Apple, iPad Pro, Black Friday, Discounts and allowances, iPad mini 2021 From Apple, Amazon, And Google

Google. If youre into tech and smart home consider subscribing in this channel, we focus on budget devices and see how they perform after a week. Maybe after two or three months, even after a year of usage and see if its still worth it dont forget to click the bell to get notified. When we put out videos just like this one Music and as you can see, we are now like three or four days away from black friday. As of making this video and for today we are bringing you the best deals that you can now get your hands on without waiting for black friday, we are encouraging everyone to do your holiday shopping early if possible. If you dont know, there is a big shortage of chips around the globe and most smart home devices. Actually all tech related products have chips in them, so lets get right into it. Here are the best deals that you can take advantage right now. As of making this video, all deals are available, but please bear in mind that price and availability changes very quick, so better start ordering now Music. If youre ordering from better sign up first to be a prime member, it gives you free shipping plus two days, delivery for most items, theres a link in the description below sign up now and all the devices we will be talking about in this video. You can find all the links as well in the description.

Music lets start with amazon, if you want to add smart display to your existing smart home or if youre, just starting out regardless. The echo show 5. Second generation is now for 45 and the kids edition is for 50.. If you want a bigger screen, the echo show. Eight first generation is now for sixty dollars and if you want to watch content on a much bigger screen, you can get their fire. Tv sticks to turn your tv smart. You got a ton of options from the fire tv stick light regular fire tv stick, the stick 4k and the fire tv stick 4k max. They are priced at 18, 20, 25 and 35 respectively. But if you want a more pleasing look to your living room, you are very pleased that the fire cube 4k is now at 80 dollars and if you want to consume content on the go far hd tablet, 8 inch is now at 45. Now lets move on to the echo speakers. The all time favorite echo dot third generation is now at twenty dollars. If you want more premium audio experience, you can get the echo fourth generation for sixty. That is forty dollars off and for those who want to give their young ones a nice gift. This christmas, echo dot, 4th generation. Kids edition is now 35 from 60 and you can actually pair it up with the echo glow for 17, and if you want a perfect gift for a partner or a friend, add voice.

Control to their car is a way to go. You can now pick up the echo auto for 15. Now lets talk about google if youre, just starting out with smart home the nest mini second generation is just perfect, add voice, control and speaker at the same time for 25 from 50, and if you want a display for visual interaction, the nest up second generation is Now, 50 dollars it can be your digital photo frame or a nightstand alarm clock, but for party and music lovers, the nest audio is your go to guide, which is now for 60 dollars. Dropping the price from 100. But if you want a premium, sound plus larger screen, you can actually get the nest hub max for 180 dollars. It can be used as well for video calls now lets move on to nightstand alarm clocks. If the nest hub is too big for you, lenovos line of smart clocks are on sale as well for the new lenovo smart clock 2 with wireless charging pad is now 70. from 90 original retail price Music, or you could pick up the lenovo smart clock. First generation for 35 that has a usb port for charging your other devices as well Music. But if you want simplicity plus night light functionality, the lenovo, smart, lock essential, is now at 30 dollars on top of that new device. That google recently announced this year is getting some love as well. The newness doorbell battery is now for 130 dollars and the nest outdoor camera with full of light is now at 230 dollars from 280 retail price Music.

Now, if youre an apple fan, this list is for you, but just a heads up for apple products. Theres, not much discounts were seeing after looking everywhere, but here are the things that we were able to manage. Lets start with the device that can power up your desk setup, the mac mini with m1 chip, 512 gigabyte model is now for 780 dollars, giving you 120 savings. But if you want something for gaming streaming, content on netflix or youtube the ipad pro 11 inch 2021 with 128 gigabyte storage is now for 750. But if you want more storage, the 256 gigabyte model is now at 850. Now, a rare discount that you dont see every day is the airpods max, which is now for 440 dollars, which is still expensive. But if youre an apple fan. Why not go for it right and, of course, lets not forget about the airpads pro, which is now for 159 from 249.. If you want a cheaper alternative, the air pads second generation recharging case is now for 109 dollars. Price suddenly dropped right Applause anyways, the last in our list is the apple watch se, which is now available for 219 dollars, giving you a savings of 60 dollars and yeah there you go. That is the best deals that we managed to snag for you guys again, everything is linked in the description below we will be making another video on black friday for those who are still looking for the best deals.

Hopefully we can get more discounts when black friday actually hits is art again from ptex later. Thank you.

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