Walmart, Xbox One, Black Friday, Sony PlayStation, Video game console ALMART & TARGET Black Friday Video Game Deals 2021

Black friday deals for target and walmart im talking switch deals, xbox deals, playstation deals, even pc deals and all of these sales will be u.s. Only lets jump into it, Music, so were going to start with targets. Black friday deals starting november 21st till november 27th. First, we got a clean, looking all black turtle, beach, recon 500 wire universal headset. This headset will work with your xbox. Your switch, your playstation. Even your pc and its on sale for 47.99, under that we have two gaming laptops now im, not a big fan of gaming laptops these things overheat, but you can undervolt your cpu, so you can actually save your laptop, so it lasts longer. I recommend doing that. Even though people dont like doing it but hey, if you want to save your gaming laptop, i recommend undervaulting it. Now we have a hp pavilion gaming laptop with a gtx 1650 and an i5 processor for 579 dollars. Thats not bad, and we have a msi pulse gaming laptop with the core i7 processor, now im, not sure of the graphics card. Here. If i had to guess but thousand dollars, i would say a gtx 1660, its kind of small writing. It doesnt look like rtx up there, but if it was an rtx, it would probably be a 2060. an lg ultra gear 24 inch gaming, monitor 179 im, not sure the refresh rate they dont show it here. But if i had to guess on that im guessing 144 hertz and we have a nice little all in one gaming bundle from steel series, a great brand, really reliable products for a hundred dollars, im actually wearing that headset right now and if youre a streamer.

Looking to upgrade your mic or you want to start streaming, we have a nice mic right here. This is the hyperx quadcast gaming microphone for 83.99. Now we have some recently released video games. They have over 22 different games selling for 40 dollars. I see far cry 6, which i got bored with this game after about 3 hours, nba. 2K. 22. True youll pay 40 for the game, but if you dont want to look like a rookie in the playground, you have to spend another 40 dollars on vc seriously. Over 50 games for 30 dollars – and i see riders republic – this looks pretty cool. If you guys played this. Let me know what you think about it in the comments, because im probably gon na pick this up for xbox over 75 games for twenty dollars, and i see it takes two now guys. If you have a friend a girlfriend, a boyfriend that plays video games, you may want to check out it takes two. This is a great co op game, but if you have xbox game, pass, dont worry about it. You already have it free and sonic colors avoid this one at all cost and over 70 games for 15 dollars highlighting one here i would choose mortal kombat 11. This is a great fighter and last we have 24 games at 10. Now look cyberpunk was one of the most hyped games that ive ever seen, and one of the worst released games that ive ever seen.

This game was terrible when it was released. You know what they shouldnt even have it for ten dollars. They should have this for five dollars, not even five dollars. They should be giving this game away. Lets keep it moving if youre looking to get your workout in, but you want to game. At the same time, we got ring fit avenger for 55 on nintendo switch and if you havent already played the classic super mario odyssey, if you pick it up now, you get a free, mario world character, plush, and you can also get it with super mario party. But that game sucks – and i suggest you guys pick up mario party superstars – if you want a mario party and for the few of you out there that still wants mario kart live home circuit, you can get it for 60 dollars. Also 10 switch games at 40 dollars, and this includes another classic, which is the legend of zelda breath of the wild, the greatest game of all time. If you ask me now moving on to walmart, we got xbox series x and playstation 5 online, only starting november 22nd. Now all i can say about getting these two consoles is good luck, youre gon na need it. We have a nintendo switch with mario kart 8 deluxe bundle now im, not sure who still wants the standard switch. Most people want the oled but hey. I guess, if youre planning to pick up mario kart 8 deluxe separate and you dont really care about the oled screen, then get this and save yourself some money.

Also. I mentioned zelda breath of the wild over at target for forty dollars. Well, you can get it at walmart for thirty five dollars. We have some xbox controllers for fifty dollars and we have the turtle beach universal recon, 70 headset for twenty three dollars. This is a great headset. If youre a casual gamer. Now i know most people have waited to pick up call of duty vanguard. Well, walmart will have a special price that will be revealed on the 24th. Walmart also has a gaming laptop on sale with the same specs as the target laptop, but a different brand target had an hp pavilion. This is a msi, but this also has a gtx 1650 and an i5 processor for 500., and if you want a monitor to go with that laptop, we have a msi 27 inch, 1080 144 hertz freesync monitor for 188 dollars and of course, walmart had to have Their peripherals, bundled as well, but theirs, is by razer. You get your mouse, your keyboard, your headset and a mouse pad. I prefer steel series, but razer is still a decent brand and this is 79 and for the video games they have xbox playstation or nintendo games. Some at fourteen dollars, each some at twenty dollars, each twenty five dollars, each twenty six dollars, each thirty five dollars, each and thirty nine dollars each now its best to check walmart and target to make sure youre getting the best deal on your games, because one store May have the game cheaper than the other store, thanks for watching guys make sure to hit that like button.

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