Walmart, Xbox One, Black Friday, Sony PlayStation, Video game console How To Buy a PS5 or Xbox on Black Friday 2021 (All Retailer Plans)

Um theres a couple ways that youre basically guaranteed to get it. I know that sounds crazy. Hear me out. Um ive been doing this for a while, so its really exciting. Obviously i want to get right into that stuff. The best tv that you can buy for the ps5 or xbox series x, theres, going to be a full review up on the channel this week guaranteed. So, look forward to that video and also look forward to the video of me telling you how i bought a brand new ps5 from gamestop that was reported stolen and i got stuck with it and i still have it for months and im. Gon na tell that entire story, also on the channel as a black friday special so make sure youre subscribed hit that, like button turn on the notification bell and lets get right into those ps5 and xbox series x, restocks for black friday. One thing that im adding in right here at the beginning of the video, so you know, is that it does look like the halo xbox series x console is going to be officially restocked by microsoft. We dont know exactly what retailers that would be happening at this week over the most likely ones are amazon and target and all the information this video talks about with those retailers uh includes for the halo xbox series x so enjoy the video okay. The number one uh restock im gon na go in and thats, because this is going in order is walmart and walmart is going to be restocking.

The ps5 and xbox series x um the day after this video, is being put up so monday november 22nd, at 4 p.m. Eastern 3 p.m. Central 1pm, pacific youll be able to go to and buy the website. I will be live streaming, so if you want a live coach or just a way to know like did it sell out, did it not sell out or just interact with other people that are trying to get it um, however, that drop goes down, um feel free To tune in my live stream, i live stream, pretty much every announced, ps5 restock and some hidden ones that i have inside info on uh like with target as well. I need to tell you guys something about this restock now it is going to be early access for walmart plus members, meaning if you have walmart plus youll, be able to access the consoles right at 4 pm eastern time and if you dont, have walmart plus youd, Have to wait till 7 or eight oclock eastern time now you might be thinking. Oh membership im not interested well hold on, because walmart restocks have been pretty bad in the past um. So i understand your hesitation, but the membership ones have actually gone really well and heres the thing with walmart, plus you can get a monthly version of their membership, so its only thirteen dollars. So, even if you dont ever get that refunded, you, shell out the thirteen dollars its only thirteen dollars but heres the big thing now.

A lot of people are aware. The only way to access the console deals. Early access is to have walmart plus, and it has to be the paid membership. You cannot be a free trial when you go to buy a paid version of walmart plus they will give you a free trial for free theyll. Just give it to you and a lot of people dont have a see the way to not accept that. So you need to decline that free trial, because if you accept it, youre on the free trial for the first 15 days of your membership, theres no way around it, which means no console deals for you, even though you just paid the money. If youre trying to buy it online, this is going to be the best way. The week of black friday in store. There is going to be in store opportunity im going to get to that in a second, but for online. This is the way to do it. Now lets say you buy the buy the paid version for one month and for whatever reason you couldnt figure out how to decline. The free trial, thats, okay, accept the free trial, buy the paid version and then go and cancel that free trial. There is a way to cancel just the free trial, but again to make this as easy as possible. You can also just cancel your entire membership, get your money back and then, when you go to sign up again since youve already claimed the free trial, you will then be able to just have the paid one month again.

I know its a lot of red tape and its really annoying, but the fact that its annoying is good because a lot of people wont go through all these steps, which makes it easier for you to get these impossible to get consoles so thats walmart. Now, the in person restonk, this hasnt been officially confirmed by gamestop, yet but youre hearing it here, im confirming it for you, um, just like i confirmed the halo xbox series x would be in store at best buy on launch day and it was 48 hours after. I confirmed that best buy did as well um but for gamestop in person, black friday ps5 xbox series x, sales, its actually going to be on thanksgiving and the the time isnt. A hundred percent confirmed so take this with a grain of salt, but i believe its gon na be from five oclock p.m. Eastern time to eight oclock p.m. Eastern time now it might be five oclock p.m, local time. So, no matter where you are in the country. Whenever its five oclock thats, when you can go to your game, stop but its thanksgiving day, which i dont like because theyre having employees work on thanksgiving, which isnt great not a lot of people, are going to be willing to wait on thanksgiving to get a console. So i dont think youre going to have to camp out for this one at all. If you show up even by noon, i think youll be fine.

