Xbox One, Black Friday, Sony PlayStation, Walmart, Video game console CONFIRMED PS5 / XBOX SERIES X / HALO INFINITE / PLAYSTATION 5 RESTOCK FOR TOMROROW / BLACK FRIDAY!

I do want to try my best to get back to all of you guys too as well, but we actually have an on a confirmation. We have actually like three major areas can be from the east coast midwest and a little bit for the west coast overall. So if you guys are in those areas, ill do a really quick mention at the start of the video and then ramble into other stuff too, as well just so you guys dont waste too much of your time as well. This is also looking pretty good. We also have a little bit more internal information, some leaks and also some other various side. Things too, as were going to mention for this drop, were going to have a lot of videos. This is kind of the first one of all the confirmed stuff today, because black friday is going to have a lot of different other drops same with thursday too, as well. So, like i said, be on the lookout for that as well again: amazon links down below in case theres, any warehouse consoles returns and all of that or the ps5 did all that good stuff too, as weve mentioned throughout the day in general, the twitter and twitch Room down below, if you guys want to follow, not always the best between out the drops, but at least for twitch you guys want to hang out and chill and say: hi weeble sign up for weeble go get some free, tesla, stock and other various stocks.

If you guys deposit, 100 and also coinbase, if you guys go buy 100 with any cryptocurrency, yes go and get free bitcoin. Those are always linked down below, and i appreciate you guys so much for watching leave a like if you guys want to and lets go dive on in so lets, go first of all talk about this as well. So three quick things to know number one. We actually do have some nice little walk ins going on too. This is also somewhat confirmed. Rumors we keep on seeing bj stores up in the east coast, weve been seeing north carolina south carolina dc, as well as also in new york weve, been seeing the sporadic ps5 and xbox uh normal consoles bundles. I mean being kind of picked on up throughout these past few days, but i just want to give a quick kind of rumor mix. Down and kind of mix in with all the other. Various stuff, too, is that we actually have also been seeing some rumors that the xbox series x, halo, even editions, are apparently also kind of going and floating around there too, as well. So im gon na just do a really quick kind of note on when it comes to that one. Just because weve been hearing, it weve been kind of talking about et cetera, et cetera, and, of course, a lot of us are trying to get our xbox series x console. So i just want to keep that in mind.

We also want to go and try to touch on this too, as well is that we also heard news on brandsmart. We touched this earlier in the day as well. That actually might also be having some stock as well for xbox series x, halo, infinite editions on top of that too, as well. So keep that in mind for the florida side, it also kind of ties into to the west coast were actually seeing. Quite a few other various places such as friend, myers and krogers, that also might be receiving some stock weve been hearing more rumors or more ps5 arrivals, which would make sense for black friday and also cyber monday, and all that good stuff and also walking so thats. Just a really quick kind of run about stuff for this as well makes done in, but now this kind of more now lets go to the actual confirm stuff here. So, as you guys had a chance to go and see, you guys may have heard us. Uh talk about this last last week we actually have some brand new information tied on in with this, where this is for the meijer confirmed, restock going on on thanksgiving day tomorrow. So were gon na go kind of give you guys a recap on and talk about. It again because this is 100 confirming more information on it in a second, so basically, online exclusives will be available as of tomorrow, im making this video a bit on the earlier side for this, because i may not have this also included on the uh.

Tomorrow morning. Video you should have that up around seven oclock, so when it comes to that online exclusives confirmed tomorrow, like i said, we covered this before a little bit new information, a second, but this is just for in case. Anyone has just never saw this like the og, because weve made like so many videos this week will be available tomorrow. This will be for thanksgiving, so happy early thanksgiving. It will be starting at 6. 00 a.m: est only available with a meyer pickup order, while supplies last, you must have an m perks account prior as well so kind of a few things to know. Also give you guys some other things you have to be on the lookout for an m perks. Account is just you have to sign up for it. Weve cut all this in the previous video, its basically go on the website, go on sign up for it, its free its easy and then based with that too, as well. If you guys live in these areas, im gon na go through all the little store locations in a second and states in it. But if you guys are all part of this stuff, just letting you guys know its free just do it and as well. I always want to say this to you. You could also be in other various regions, such as say like new york or say tennessee. If you really want to make like a day trip, i kind of feel like you should always just do it for your own.

