Apple Watch, Black Friday, Discounts and allowances mart 2021 Largest Black Friday Deals – Check Out These Hot Deals Before They Are Gone!!!

All right here we go black friday deals now im going to go through the whole circular, so you guys get to see everything that is on sale, im also going to click on a couple of things as well as link them down below in the video description. In case you guys would like to check them out for yourself, so the first thing that i notice here is going to be the special buy on the 70 inch 4k on tv. Now i purchased one of these. Last year i got the 50 inch. I bought two of them for a pretty good price um. I actually want a third one, so if they do have like a 50 inch or 55, i may end up getting this for myself. This is a pretty good price at ‘8 dollars in a 4k with the roof. Now. The next thing i have over here is going to be. The apple watch series 3.. Now this is the older model. Obviously the current model for those who dont know is going to be the apple watch series 7, but this is 109 youre saving 90 on it. So if youre getting an apple watch and you dont care about – like you, know the newest feature or stuff like that, this is still a pretty good deal. Youre saving 90 so think about that now, the second page over here i know a lot of you guys are trying to get the xbox and the playstation so walmart.

I think theyve been like you know, stocking up on them, theres like videos on tick, tock and stuff, like that of the warehouse being full with them. So i think theyre going to have a good amount on sale for black friday. So if you guys want to get one, this may be your time to get it youre, not really getting like. You know a discount or anything but arent theyre, probably going to have a good stock. So you may want to check that out and again ill link. Those down below they also got some video games over here. So now, uh lets see what else we got that piques my interest – oh yeah over here, so i was looking at this guys. This is gon na, be a gaming laptop and a lot of people always looking for stuff like this. Now this isnt gon na give you like high quality and stuff like that. But this is a good entry level. Computer or laptop youre gon na be getting a gtx 1650, which is decent thats actually better than the. This is a graphics card by the way. So this is a better graphics card than the computer that i started my youtube channel with. So you know its pretty decent um. Eight gigabytes of ram is on the lower side. Honestly, but, like i said this is a good entry level computer. So, if you guys are looking to just get into gaming, you may want to check that out.

Youre saving 150 on this msi laptop all right. So next up we had the apple airpods. This is another deal im actually interested in possibly getting this as a gift for somebody im, not too sure, but anyway, youre saving 38 on it, its 159 thats cheaper than what amazon and pretty much every other retailer has it at the time of this video um. Obviously, things may change as all the sales come out, but pretty good price youre saving 38 dollars. So if you want to get that link down below in the video description, another interesting thing is this msi laptop im. Sorry, my laptop gaming monitor um. This is another thing that i would like to get because right now i have three monitors. One is a 27. The other two are like 23, so i would like to get all it on the same side. So this is a little bit tempting for me. Its 188 to get in a good 27 inch ips gaming monitor. So if you guys are looking for something like that, i will link that down below description all right. Next, page Music, we got some more stuff here. Another 70 inch tv, this ones a little bit more, but getting more name brands, pretty cool there, uh over here, 40 inch 1080p, so not getting the 4k, but its still a pretty good tv, its 128 right now, its pretty good. So if youre looking for a tv, you may want to consider that as well.

I would probably get this one, but i would rather it be. I would probably get this one, but i would rather it be like a 50 inch or so so if it was like 50 inch and a little bit more, i definitely would jump on that myself over here. You also have projectors. Those are pretty popular right now, too ive seen a lot of people purchasing them. So if youre looking for a projector, it comes with the screen. 49 bucks, not bad at all, were going to continue. We also have a good entry level laptop now. This is not going to be for gaming, but if you just need like a simple laptop to do like minor tasks and stuff like that 180 dollars very good price on that lets continue, we have some phone deals over there uh some cases over here box. Now this is this – is a pretty good buy right here, because these otterbox cases are pretty pricey, um, normally theyre about. As you can see, it says that youre saving up to twenty to thirty one dollars. Now, when i used to buy my other box case, these would be and 50 plus dollars so to get it for 19 thats, a really good buy right there. So if youre looking for a case, you may want to check that out and again ill link it down below in the video description now. This is pretty cool here. I always see the ring lights, but this one is a rgb, so you can actually change the colors to any colors.

You can make a white, you can make it any color in the rainbow and its pretty cool. I know a lot of people use it for like recording videos or recording you know like instagram posts or reels or tick, tocks and stuff like that. So if you want to take your social media to the next level, twenty dollars, youre saving almost twenty dollars there on this kit, very good price. Oh yeah, this charging pad too so heres another good one, youre saving 11.88 for this on wireless charging pad only 13 itll charge your phone, and you know, i think its good. I heard that you know using your phone while youre charging isnt like the best thing to do so. You know it may be better to just sit on the charging Music all right. Next up, we have all right. So i thought this was interesting too youre getting some on brand wireless earbuds. Now, basically, this is like walmarts own now, youre paying 29 for them, but i mean compared to the real ones, the apple ones weve. Seen earlier i mean if you dont care about the brand name, its still gon na function most likely the same way 29 for some airpods, its, not air pods. But you know what i mean: thats, a pretty good price. So you may want to check that out too. We also got the power, bricks and stuff like that wall chargers may be of interest to you.

We have some pressure cookers stuff, like that. Not really too interested in this were more based on, like tech, stuff, um tech, gaming, smart house stuff, like that electronics, so skipping over all right, the roomba. This is going to be a older model here, the i1, but it comes with the emptier system. So basically it goes back to this base, it empties itself and then like every like a couple weeks or months. You could just throw that in the garbage, pretty cool, so its an older model, but youre saving 230, because youre basically getting this with the whole um system up here. So its a pretty good sale as you guys can see Music in that. But if you guys see anything, you like definitely pause the video and check it out and yeah thats pretty much it guys. That is pretty much it Music, all right guys, so that is gon na be the walmart black friday deals Music. Thank you for watching this. Video make sure you subscribe for more deals as well as more product overview. Videos also check out our website techbyase.

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