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What about the forks um? It needs to stay like this. Do i have enough cups for everyone? Honey dont, worry yourself out. You already checked two times and ive, never seen a better looking table for thanksgiving. Oh, but are you sure yes, dont worry the grandkids will love it huh? Well, they should be here soon. That must be them ill. Go get the door honey, hi, dad its good to see. You happy thanksgiving, happy to see you too son happy thanksgiving, grandpa anya. You grew so big, really yup! You look very different. I think youre getting taller, hey nice to see you again too anna nice to see you. Oh look at the baby, yup hes growing up very cute, but grandpa wheres grandma, look whos here, grandma anya its so nice to see you and you look so beautiful. Oh, thank you. I love your dress. I love it too. So how has my girl been very good and doing good at school? Yes, extremely good, hey cease! How are you nice to see you again nice to see you too happy thanksgiving? You too, hello. Everybody happy thanksgiving hello, hi jack its nice, to see you again likewise, thanks for inviting us, oh my little grandson, adrienne growing, up, im kind of scared and nervous. Oh, come on its not like you, havent met anyas grandparents before i know, but its the other reason that ive actually did meet them before and its just kind of nervous.

Seeing them again. Oh, i dont really know them that. Well, dont worry its gon na. Be fine come on. Okay, anya will be here anyway and shes gon na play with the kids anyway, hello, anyas, grandmother. Ah welcome sweetie call me dahlia. Oh okay, are you ready for the thanksgiving celebration? The dinner yep, i sure, am – and i came hungry well youre – going to be satisfied all right, whoa thats, all delicious wow. I want this fly. Oh and elsia. Do you do remember my aunt and uncle right? Oh yeah. I think i remembered them. Hello, hello, hon, nice to see you again well. What are we waiting for lets gather on the table and have thanksgiving dinner? Yes, i cant wait to try the turkey. Oh, what a nice place mat in the shape of a sunflower. My favorite flower lets sit here. Adrian go play with the girls snowflake yeah come on snowflake ill watch. You from the table, i can see well from here. Okay lets go so excited to eat. Today. Oh i forgot about them. What do you mean anya? Well, do you see those kids over there? Oh yes, oh i actually havent met them yet. Well, those are my cousins and theyre a little bit annoying and they bothered me a lot last time so im not quite looking forward to playing with them exactly well. Maybe they grew, and you know they could be different this time yeah.

Maybe i should give them a chance, but anyway yeah we should go meet them. Come on snowflake anya, oh whos! This blue girl, blue girl. Oh oh well! This is actually my cousin, elsia and youve actually never met her, but im your cousin shes a fake one. Well, actually, hazel, i have two cousins. Actually, three with little snowflake in the back. People can have way more than one cousin, but she cant be a cousin because shes too small hi, im slow, flake thats its a funny name. Hey dont say that to my sister elsia, she just thinks its funny. Well, you did say she was mean shes not being mean right now, whatever you say, oh look, and this is my um twin brother and his name is thomas, but i call him tommy. Oh its nice to meet you tommy, hi nice to meet you come on. Lets play whoa, whoa, okay, tommy! Just wait! Just wait! Okay, i will play dont. You worry! Oh and look. Do you remember grandpa and grandmas dog, of course, dixie and pumpkin? Oh hey guys! Music, you guys are so cute, i think theyre actually extremely calm compared to tracy, because she loves to play yeah its an old dog, hey girls. Remember that you have to eat first, and then you can play all you want all right. I want to play. I dont want to eat right now. No, no! No! No! No wait! Point point: oh guys, stop shaking the chairs and guess what, if we eat eat it up all quickly, then we will get to playing faster, but i dont want turkey.

I want chicken well thats. Whats special about thanksgiving. We especially eat turkey elsia. I brought this high chair for your baby sister, so she can reach and eat too. Oh thank you for the chair. My chair, my chair, chair, ill put you up there chair what a big girl all right then put your feet through there there. Now you have a little table for yourself. Should i put her over here: girls, yes, thats, good, bon, appetit and tommy and hazel. I expect you to behave and eat all right. I want to see all your plates. Okay, hazel. I heard that not playing after you eat just finish quickly. All right, Music, kids were about to pray. Do you want to come? Join us yep were coming dear god on this thanksgiving day. We thank you for all. Our food and blessings in jesus name, amen, amen, lets see yes, first and first and first and first whoa you knocked down the chair, hey, oh tommy! You have to be patient. Well, im still, first, yes, please dont, be annoying and were trying to eat and thats my spot. Oh, i want some potatoes wow. This turkey is pretty good. I love it. Music, corn, corn corn, smells so fresh. What else should i get? Obviously, the turkey all right lets get some Music and salad. Oh, my glass, i better pour in a drink Music theres, some mashed potatoes, its your favorite. I should eat some salad, too slice of cheese, homemade bread, im full yep.