Local store as well, but id rather have someone at least a real person than a bot go and get it make your own decision just try not to take. You know too much from everyone else, but when it comes to all these stuff too, it is confirmed for the playstation 5 disc, playstation 5 digital xbox series, s, xbox series x and the big boy, xbox series x, halo, infinite console and also they also have a Very severe other things, like tvs, uh, even groceries. I think some things are on sale, a little bit other various electronics, electric collectible cards, etc, etc. You guys can also see this up here on the website itself. This is confirmed for tomorrow. So now, like the part, two of this is with all their other stuff. I hope you guys dont mind the little twitch followers too, as well, but when it comes to all this stuff, when it comes to the restock, were hearing a few rumors on this, and some of this is also coming from employees. So, first of all the stock for more indiana contact, they did go and confirm for their store. It may be various depending on which store you guys go and check and see, but what they actually told me as of right now, theyve been helping me with all their various stock numbers throughout these past few months they have eight for their local store. Eight of each console, so they have eight playstation five standards: eight playstation, five digital consoles uh.

They also have eight xbox series x, consoles and eight xbox series x, halo, infinite consoles available in their store itself, thats in their systems and all that good stuff, and also in the back house, 14 xbox series ss, which would make sense theyre easier to produce a Lot more cheaper, not as in demand, would make a lot of sense as well. Well, theyve actually had a chance to go and tell me too, and weve also saw some various leaks when it comes to meyers on their uh things. So this probably this is all like speculation on this, but what uh the employee told us – and this is probably whats gon na happen – because based on employee work, could always go and change, though too as well. I would probably be awake at the actual normal hour that theyre mentioning on the actual website itself, which, as you guys can see, is 6 a.m, which is really really early. Thats 5 a.m – central et cetera, et cetera, but what theyre actually apparently doing is they might be doing additional waves of it. So they might do one really big restock wave at the very start. I would highly employ you guys, because thats whats on the website, so if you guys want to be upset with it, thats literally like the exact time id probably do it myself thats what im recommending 6 a.m? Est be awake for there. If you guys are in the legions forum myers – and they should have a big amount of stock from that, but basically weve seen from pickups as well as also other various leaks on it, they might be doing also additional other stocks throughout various different hours.

From what the employee told me that theyve done that and tried to kind of do like a trial for that for walk ins or theyll, sometimes go and have like three consoles out and then, whenever that sells out, it sells out and then three hours later they Put it out again so three hours later, i dont know why theyve done this, but weve covered this in previous videos that sometimes meyers does do that on their stores, probably not every store, but thats, at least for the store that were talking to contact wise, have Done that so they are anticipating that there might be a big restock wave at the very very start, and then they might do a few little trickles on in, depending on the store location. That is not confirmed, thats just what some rumors they were saying and also, apparently, if i also had some leaks from other online pickup times too, as well. So keep that in mind. But if i really had to suggest anything, because now that information is 100 confirmed, be on the time for the normal hour and go from there im im sure if anything there, we also there was even glitches on the last three stocks was probably better get in Early and try to get your stock in in case they dont do that in case they oversell stock or theres glitches or like lets say, like four people try to buy out the same exact time, it would make sense and why theyd be like whatever? Who just got the first consoles first is try not to do a weird wave system.

