Google Doodle, Thanksgiving, Doodle, 2021 My Fiancé Wants to HOOK UP WITH HIM..

I feel like a little kid all right. We back with another video we back with another vlog. If at any point you guys enjoy this video, you already know what to do. Man smash like hit that subscribe button if youre new and click the bell next subscribe button get no. I cant take the series on top of that yeah im like crisscross, hey you guys, oh bro, never again! Never unless you want to start doing all right shows like this. I dont trust you at all. You like this one. She even got a stool, so she says i dont know what this bit consists of, but last time you choked me so sorry, i dont know about all right. So go like this im, so scared right now, oh good good! No just one side: okay! Okay! You ready nope im, not gon na hurt you. What are you doing? Bro youre not supposed to be sexy. Go like this, your finger! Yes, then i go like this and i go hey. Okay. Well, i like that. Then, when you choked me so baby, you ready for thanksgiving hell, yeah ive been craving a pumpkin pie. I mean not even a fun pack of pies yeah. What about turkey with some mashed potatoes? Some gravy, definitely some mashed potatoes and cravings yeah. What about some stuffing? You ready for some stuffing daddy chill. Why are you saying it like that? What im just saying you ready for some stuffing a lot of stuffing? You know whats that im always down for a lot of stuff, yeah, youre, ready, Music, good, Music, Music Applause, baby baby.

Come out here come on here made us some hot cocoa Music pause come here. I dont baby. I see the camera, i see the tripod. I dont trust none of this right now, whats going on. I was just recording. You know holiday season its getting cold hot cocoa recipe. Is it homemade because my oh, my god, that is hot thats, what it is youre trying to burn me wait? I took a sister, i know what shes doing is she up to some right? So what are you trying to do? Just happened: hey youre, not thats on you thats all i mean thanks for the hot cocoa, though hey what hey, garlic, bread, what youre doing fish, what well its a nice day outside what did you just say: hey garlic, bread? How to what youre doing its garlic, bread, garlic bread is good babe. Is it because im italian, what do not call me? Garlic, bread, fine, all right sandwich meal sandwich meals? Yes, my name youre calling me sandwich meal because you look like a meal. You know. I also look like a sandwich to you. I mean you can sandwich me, you dont say an italian sandwich. Where are you snickerdoodle? Oh, what youre putting your laundry away? Oh pause lets go back to the part where you call me a snickerdoodle. Do you not like snickerdoodles or what are you serious? Maybe you know i dont, like the food names, the pet names i dont like none of that, but you dont mind.

If i call you sweet pete right, no, i i absolutely said i didnt, like sweet pea that i said: sweetie was okay, sweetheart, snickerdoodle, garlic, bread, babes doodles, are like my favorite cookie right now and im, not a cookie all right: okay, cake, yeah, hey honey, bunches Of oats, i miss you really. I want to hang out with you really. Maybe i am not a bowl of cereal youre, not youre, honey, bunches of oats. Well, im, not honey, bunches of oats. I am im adam. I am me im babe, im honey. I am honey, yeah, honey, but honey is food. Babe. You see you dont like food, but honey is like a traditional. You know like honey, babe. Baby love, sweet like those are all okay, honey, bunches of oats. Yes, no. What about whippy cream whippy cream? I love whipped cream. You know that i can give you some whipped cream. You know yeah whippy, cream, wow, okay, Laughter, hey yo, who, in a box who won a box lane yeah, we were just out about running errands, going grocery shopping. As you all know, thanksgiving is around the corner, so we coughed a big ass turkey im telling you one of the nicest looking turkeys i ever seen at the store, so i had to cop it for thanksgiving. You feel me check this out, though yall. This is like unreal. Look at this turkey Laughter its so thick and juicy and and tender – and i bet you it tastes, so good im also ready for a lot of stuffing okay youre done list of people.

I want to hook up with number one, no one, because you know number three, but in that were gon na, show this presentation to him and lets see how he reacts baby. What is this? What what? What do you mean list? The people you want to hook up with listen, okay, im all ears. I made this for you, okay, so just why would you make this for me? I dont want you to get overnight. Okay, go ahead and pull my phone and show you all the girls that i was sleeping. Let me go to. Let me pull up google images right now. Let me start whoa whoa. Let me see what presentation first, what presentation baby theyre shipping i swear to god! Theres some pictures of some upsells press next me number one, no one exactly exactly whats number one. Let me find out. Let me stop stop okay, thats, not part of the presentation in Music. Let me find out. Is she fantasizing? Over spongebob, i mean i mean thats. Okay, though, because i want to sleep with sandy, so youre serious, um, all right, whats, the next one whats, the next one whats the next, i know you got more than just spongebob, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! It was just you, okay, because you were my one, and so there was no one spongebob yeah whos that exactly exactly you know exactly.

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