That was one good thanksgiving dinner. Can you play? Can we play now? Well? Yes, now we can play yay lets color the thankful and blessed pumpkin, oh, but we were actually hoping to do these turkeys, yeah. No, i wan na do the pumpkin well anya. I think we should listen to her. Why shes being kind of annoying see – i told you? Well, she may be annoying, but we dont get to spend much time with them. So i think we should do what she wants. All right then, yep well color with you, yay, um, hey so, but shouldnt, you color the stem green. No, i want to do this and youre, not even my cousin, so you cant tell me where to color. Oh okay, i guess you have a point, but whatever can still look nice orange for pumpkin. In my opinion, i think this one looks so much better Music up up up to the stem pink for the l. Oh, do you want to pick a color for me? Yeah, okay! Well, let me put some choices for you all right, these ones so which one do you know what colors they are: green, pink and blue? Yes, good job and now, which one do you want me to color with green? Oh, yes, nice choice! Oh no! No, no tommy tommy, youre coloring, but youre supposed to make it look. Nice look what you did now elsia just look what they did.

Hmm, oh well! I told tommy and hazel that they shouldnt put random colors everywhere uh. Well, i guess hes trying to make it look. Nice, okay, tommy just try to make it look more neat! Okay, okay, all right! Just dont do anything else: messy Music, Music, ta da its done waist tommy, but we are actually not done because you see up there. The stem we forgot to color it. Oh yeah, oh lets, color it purple, im gon na color it but stems are brown though yeah, but i want purple it. Doesnt have to be blue, stems, are purple purple but purple yeah, but its purple, better honey. Aha! What do i do? Hes your cousin? Well, i guess you should let him because we dont really spend much time with them. Yes, but i dont like that reason, because this time itll mess up the whole thing and were part of this too right, oh tommy, i think that elsias right this time now stop being annoying okay, you already just got to cover all this yellow so give elsia. This just a little bit more purple tommy. No, i told you no stop book. I already did it youre. So annoying connie was right. Okay, hazel tommy ive had enough its just gotten too annoying, and i know that you arent my cousins, but i just cant. Take it and i wont be able to play anymore if you act like this, but maybe sitting with the adults will be better um yeah, but we tell yall see what happens if youre, not nice, yeah, oh um elsia.

Why are you coming here at the table because over here, its much more mature and not annoying? Just like hazel and tommy, oh theres, something going on there? Dont really want to talk about it all right, but it just might get boring. It wont it wont. So what are the grown ups talking about yeah and i was very upset when i saw that on the news. I dont believe that. Well i dont like it well its your opinion, but i think you should have went there and yeah everything would have been fine. Oh yes, i totally agree with you. Annika seems the right way, opinions thats, pretty boring. Then we should have gone there. Yeah go on there, its just weird, but listen to this. If they, if they just brought this up, everything would have been so much better. No, i dont think so no come on kristoff dont! You see why nope, but it should have been this way. I dont like when adults talk about this anya anya lets make turkeys, so you want me to make a turkey well, actually, no, i would have if you were being nice and respectful to elsia, but you are just annoying us so much and taking away all the Fun out of all the crafts so im, sorry, but but if you act like this, i cant play with you either. Can you please dont leave lcr? Would you like to not want you to stay? Well, i i told you already and i have to say this loud and clear: okay, we cant play with you.

You need to learn to behave yourself. Okay, because we came here to all have fun fine. We can have fun all by ourselves. Yeah well just make two turkeys instead of three and get this hat. Okay, and now there stick the feather on. I already put two feathers, a green one and an orange one there. All of the feathers i have full of the feathers too. Oh look: how many feathers lets do a feather party spread them all around feathers, theres, orange, green, yellow and red gobble gobble gobble gobble nice? Is it too gobble gobble im gon na name my turkey and his name is gon na be flower? This is flower. Without you, tommy um mines, gon na be gobbly because he likes to gobble gobble gobble, but anya would definitely name her. Turkey, shes really creative at getting names yeah and she would have lots of fun playing with us in the feathers yeah, maybe were working. Well, i dont want to spend the rest of the day without her, so maybe we should apologize, because i want her to play with us again. Yeah lets go anya or sorry, because its not fun playing without you. We want elsie on you to come back, so were sorry, i will forgive you, but you do realize that you need to be less annoying sometimes and give people their turns. Do you get that? Yes, so how about we go get elsia and you know start decorating.

Our turkeys and enjoy the rest of the day, yeah lets go. Snowflake lets go, get elsia boring. I better leave. Oh wasnt, a good idea. Elsia elsia, oh oh, oh hazel, me and tommy were sorry for what we did, because we want you to come back and play with us. Were sorry: hmm, yes elsia its true, because they apologize to me too and im sure that everything is okay. Now, okay, everyone deserves a second chance and i want to enjoy this thanksgiving lets. Go guys. Yay lets make turkeys, Music all done and if i do say so myself, they look. Awesome, turkey, two turkey, three four and whoa, you guys arent turkeys. What are you doing here? I still have a feather in my hat: yeah thats. True, you guys are dressed like pilgrims yeah we want to get on turkey. All right well have a seat. Turkey are you staying nicely there yeah stay there, little snowflake Music. I think pumpkin and dixie love the turkeys as much as we do and you snowflake thank you for hosting us. Yes, that meal was absolutely delicious, and i appreciate all this hard work. Yup. We had a great thanksgiving meal and it went all as planned. Im happy. We should go see what the kids are doing now. Ah, what are you kids doing playing nicely here? Well, weve had our ups and downs, but in the end everything worked out – and i see you decorated things very nicely here.

I like it yep. Of course, um. Look at snowflake shes, so cute over there. All the pets and snowflake are enjoying im glad that youre playing nicely and were so happy that we could all meet for this thanksgiving yeah same for us.

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