Apple Watch, Black Friday, Discounts and allowances TARGET BLACK FRIDAY IS HERE!!!

So today is sunday november 21st and it starts the whole black friday event at target. So im gon na go ahead and show you guys whats on sale, whats, a great buy and what isnt a great vibe, because sometimes lets be honest with you guys. These retailers will bump up the price, like maybe like a week before black friday and then theyll say its a black friday price when in reality it was always that price so lets head over to my favorite place besides walmart and see whats on sale at target Music and of course, theres no regular, starbucks well target run without starbucks. I get the strawberry aside refresher with no water, and you add peach juice and then extra strawberries. I usually say light ice, which i did so im kind of a little ticked off, so they did not do light ice, but it is what it is all right. So we are going to just go ahead and jump in lets, look at the tvs and then the electronics theres a couple tvs on sale. I did do a whole comparison, video on my tick tock, if you guys havent seen my tick tock video but theres a lot so like the samsung 65 inch is six its sorry 569. I believe that i think walmart has a 60 inch for, like 100, more or 100 less i dont know. I didnt mention that i dont like its up to you. Five inches difference for a hundred dollars.

I dont know i wouldnt do that. Of course, amazon products are always on sale during black friday, so we can score the fire tv stick for only in 19.99, regularly priced at almost 40 dollars same thing with the beats solo. These have been on sale for like a good month and a half now so, if you guys are looking for these definitely check your local target and even honestly walmart everybody has them video games. So out of the video games, i kind of say that these are a little bit more expensive than walmart. Walmart will have them for like about five dollars less tomorrow, but you do not want to miss out on these. So these are the playstation plus. If you guys are not familiar with the playstation plus, you need this to play like fortnite or any kind of like online gaming, so this here save 20 ill be only ‘.99, which i also believe, if you do have red card, you also save five percent. So this one here is a really good, buy legos, so select legos are on sale. You guys know that legos on sale is pretty rare, since target does usually exclude them from any toy coupons or target circle that they usually have. So they have this scout. Not that it was in the wrong spot scout trooper helmet for 35.99, regularly priced at 59.99, so thats, a really good deal like i mentioned legos, are very hard to find on sale, so theres quite a bunch on sale this week and a lot which are showing Up for black friday sales, so one thing that ive noticed about comparing target and walmarts black friday sales is that target had a lot more toy sales, so, like i mentioned, legos, never go on sale.

So this is a really good price for that lols. So these lol playsets are 50 off, so theyre normally 49.99, and this one here is about 25, because its half off that is a steal, especially for lol apple products. So they have the apple air pods for 115, but we kind of scored these about two weeks ago at walmart for only 89, so thats a no deal you guys. Another thing is that they have the air apple airpods, which theyre completely sold out, and i dont even know why? Because people did not wait, i guess, but they have the apple airpods pros for 189, but walmart will actually have them for 159 starting tomorrow. Good deal. Also is the apple pencil, so the apple pencil is 79.99, that is the first generation, and then we have the second generation over here which works for like ipad pros and so forth for only a hundred dollars, so they reach out to 129, this ones a 99. So theyre both about save for this one save 20., this ones saved at 30. as far as ipads and apple watches, etc. The ipad i havent seen no place thats been on sale, lately, im trying to ill, probably head over to best buy after here, but i havent seen any ear pads ear pads ipads on sale, then, as far as apple watches, so the apple watch, s e is On sale for 219 dollars, that is a great buy.

