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, And some of these deals are, unlike anything, Ive ever seen at Walmart in a long time. In the first spot, its one of the most well reviewed well featured pair of Bluetooth, headphones Ive. Seen for 19.. Look at the reviews accompanying the Skullcandy truly wireless earbuds, using new Bluetooth technology, great battery life, water resistant wireless charge, case. And again, 19 bucks down from 35. Thats crazy.. If you do have a little bit more cash available for a headphone budget this year, the AirPod Pros are reduced by 38 bucks and 159. From personal experience. They dont fit that well into my ears, but the active noise canceling technology is second to none. Despite the fact, I believe these are overpriced.. Obviously none of these products are sponsored.. Walmart is not paying me to make this video. Sticking within the Apple family. The Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones. You see right here for 99. Bucks are a 50 reduction with these prices. Being available November 22nd to the 28th., If you are in the market for some seriously strong portable audio, the Anker Select Pro is not another one of those dinky speakers. You might see advertised elsewhere for Black Friday. At 50 off and a hundred bucks down to 50.. Once I had a chance to actually interact with this at my local Walmart, I was not only blown away by the audio, but I really dig the bright LEDs on this bad boy.. In a few moments, I will share how I was inadvertently a bad boy while shooting this video.

. The next deal, which I expect to sell out very quickly, which is something that Walmart Plus Members could score early. Is this 70 inch, 4K Ultra HD LED Roku Smart TV for ‘8, making this one of the most aggressive 70 inch TV deals. I have seen all of Black Friday. If youre not yet familiar with onn. They are Walmarts in house. Brand. Ive been impressed by what Ive seen in person as an entry level television., And if you look at the reviews tied to this thing, people are pleased to the point where it actually kind of surprised me.. If a 100 inch screen is more your jam, this Black Friday, you can score an RCA projector in addition to a free, 100 inch screen for 49., This price again valid November 22nd to the 28th, which is the case for most of the products Im showing you.. This would be great as an entry level projector for family movie. Nights. Ive got a three year old daughter who would totally lose her mind if I projected The Little Mermaid or Moana onto her walls. Her Christmas would be complete. And if you need a soundbar to pair with the projector or accompany that television, I showed you or to enhance any other TV. You already own. The Vizio Bluetooth, soundbar package. You see right here for 148 includes a wireless subwoofer., Its a great soundbar and about a 75 reduction from what this would typically sell.

For. In the number three spot. Nothing really gets my pulse going through the holiday season, like some good old pressure washing. One of the few ways I can kind of strive to strengthen my limited masculinity in front of my wife, I pressure wash everything. And at 89 down from 159 this Sun, Joe Electric pressure, washer might be something you wan na consider for the holidays.. If you are searching for a great gift under 40 bucks for any car lover or really just anyone that owns a vehicle, the Chemical Guys Wash and Shine Kit, which is brand new at my local Walmart and something I found on an end cap beautifully presented in This big tub bucket. Its a seven piece set, which you can obviously reuse or resort to for car cleaning, ‘ and 88 cents. Very well reviewed.. Also, surprisingly, well reviewed. Given the price, this Hart six gallon stainless steel, five horsepower entry level wet dry. Vac is 29 bucks down from 59. Owners of this product have been very impressed by how it works., If you are looking for something a little bit more hardcore check out my Home Depot or Lowes Black Friday, roundup videos. At 349, down from a list price of 579 youre gon na find one of the least expensive self emptying robo vacs. I have ever seen, let alone one thats from the Roomba line.. This is 230 off list price and one of the strongest self emptying robo vac deals youll find anywhere this Black Friday.

In the number four spot, its the PlayStation 5 and X Box, the hottest deal of Black Friday 2020, which is supposedly going to be in stock. This Black Friday 2021., The PlayStation 5 console 499, the PS 5 digital edition console ‘9 and 499 for the Xbox Series X console.. If you do expand the video description box, youre going to find links to score a lot of these deals and skip the stores.. I do use affiliate links, which means I benefit. Monetarily. And youll probably also benefit from all of the game: titles that are reduced to as low as 14 bucks as special buys for all of your favorite gaming systems, including the Nintendo Switch PS, 5 and Xbox available. This Black Friday at Walmart, I will get to laptops in a moment, but in the number five spot, its the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro.. This extra large 12 quart system also doubles as a food, dehydrator. And Ill. Tell you right now in stainless steel and with the digital display. This is definitely something I can get behind 69 bucks and if you were to compare this to an equivalent from another manufacturer, youd be looking at almost double the price. And just a heads up in any situation like this, where you only see a sale price and Not a list price, it generally means the product is manufactured specifically for Black Friday at this crazy price. Just for this time of year., You can also score the Magic Bullet with the 18 ounce cup for 15 bucks, this Black Friday, which is a practically disposable price.