The other reason for that is that these are not just the consoles. These are bundles, so youre going to get the console itself and either uh in about three games, and then you might get an extra controller. You might get uh ps plus, but i know its gon na be the console itself in about three games. Um im not sure about the series x and about the halo edition series x. I know a lot of you are interested in that halo edition xbox series x. I dont think thats going to be up at walmart on monday. I dont think thats going to be in store game. Stop though, although the regular series x might be, we got ta talk about target amazon and best buy best, buy just had a ps5 and xbox series x, restock last monday for total tech members, meaning you needed their 200 membership and then friday they had a restock For anyone who wasnt a member, so i dont really think they have any inventory left um, however its its worth watching. I want to move on to a couple more interesting ones, and next is amazon and targets really interesting, too. Im saving that, for the end amazon they have the most stock they might have ever had with the ps5 and xbox series x. This is confirmed by my sources working in the warehouses, so thats amazing news. Now amazon likes to drop after the 20th of the month.

Every month in general, anyways, so between the 20th and the end of the month thats when they like to go, sometimes they go 3 a.m. Eastern time on a friday, well, technically a saturday right because its friday night, then it turns 3 a.m. Eastern thats thats saturday now and thats when they drop theyve, done that before theyve done that recently, um theyve also dropped at noon. Theyve dropped it every time and they like to change it up. So the problem with amazon is you dont know what its going to be, but the good thing with amazon is that you dont know what its going to be, because you have some retailers that will announce it like gamestop, like walmart. That will let you know exactly what it is and thats great and the competition is here because everyone knows, but amazon is a surprise um and i, like i dont, want all retailers to be surprises, but i do like some to be to diversify it. A little bit i know amazon wants to sell these before the holiday, so i dont know if theyre going to sell them black friday week. I dont know if were going to sell them the week after, but i do know to be on high alert because between now and christmas day, probably a few days before right, theyre, not gon na, do it right at christmas eve or christmas day, probably a couple Weeks before, because they want to be able to get these shipped in time for the holiday, the retailers love to be the hero, so basically, within the next three weeks, i would expect a massive online restock from amazon.

So this is your your warning im. So sorry, i dont have like an exact time range because of how amazon operates or an exact date, but if youre curious about amazon, if youre wondering whether its worth watching, that is the information i do have that. I want everyone to be aware of now target. Just restocked this past friday um for the ps5 series x as well, keep in mind theyre doing in store purchases for the series x. So a lot of people still dont know that i broke that story, um that as of october 17th, they would be selling xbox series x in store. A lot of people have been successful, now keep in mind in order to get one in store. You have to go, there, write it open and you might be lucky if you go. If you go write it open every day for like 14 days, maybe one of the days youll get one its not like theyre easy to get, but they are selling them in store. That is corporate policy. Make sure you go to the electronics counter, dont just ask any employee. A lot of them will tell you theyre, not selling in store just because they dont know um and they dont care its just. You know, whatever its just their part time, job or whatever. It is its their full time job but theyre. Just sick of hearing about people asking for consoles. You need to go to the electronics department and thats, who you ask every day and the same thing works by the way for the switch oled.

If youre trying to get one of those target walmart and best buy all those in store for switch oled for sure you just got ta go. Ask electronics now heres the weird thing about target: they still have a ton of consoles and the last three weeks the amount theyve had in warehouse has been more than the amount theyve shipped to stores, and i can confirm thats still the case so because they just Restocked friday, they also restocked the previous friday, so thats two weeks in a row, they very well could have another restock this week. Although i cant confirm that, if they did, it would be either wednesday, thursday or friday, and it would be between 6am and 9am eastern standard time online. Only with pickup in store im gon na throw out a wild card that maybe theyll have some ship to home options, maybe thats. Why theres so many in the warehouse theyre gon na start to do shipping again. I hope they dont do that because they did that. For the xbox series x, mini, fridge, pre orders and those were heavily boughted when they do. The pickup in store protects people from from the bots um. So i really hope they continue to do it that way. Speaking of the mini fridge that was supposed to come out in december and its actually now already been shipped everyone that pre ordered it has their pre orders, and i know they have more in the warehouse so expect another restock of that mini fridge.

Maybe, as soon as this week as well, now, it wouldnt necessarily be a wednesday. Through friday. Six to nine am like the consoles. It could be a monday. It could be a tuesday. However, just know that i am tracking that if youre following me on twitter, i will alert you as soon as that comes up for purchase, hopefully that video helped you guys out again feel free to subscribe drop a like.

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