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How is it going today? I am glad to bring a new topic about geely to mass produce in house 7 nanometers car chip. Se 1000. Next year, geely auto announced the mass production of 7 nanometers automobile soc semiconductor. Se 1000 starting next year, sc 1000 is chinas first in house, developed 7 nanometers soc semiconductor for cars and it will help increase chinas self sufficiency in the semiconductor sector. Sc 1000 is developed by glee, subsidiary hubei c engine technology, with 87 layers of circuits and 8.8 billion transistors in an area of 83 square millimeters, conforming with aec q, 100 standards, sea engines, general director of product planning, chang hongping, said at the smart geely 2025 conference. That the future of high performance, smart cockpit, is 7 nanometers semiconductors in comparison with 16 nanometers chips, 7 nanometers has 3.3 times gate density and generates 35 to 40 percent higher speed and reduces 65 percent of energy expenditures. Production costs will go lower as production capacity and quality yields rise. Sc 1000 will first be used in g lease automobiles before other chinese oems could apply the chip in the designing process of new models. They are expected to complete assembly and tests in 2022. China is the largest car market in the world, with less than 10 percent of the domestic semiconductor supply sea engine said it aims to increase self sufficiency in the semiconductor sector in the future horizon chinas unicorn chip maker is also working with car makers on developing semiconductors.

Let us check the performance parameters of lunging, one sc1000 cpu uses arm cortex a 76 core with strong, integer and floating point arithmetic performance which can help improve the overall performance of machine learning. In addition, the higher main frequency can realize the calculation with a very good performance ratio. The gpu part adopts a multi core strategy to improve the efficiency of the micro architecture and configure a large capacity cache at the same clock, speed floating point operations, textures and pixel. Throughput are all improved better. In addition, sc1000 is also equipped with a display processing unit vpu by performing image processing tasks such as superimposition rotation and high quality zooming in fixed function. Hardware, it can reduce the workload of the gpu and the image display will be more gorgeous in terms of ai performance. The dragon eagle number one dedicated ai processor uses an instruction set suitable for ai algorithms, drives vector, processing units and fixed ai algorithm processing units through instructions and can achieve combined operations of complex networks, for example, in ar navigation, road signs and traffic signs can be efficiently Identified and object separation operations can be implemented effectively and accurately. According to dr wong, kai sc 1000 will not only be responsible for the calculation and display of the central control screen, but also for the display of car instruments, function, screens and even hud. Sc 1000 supports input of 11 camera data and supports up to 7 high definition display screens.

This requires excellent performance in terms of chip, performance security and stability in actual application, sc1000 will run three operating systems at the same time, namely the routers operating system of the instrument, the linux system of the hud and the android system of the central control screen. Dr wang kai is very confident in the performance of se 1000. There is definitely no chip as good as ours in china. If it is made, it will be. At least three years later, dr wong kai revealed that, after the successful tape out of se, 1000 performance, optimization and safety and stability, verification will continue in the third quarter of next year. The lunging number one will be mass produced and will be installed on the car before the end of next year. He said at present, part of the core engine research and development team has been invested in the research and development of the next product. Other research and development personnel are performing performance, testing and software tuning on the successful lunging number one. Speaking of the first model to be mass produced. Dr wong kai said that it is now a geely model. He said g least popular models, including link and co, will be equipped with our chips. Third, geely realizes its core making dream. China is the breakthrough point for arm to get on the car. In 2016, lee shufu and shin zhiyu co founded yikitong technology, focusing on technologies such as in vehicle chips, smart, cockpits and smart driving and opened the door to gili autos intelligent networking in 2018.

Yikitong saw the value of automobile intelligence and electrification, and these values need to be realized by self developed ships. At the same time, tesla and other leading auto companies in the field of intelligence have begun to deploy self developed ships. A consensus has gradually formed in the automotive industry that, in order for cars to achieve functional differentiation, it is necessary to develop self developed chips. According to dr wang kai at that time arm china arm china also had the willingness to enter the automotive field. However, the automotive chip giants in the two major automotive markets in europe and the united states are very strong and it is difficult for arms advanced ip to enter. The automotive industry. Therefore, arm has found a breakthrough in china and hopes to apply its advanced ip to automobiles at the end of 2018, companies such as yikitong and amuchana jointly funded the establishment of xinjing technology. The company focuses on the design, development and sales of advanced automotive electronic chips. According to dr wang, kai, in addition to the large ip that uses arms core in sc1000, many of them are self developed. Dr wong kai said the most important thing about a chip is its architecture. It needs to be an excellent core when designing it. The innovative ip in se, 1000 has already applied for authorization. How about exciencing technology office staff? In april 2019, dr wong kai joined xinxing technology and became the ceo before joining cortech.

Dr wang kai served as the ceo of huaxentong semiconductor, the vice president of sandisk asia. Pacific sales, the vice president of free scale, semiconductor sales and marketing and the general manager of asia pacific. He has been engaged in research and development in the chip industry for nearly 30 years. At present, xinxing technology has established rnd centers in wuhan, beijing, shanghai and the united states. According to dr wang, kai, several rnd centers are arranged according to the characteristics and expertise of talents and all have software and hardware teams, among them the beijing and shanghai rnd centers. Each have hundreds of rnd personnel and the wuhan rnd center has 60 or 70 employees. Technology already has a clear product plan. Dr wang kai revealed that in the future, xinxing technology will develop self driving chips for l2, slash l3 autonomous driving for the future car. Dr wang kai believes that it will be a mobile server and xinjing technology will be the car brain in the future, which is the central computing chip for the vehicle. How about x, inching technology product solution? In the plan of xinjing technology? There are also a central gateway processor and a vehicle level mcu. In other words, xinjing technology will make most of the main chips used in cars. Jeely automobile group, ceo gon jiu up previously stated that between 2024 and 2025 geely will successively launch five nanometer in vehicle, integrated supercomputing platform chips and high computing power. Autonomous driving chips with computing power.

Reaching 256 tops concluding remarks. Domestic automotive chips accelerate their progress towards advanced manufacturing processes in the tide of smart cars. Car companies have realized the importance of software and services, but hardware is also an important part. In 2019, tesla launched hardware 3.0, a self developed self driving computer, which is still the head of the auto industrys autopilot hardware. At the same time, it can also achieve more self driving functions. The significance of self developed ships is self evident in recent years. The domestic chip industry has suffered setbacks, which is also giving birth to a number of new forces in automotive chips. In addition to xinjing technology chip, companies such as horizon black sesame, intelligence and shinchi technology are also bringing smart, cockpit, autonomous driving and central gateway chips into the automotive industry. The domestic automotive chip industry is moving step by step toward advanced manufacturing processes and the core making dream is gradually realizing. Thank you for watching our video. You can put your opinions in the comments below we will keep on uploading new videos, so you subscribe and likes.

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