Apple, iPad Pro, Black Friday, Discounts and allowances, iPad mini Which iPad should you buy? – Late 2021 iPad Buying Guide

It can be tough to know which ipad is best for you, so today were going to determine just that: hey hows it going im josh from 91 tech and ive been meaning to do this ipad buying guide for a very long time, but hey better late than Never going into this, i wasnt sure if i should just talk about what apple currently sells or if i should discuss used options as well. I mostly recommend buying new from apple or refurbished as the used options on websites like craigslist and ebay. In my experience tend to be quite overpriced, so what well be doing today is starting with the very best ipad pro and moving our way down. The list ill have timestamps in the description. If you want to skip to anything specific and at the very end. Well have a summary and my overall recommendations for your price range, and just before we talk ipad pro, i will say by and far the best value ipad is simply ipad. The lower tier option on apples site its currently the 9th generation and its about as bare bones as an ipad gets still with the old touch id home button design. A non laminated display, thats still retina. So it looks nice first generation apple pencil support and hey its actually the last ipad with a headphone jack. I highly recommend this ipad because its the best possible being for your buck, probably any product on apples website, is underneath that simple exterior lies extremely powerful hardware.

With apples, a13 bionic, chipset thatll last you years and years of software support and a device that feels fast with no issues, the ipad can do pretty much anything. Even the pro can do just in a less appealing package and if thats, something you dont mind its the one to buy 330 bucks is an absolute steal for what you get here, but with that out of the way, lets rewind a bit back to the best Of the best in the m1 ipad pro an ipad about as powerful as many of apples, current macintosh computer offerings with that m1 chipset powering it all, of course, its still running ipad os, which is basically just ios and it doesnt even come close to being as Versatile as a mac, but its still really darn cool and combined with the expensive magic keyboard accessory, it gets pretty darn close to being a laptop replacement, though personally id rather go for the similarly priced macbook air. What stands out about the ipad pro is, without a doubt, the absolutely gorgeous design with thin rounded bezels, surrounding that bright, beautiful display, especially with mini led on the larger model, mini led being a relatively new technology. That basically means content looks better than ever before, though. The smaller ipad pro still looks amazing. You also get hertz promotion on both models, doubling the frame rate versus lower tier 60 hertz ipads, and giving a battery smooth experience across the os. Just like the new iphone 13 pro has everything just feels faster and better.

On 120hz, even if the experience isnt actually that much different functionally speaking, there are two size options here, with the 11 inch ipad pro starting at 800 and the 12.9 inch ipad pro starting at 1100. Again, 12.9 inch has mini led, but otherwise theyre about the same and for storage options. Both come with 128 gigs at the lowest price, along with the colors space, gray or silver ipad. Pro is called pro for a reason, its blazing fast and about as premium as the tablet gets, but its overwhelmingly overkill for the vast vast majority of people out there. I dont recommend the ipad pro unless you really want it or are able to take advantage of the best in class hardware. The ipad, air or budget ipad would likely be a better choice for you or you know, taking that money and buying a macbook. But speaking of the ipad air moving one tier down from the pro, we do indeed have the fourth generation ipad air. Basically, a budget version of the 11 inch ipad pro. My do i say budget, but its still, a hefty six hundred dollars coming with 64 gigabytes of storage. The ipad air also has a ton of different color options if thats something youre into already here id say that the 11 inch pro is probably worth the extra couple hundred and it does double the amount of storage, but lets not get too ahead of ourselves here. The ipad air is a fantastic device marking an in between option for those who dont need a pro, but want that newer, full screen design its compatible with the apple pencil second generation, meaning it can stick to the side like with the pro and charges that way.

Its a significant upgrade to the home button ipad and that first generation apple pencil, which still works great, but it looks silly and feels silly when you go to charge it as it simply sticks out of the bottom of the device like so not exactly convenient. If youre someone whos wanting an ipad mainly for art or something similar involving the apple pencil, the air is probably my recommendation. It has those benefits of the pro design, while still being at a much more reasonable price tag as its not quite so overkill. Hardware wise. It has apples a14 chipset, which is extremely powerful and that very nice, 10.9 inch retina display. That does, admittedly lack pro motion, meaning it only runs at 60 hertz. So it wont look as smooth but again functionally speaking. It doesnt really make a difference. We dont have face id, which is on the pro, but instead we have a fingerprint sensor on the top power button: theres a single 12 megapixel camera on the back versus the two lenses on the pro, the regular 12 megapixel one and then an ultra wide 10 Megapixel one i didnt even mention these before, because personally ive never considered the camera on an ipad to be that big, a deal as long as it can take pictures. If i need it to, for some reason, im happy and the air will more than do just that, it also has a lower quality, 7 megapixel front facing camera versus 12 megapixels on the pro, but its more than good enough for facetime, and i wouldnt worry about It like the pro we do have usbc and no headphone jack.

