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Snapdragon 778 g on me, 11 lite 5g. And if you see here in a video render test, they are both neck to neck. And if you open, geekbench, 2021, snapdragon, 778 g, just embarrasses the 2018 flagship, surprise, surprise and pixel 3 still sells for about 22 to 23 000 on amazon and snapdragon. 778 g phones start from 25 000, which is almost the same. So the question that has to be asked is: should you buy an old flagship well to explain that first ill, ask you, do you understand smartphone processors well, im there for you, this is pratik. This is tw explains, and after watching this video, you will have a crystal clear idea about smartphone processors and which one to buy now. First of all, you need to understand that snapdragon triple eight of any mobile processor ill, take snapdragon triple eight, for example. Now, first of all, these are not. Processors like snapdragon triple eight is not equal to intel i5 intel i5 11800h is a cpu and snapdragon 8 is not just a cpu. Smartphones have soc system on chip. Look here, a snapdragon triple eight processor has a cpu here. It has a gpu here: memory ram isp for image, processing, dsp for digital signal processing for tasks like audio conversion, noise, cancellation, gyro sensor calculation, ambient line sensor data; any calculation that requires low power consumption. Then you have the modem for your internet calls. All of that. You also get small small codes for ai tasks, like ok, google detection, encryption decryption of files, all of that so from a conventional intel cpu.

This is a lot different, whereas intel cpu is just a cpu, it doesnt have ram modem or small special cores over it. Like, for example, you can consider snapdragon triple a to be short of a motherboard and an intel cpu is like your general physician. You have a stomach ache. Diarrhea just go to him. Hell take some time to figure out give you painkillers at the end, but an soc like snapdragon has a general physician as well as a specialist like dentist, ent specialist gynac. If you may, all of that on a single board and unlike laptops smartphones, do fix tasks like taking photos, everyone does it taking phone calls. Everyone does that using google assistant most people do that. So now, when hardware makers know this task is going to happen, they start putting small small hardware cores on processor to fasten that particular task. They are specialized and they do only that task, but faster than a normal general gpu. With that out, the major question now comes is why was the 2021 mid range processor faster than the 2018 flagship processor right? Well, the answer lies in the explanation. I gave you if you look side by side. Snapdragon 778 g has one faster a78 core clocked at 2.5 gigahertz three a78 cores clocked a bit lower at 2.2 gigahertz and four efficiency cores a 55 clock at 1.9, gigahertz and snapdragon 845. On the other hand, has four a75 cores clocked way higher at 2.

8, gigahertz and 4 efficiency, a 55 course clocked at 1.7 gigahertz, and just by looking at it, you will be like huh. Snapdragon 845 can go up to 2.8 gigahertz and it is the clear, faster cpu, but then why did it score way less on geekbench and why was it neck to neck in the video render test? Well, the video render test was almost closed because snapdragon 845 on pixel 3 has a more powerful gpu, but the snapdragon 778g has a more efficient cpu see over the year. Chip manufacturers have made lots of improvements and the ai performance or just to say, calculation performance of these chips have become way higher. In case you dont know using ai commands, or software requires huge amount of floating point calculations, just think of it as a huge decimal number and then adding subtracting multiplying those huge decimal numbers like here have a look. Another example of ai performance is the interpreter mode, and let me ask both of them to translate real time to hindi interpreter mode. Okay, sure what language do you use to translate? Hindi hindi got it hi. This is pretty from and i like running some say its like dancing but in different rhythm, but i would still say that its running and a quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog im, not the lazy dog, maybe youre, the lazy dog. I dont know the 2021 mid range can keep up with the pixel flagship from 2018, because snapdragon 778g has better chips on it to handle, especially this huge decimal number calculations and, in fact, even with low power consumption and also to add snapdragon 778g is 6 nanometer.

Compared to snapdragon 845, that is 10 nanometer process. Now, what are these 6 nanometer and 10 nanometer? Well, this chipset, you see, has transistors over them. That does the actual job. Transistors are small on and off gates on cpus that perform the actual calculation, so the smaller the transistor are the closer. They can be, the more you can put in the less heat, the less electricity has to travel, less wastage, so overall less battery consumption. So six nanometer will definitely give you better battery life compared to 10 nanometer. Now, all of this aside, you might wonder what is this a78 a53 all of this? Well, these are arm cores arm is a company that license the cpu cores to companies like mediatek snapdragon apple everyone, but the only important thing to talk about right now is googles. Tensor google announced tensor and it is a chip manufactured by samsung, its still not apple, making a13 chips, but a better step in android. The tpu or tensor processing unit, which was talked a lot about, is the great advantage. You would have seen the live. Japanese translation on the pixel 6 – that was real time and insane – and this is what i hope for in the future – youll see more manufacturers, make their own chip or basically have more control over the processor. So they can put hardware cores to make your smartphones or certain tasks like photo processing browsing the web, watching videos faster and more efficient and going forward.

This trend will also come to pc and laptop cpus as well. You will have more specialized cores on them to make certain tasks like webcam file, compression or video encoding, faster and much less power consuming, and with that i hope you understand. Smartphone processors. I mean soc system on chip a bit better and about the question. If youre buying an old flagship about three years old flagship youre, getting a similar performance like a mid ranger and, most importantly, this pixel 3 is not going to receive android 13.. This android 12 is about it, whereas this mi 11 lite 5g xiaomi, is going to update it for two to three years: android 14.

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