I hope that makes sense by the way, just make sure you guys are there at the proper hour too, as well. Stock numbers are all once again looking good, if you guys remember my previous drop myros is actually the place where my console got canceled from by one of my subscribers reviewers. But when it comes to my even story, i think i had six and six stock. I saw on the pre website that was already in their internal systems as well. Another secondary thing to kind of know when it comes to employees is that some employees also might be saying that there might be more additional batches later, on which i actually had someone up on twitter ill show in a second over here kind of somewhat confirmed. So there might be some stuff that also might be arriving later on or as well. You might have like a little bit extra time to go. Get the stock too, as well. Just in case you guys can on the very first day. This is actually also not confirmed, but it looks kind of intriguing from the information. So when it comes to this stuff, we actually had a nice little homie over here up on twitter, that tweeted me staying at their meijer store. They go and say that their xbox was canceled, just like how mine was and when they called me, and they also to go and say that theyre also getting regular stock in and well hold one for me just in the issue they had last week, just fy Out caught all the blue, so just give you guys an also additional thing too, as well.

There might be also just additional waves of stock showing on in or different allocations of stock kind of, depending on what the store might be going and doing. Im, probably gon na, go and call my store today. I never actually got a call from my own store. As you guys know, i have my order cancelled and if i get any more information ill give you guys an update at some throughout one of the videos or at least up on twitter too as well. So you guys all know so maybe if you guys had a chance to it, does kind of show that there is like just at least there, they will have a little bit of wiggle room as well for people who have their orders cancelled. So keep that in mind, as well in general, so also good nice little side information for that too, as well thats, not a guarantee, it might be an xbox series x, hello, infinite edition, ill double check and reach out and give you guys an update throughout. It might just be anything in normal, xbox too, because they said regular stock on in well. Keep you guys in the loop, because also my contact also said that they were planning on getting another additional wave, so probably maybe for walk ins or another drop in the next two to three weeks as well. So it would make sense a lot of stuff kind of lines up on the dates and times too they also didnt mention – maybe pick it up at 12 or four, because i want to make a note on this one too, as well so right down there below Theyll hold it for a little bit longer too so ill.

Give you guys more details as the time goes on, but just let you guys know they are apparently also receiving additional stock for future reference for all these drops, and last but not least too in case you guys are curious. There actually is a lot of different stores when it comes to meijer. Meyer has over 250 store locations, theyre in illinois, indiana kentucky michigan, ohio and wisconsin. So ive made this last little kind of winding note over here too as well, and these are our online orders by the way in store pickup. Just you guys all know, so you do have to do it in your local store. It has to be physically in the store itself, so you guys cant really be doing two stuff in, like you know, say california, unless you guys want to fly on in, but i was also saying too and i dont really fully recommend it because id rather the Stores for those states myself included im in like literally right in chicago over here myself, but in theory i mean, if you guys, lived in like iowa, missouri uh like say tennessee, you know, even maybe like pennsylvania, new york, et cetera, like you could in theory, maybe Go pick up at a meijer store like theres, a lot of like say, like indianapolis over here theres, a lot over in, like other various locations too heres cincinnati so like in theory like this is a very big midwest focus.

I live in the midwest myself. In theory, you guys could always maybe even say from arkansas and do like a nice like eight hour road trip, if you guys really really wanted to. But if you guys can please try to just be nice to the people like me, trying to get it up in chicago, but thats about all the information we have big good stock numbers. Good stock leaks. Like i said all stores have like six stock. We might be seeing more batches, the next few weeks as weve seen or if you guys had cancelled orders, maybe call your store and see if you have a double check on it and as well. It is all confirmed coming on tomorrow, so this is one. This is the first confirmed video of a lot more throughout the day, so stay tuned. For that i do appreciate you guys so much for watching make sure you guys are subscribed with the notifications on well have a little bajillion more videos all throughout today as well. Well be on the lookout for bigger retailers, too. On top of that amazon links down below for the ps5 digital console controller warehouse consoles are just. Second. Waves were still expecting some other ones too, as well. Twitter and twitch room as well link down below sign up for weeble deposit 100.. You guys get free stack for money. Coinbase, you guys go buy 100 worth of any cryptocurrency. You guys go, get free, hiccups and dolls.

On top of that, i just appreciate it all.

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