Now the apple watch, three, which i always question like. Why do they still sell this one? But i guess it has a lot of great reviews or something but its 169.99, but at walmart starting tomorrow it will be 109., so you can clearly see the difference. You can save 60 just by shopping at walmart tomorrow, at 7 pm also this week at target. You can score a 15 target gift card if you buy a 100 apple gift card, so youre gon na buy the hundred dollar gift card and youre gon na get 15 back in target gift cards. Also dont forget that you do also say five percent using your red card if youre, using or if youre buying any type of gift card. So you do save five percent plus youre gon na get a 15 gift card, another great deal. So if the oculus quest 2 is on your christmas list, you definitely want to head over to target because they are 299 dollars which thats their normal price. You guys consoles will never go on sale. Your best bet is to get a gift card offer or to get a bundle. So this one here is 299, but when you buy one, you get a 50 target gift card, so basically your overall pay would be about 249 dollars. So that is a seal for the oculus right, like i mentioned, consoles, never go on sale. So this is the nintendo switch, so this ones a really great deal because its 289 dollars, like i said, thats the normal price but youre gon na get a full game.

Download which the mario kart 8 retails to sixty dollars alone, plus youre gon na get a online family membership also, so that alone is like about, i want to say 70 or 80 in savings. So if the nintendo switch thats, definitely what you want to try to grab is a bundle youre in search of a ninja blender. This ones a really good price, its 99.99, basically a hundred dollars, and it basically has a ninja cup, a processing bowl and the blender itself. So you have like three little attachments and its only a hundred dollars. Again, you save an extra five percent off if youre, using your red card, which, if you guys arent, not part of the red card, you can do just debit card. I do the red card debit card and i still get the same benefits and its no credit check or anything. I will leave a link down below in the description box, for you guys to sign up all right if you guys are also looking for a kitchenaid. This is a very great price. A kitchenaid five quart stand mixer its only 219 dollars, and this store is completely stocked up if youre looking for a kitchenaid good until 11, 27. So until saturday you have until to buy the kitchenaid stand: mixer hamilton, beach, toaster was normally 1999 and its on sale for only 10 thats, a really good price for a toaster im, always buying toasters. For some reason i have, i dont know just the fact that you cant clean inside of them kind of bothers me, but only ten dollars and my favorite ninja foodie, smart extra large grill, is on sale, so i actually bought this for, like i think 250.

So, for it to be 199, is a awesome price again save an extra five percent off when you have your red card, so check your target for this one, any waffle makers, only ten dollars, the nespresso, so ive gotten a lot of questions about a nespresso. If theyre ever on sale and the answer is yeah, so we have this one, the nespresso, which is normally 189.99 and its on sale for 141 dollars. We have some holiday beauty, gifts, thats, 30, off lots of great prices. Honestly, this ones here is only 10.49. A couple of them also 10.49, so i honestly didnt see this on the ad. Maybe it is on the ad, but i just like missed it completely. I like getting these because some of these i actually do eat at these places regularly so usually im a family of four and were always spending at least 75 dollars. So this one here, you spend 75 dollars so basically three of these gift cards and you actually get a free 10 target gift card. So this is not bad. I actually might do this im going to see what other ones are included, because i only see these two but theres like a whole wall of gift cards over here. So im gon na go ahead and check those all right yall. So i did check online and all of these type of gift cards are included in the promotion so its spend 25. Then you get a 10 target gift card.

Like always, you are also going to save an extra five percent off. If you are using your red card – and i actually like this one because look – it has ulta – i have buffalo wild wings, chipotle outback, cheesecake factory red lobster. They have a lot of different ones that you can choose from so there you guys have it tomorrow. Does start walmarts big black friday thing, but it does start at 7 pm and its only online in store. It would be on friday in store starting at 5 a.m. Like i mentioned target has already started. There are a couple more deals that will start on friday. I think, or i think wednesday or something like that – nothing super crazy thats. What im trying to say anyways yall! Thank you for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. It was more like a like shop with me type of thing i dont know if you guys want to see like more like shop with me type of things. Let me know excuse the face. I am dealing with this whole change of weather and my skin is not liking it. I eczema is like going crazy because of the dry and then the heat and then the dry and then the moisture and then the cold and then the hot and then yeah. So my body is like going through it anyways. So thank you for watching dont forget to follow me on instagram, for more deals and on tech.

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