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This is a a story where i guess hope comes out of hell were talking about the turpin family 13 children. This has been what four years, since they were essentially saved from captivity and they were held captive by their own parents. You got to meet the incredible young lady who essentially escaped and made the phone call for her own rescue, and these were extremes of captivity. As we know they they were when they walked out. They were emaciated. They had not been outside, so you have to imagine. I had no idea what to expect when i met them the first time, because the only fresh air they would get would be when theyd stick their heads out the window when their parents went looking. So i was wondering what was going to come around the corner down the hall when we said hello watch out here they come. I cant believe the two young women walking toward our cameras travelers from a dark world who invented their own light, its been four years since the day in january 2018, when they were rescued, treated at a hospital and given new life, jordan turpin now 21 years old. Her sister, who helped plan the escape the oldest turpin child jennifer now 33.. How are you awesome, im doing really good january 14th, 2018. yeah big day whats. The first thing you did that you look back on and think that was my first moment of real freedom.

Actually, being in the hospital, when music was playing, i got up and i made sure theres a little bit of a floor cleared out and i danced the first place. We went. We went to a park with two of my sisters and i was so excited because i could smell the air. I could smell the grass. I was like how could heaven be better than this? Oh, my gosh, this is so free like this is life. They are speaking for the first time, ready to talk about their lives but respecting the privacy of the siblings they love and the stories written on all their bodies when they arrived at the hospital where doctors and nurses wept at what they saw, children so emaciated, they Had difficulty walking stunted growth heart damage from a lack of nutrients, a pre teen, whose arm was the size of a four month old baby, their speech, their language, limited by the isolation and neglect all of us, went through a lot and all of us went through Our own things, and, to be honest, not even all of us, know every single thing. Each one of us went through exactly and nothings ever going to be that bad and nothings going to be as bad as 29 years. In what the only word, i know to call it is hell. You know what you said. You didnt know what to expect when they came around the corner. What did overcome you in that moment, when you finally laid eyes on them finally heard their voices its that thing called wattage its the life force, and i thought there it is the will to live the will to explore.

They had only fragments of things theyd seen on tv occasionally when their parents were out, and yet they were putting them together into a world that that gave them hope and gave them expectation. And you know, one of the most amazing moments in this story is when jordan, who is the one who escaped it, tells us that she used to go in a bathroom and she used to hide out, and she had taken a phone from one of her older, Siblings, who had an old phone and she punches up something that becomes a kind of flame lighting, the way to freedom and its justin bieber, and she hears justin, bieber singing and she says: well, i think, hes nice and he has nice things in his house and He believes, in god she watches his interviews and its one of the small things, the miracles along the way that she puts together and decides that shes going to try to make this break for freedom. Youve done a lot over an incredible career, but youve been working on this story for months and months and months, and it kind of look. These things can have an impact on us and have you all the stories you have done its hard to maybe put this one in there with some perspective for what you have seen throughout your career, i have seen a lot of amazing life come out of unexpected And unexpected and great suffering, but but these girls and their whole and their siblings as well, have a story to tell thats going to teach us something.

I know they do and were going to explore by the way as well. What has happened to them in the years since they left this system and what california and the services have done and not done, and also where theyre headed next so youll see them? Do that and then youll see them imitate me doing an interview? Oh wow, yes, which may be one of the more sobering experiences of my life, but they are so hilarious. They pick up on everything, they miss nothing and they spend every day looking to make up for the joy they didnt have diane. So many of us, for so many years, are trying to imitate you doing an interview, but it is so good to have you here on this set with us. We look forward to this tonight and again theres a story of hope. All of us can take from it and everybody. Please watch tonights special diane sawyer event, its escape from a house of horror. This is at nine oclock tonight and stream. It afterwards on hulu diane. Thank you so so much its great to be here and im. Really great to be great to have you well call you to come back sure, yeah ive heard it before well, hey there gma fans robin roberts. Here thanks for checking out our youtube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click! The subscribe button right over right over here to get more of awesome videos and content from gma every day anytime.

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