uh pretty decent reviews on it, not a bad deal at all, no matter what system you want to grab it for its 25 bucks and then what do We have final, i dont know why this ones last on the list.

It was just how it came up when i pulled these up, but 25 bucks for catherine, full body um good game, but not the best deal ive ever seen. I believe i may have seen this either for around this price or maybe 20 bucks in the past, but one of those atlas games where i think you may regret not grabbing it when you can, if you were looking at it or if youre just a collector. I think this deal was pretty pretty damn good, so those are the deals i wanted to share with you, like. I dont know how many that might have been like 20, or something like that – maybe a little more but theres over 400 games on sale link down below check it out. Let me know what you grabbed. If you grabbed anything, really do appreciate, every single one of yall mofos really do appreciate.

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