All in all, the air is just a slightly watered down ipad pro. This is the perfect ipad for an artist who enjoys using tablets or someone who wants that premium design without the hefty price tag. Its definitely worth the money in my eyes if its the ipad youve been wanting, and then we have one more ipad before getting to the cheapest option. The brand new 2021 ipad mini 6th generation, which brings that same no home button design with touch id on the top power button. All in a smaller package, the display size is a solid 8.3 inches, making it a good bit smaller than 11 inches on the pro or 10.9 on the air and its actually a bit faster than the air with apples. A15 bionic chipset, though the a14 is still plenty fast. You get a 12 megapixel camera on the back again, along with an upgraded 12 megapixel front facing camera at least upgraded compared to the air right now, technically, its a little bit low respect, but its not something that i think should deter buyers from it. Just keep in mind some point: 2022. You probably will see an upgrade and i doubt theres too many changes beyond the internals. This is, after all, a fairly new design, but on the mini here we have usbc again and 2nd gen apple pencil support with a price tag of 500 for the 64 gigabyte model and a few different color options. Comparing this to the 600 for the ipad air id say between those two, it mainly comes down to what size you prefer personally id, rather a bigger device with the air, because my phones already kind of big, but if the mini size really appeals to you, then Youre, actually getting a better device hardware wise for 100 bucks, less so dont be afraid to go for it all in all a solid option.

If youre wanting that new design without splurging for the ipad pro and now we come to the greatest value, ipad of them all ipad to be specific ipad, 9th generation released in late 2021, though, as usual, it didnt change much besides a spec upgrade and thats a Good thing, because it keeps this ipad cheap, its bare bones, basic and an absolute beast with apples, a13 chipset on ipad os 15., its blazing fast. For basically anything you could possibly do on an ipad with this 9th gen ipad. Here, youre going to get years of updates and its going to handle anything you throw at it. If you want to use an apple pencil, you can youll just have to get the slightly awkward first generation one instead of the second again, it feels great to use theres no problem there, its just charging it thats kind of annoying. My dad actually just bought the 9th generation ipad very recently at my recommendation and as far as i know, hes absolutely loving it its a stellar machine and unbelievably good value. Unfortunately, hes out of town, which is why im using apples own footage and not my own b roll anyways uh, the camera on the back – is eight megapixels, which might seem low. But its honestly, fine and the front facing camera is actually 12. better than the air and it all in all makes for a package about as good as you could hope for at just over 300 dollars.

This is the ipad to buy for almost anyone its my recommendation now and forever, with apple likely continuing those minor spec bumps for the foreseeable future, and that says a lot i think about just how solid this older design is – and this really is just going to Be the best ipad for most people, so those are the ipads apple sells brand new at the moment. They do, however, also often sell refurbished options. You can find them by scrolling to the bottom of apples website and clicking the link there for refurbished and clearance. I personally just bought the 2018 ipad pro refurbished. That was the first one with that new design and im absolutely loving it. It might be a bit older now, but i saved quite a bit of money getting it. You might see an ipad mini 5 refurbished. I think id pass on that one for the dollars when he could just get an ipad 9 for well actually, 9 less dollars and its bigger. They do often have that 2018 model. Its 520 bucks right now, thats a pretty darn good deal, its almost half the price of the current generation, its something to consider for sure the m1 chipset is amazing. But if youre, mostly using your ipad for ipad things, it might be worth saving a little bit of money, and then you also have the 2020 ipad pro, which i dont really recommend. All it really did over. The 2018 was bring some camera improvements.

Technically it does have a faster chipset, but not by a significant margin. This also could be a cheaper way to get your hands on a 12.9 inch ipad pro if thats something you want like here. Youve got that 2018 model for 629.. You can even find older ipad pros like right here. Is the refurbished 10.5 inch ipad pro from? I guess this would be 2017.. It does have 120 hertz on these models, but this one specifically, i would say, is very much not worth it its quite expensive. At 679, because it has 500 gigs of space, which is, i dont, know why you would need that much space on an ipad. To be honest, id say this is about as close to buying used as i would get keep in mind when it comes to apple refurbished, its not like refurbished on ebay. Most of the time. These are devices that were just returned and apple cleans them up puts in a new battery. That kind of thing might be a couple minor scratches on it, but its never anything that impedes the experience on ebay. You never really know what youre getting and people just overprice ipads. So ridiculously recently i did a review on the ipad air 2 and if you look for one on ebay, youre, looking at like 200 bucks, american, sometimes less but often even more and then youve got the ipad 9, which is way better and six years newer.

For 130, more dollars really brand new, its kind of a no brainer. In my opinion, the 330 dollar ipad is just such a good deal. So, as said before, i really think right now. Apples lineup is at its best because you have so many options and all of them are decent value, but for those who dont have extra pocket change, theres that really really good value ipad. That to me is very important sure for the right person, an 1100 ipad pro can be worth it, but every darn time, im, gon na, say the ipad 9 is better value because it is, you can do pretty much just the same things on it. For a quarter of the price, so anyways thats about it for today, hopefully this helped you out – or maybe you found it interesting and if you did make sure you hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content similar to this. Oh also comment down below what kind of ipad youre using or youre looking to buy just kind of curious there you can follow me over on twitter, instagram, even tick tock at 91 underscore tech, if youd like to for some reason and with that all being said.

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