. If you are new to blending smoothies or just want to try something out just 15. In the number six spot its laptop time – and I wan na show you this Gateway two in one laptop for 149 bucks.. Typically, I am never impressed by anything with four gigs of RAM, but guys this is a touch screen laptop with 64 gigs of solid state drive and a one year, Microsoft, 365 subscription included, which is worth at least a third of the price of the laptop.. This has a list price of 200 bucks, so if you need an entry level laptop or something for a younger member of your household, this gateway two in one is a special Black Friday buy. You might want to consider. More up my alley. This Black Friday is the 499 Intel Core i5 gaming laptop. You see right, here., Its 150 off a 250 gig, solid state drive and some more than decent graphics at a solid Black Friday price. In the number seven spot before. I finally explain to you how I was a bad boy while shooting this video take a look at the Apple Watch Series 3 for 109.. It has a typical list: price of 200 bucks, although most places will sell it to you for 169., The Walmart price for Black Friday is 109., And if you dont want to take out a second mortgage on your home and buy the more robust Apple watches, this Is definitely something to consider.

If youre looking for an even more affordable fitness tracker that doubles as a smartwatch with better battery life, despite not having that big glossy color screen the Fitbit Charge 4 is 69 bucks, which is down from its list price of 129.. I found this toward the back of my local Walmart on an end cap, although that will vary by location. By the way before we approach the next batch of bargains on my deal list. If you are not yet a member of my texting list drop me a line., My phone number is 440 298 2181. Id love to text. You the hottest, deals this Black Friday, many of which will be too timely to reveal in YouTube videos. Now for the next spot on my list, the Better Homes and Garden 10 piece airtight food storage set is 30 bucks. And for once in my life, the manufacturers, Not counting the lids as part of the set.. Thank you for that extremely well reviewed by those who own the set.. Alternatively, the Rubbermaid EasyFinds variety set where they do count. The lids in the description is also well reviewed and just seven bucks. This Black Friday. Great for all of your post, Thanksgiving and holiday leftovers. In the next spot on my list, its the Cricut one of my wifes favorite products. Shes, currently making all sorts of gift labels and the Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Machine bundle, which includes a 20 vinyl value pack is 149.

. You might find this elsewhere at the same price, but do double check that all of the accessories you might score from the Walmart bundle are available. If you do choose to purchase it, elsewhere. The holiday time, Pre Lit Norwich Spruce is seven and a half feet equipped for the color changing LEDs and 68., And I was not able to find this anywhere on the store floor.. Apparently I wandered the wrong way while looking at my camera and various other things going on., And I found myself in the back storage area for employees only at Walmart.. When I stumbled into this area of no intention directly on my own, I did actually see the tree and I did use this opportunity to gather footage of the tree and a couple of other products.. I am aware that I was technically trespassing, so my apologies to Walmart and a huge thank you to all of the store associates that saw me, some of whom decided not to call the authorities. Anyhow in the next spot on my list., Its a great Super Flying Swing Set 99 bucks down from 199.. I did consider purchasing the swing set for my daughter in the event that I was incarcerated.. I figured this was a gift that would live on for that amount of time.. I truly exceptional price for 99. And more of a grown up price and a more grown up. Product.. The Coleman Salluspa Air Jet Portable Hot Tub is coming in at 50 off and a Black Friday buy that many people might wan na consider.

It as a capacity of two to four people once its inflated., And it does have a digital temperature control and heater.. You can score a hoverboard this Black Friday at Walmart, for as little as 79 bucks., And this one has a 160 pound weight capacity.. This is equipped with Bluetooth.. The wheels are jam packed with these really cool, LED lights., And while this was unfortunately not available on the main floor, space of my Walmart Im pleased to tell you that when I wondered into their employee only access area, I did finally locate this product.. So, of course, while I was there, I grabbed store footage for the greater good of the people watching this video.. Finally, before I get to some bonus buys the Razor E90. Electric Scooters are 69 reduced by 29 bucks from a 98 list price.. If this is something on a wishlist for any younger member of your household. Before I show you some of my handpicked bonus buys, there is something you might not want to buy at Walmart, despite it being heavily advertised in their ad scan and flyers. Youre, going to See a lot of fashion items at some very enticing prices., Particularly if you are shopping for kids or teens. In the past two decades, that Ive been studying price trends with very little life alone. In my basement on many Friday nights, I have noticed that most of the fashion items are a much better buy in the one week that proceeds Christmas.

Theyll drop an additional 30 to 40. If you can wait. Now for the items that I would buy, this could be the lowest price I have ever seen on an HD Roku Streaming System that includes both an HDMI cable, a remote control and apparently a 5 redbox streaming code inside the box.. If you are looking to cut the cord and you dont need something that is a full 4k voice activated remote or for a kid heading off to college, or an additional television in your household 15 for a Roku is kind of remarkable.. One more item worth a look: this black Friday at Walmart is the PlayStation Plus Membership Card for ’99., Thats 20 off list price and a 12 month subscription.. You might find other retailers matching this price this Black Friday, but if you are already shopping at Walmart or picking something else up, you might want to consider this as a grab and an awesome stocking stuffer. And by the way I really do think youre awesome.. Thank you so much for making it to this point in the video.. Thank you for making time for me. Reminder, as we count down to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Im going to be providing roundups of the top deals for all of your favorite retailers right here. On this channel. So feel free to subscribe turn your notifications on and until we meet again, I love you.

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