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Go live on various retailers, e tailers, all that good stuff and theres a lot of good stuff on sale. Right now, it seems like more deals are trickling in um theyre. Putting up deals, like you know, obviously outside of the games, but were gon na mostly talk about games, airpod pros, if you want stuff like that, uh televisions are obviously on sale again, like toasters and appliances are on sale. Just about everything is on sale. I had a friend go to a local store here, told me it was absolutely packed so its a little bit chaotic out there as well was honestly not expecting it to get this wild so quickly, thats, why we kind of took it easy over the weekend, but Uh yeah, a lot of this stuff is live, but again more stuff is coming in. I think now would be a good time to reiterate you guys might be seeing some very very spicy deals some very, very attractive prices again when youre talking about games that are 25, 30 35 just know that its not the end of the world. If you dont pick them up on sale, i know a lot of people are just going to look at the price and be like that game came out a month ago, its 50 off, but just assess that you can play the games uh in the relative near Future, because if you buy a game, thats like 50 off for 30 theres a chance that, if you dont get to within four to five months, uh, which literally does happen to a lot of people, i mean lets be real.

I have games that have been in my backlog for 10 years, but yeah you get the idea. These games will ultimately go cheaper, even though the deals do look incredibly attractive right now. With that being said, i want to go over some of the deals that did uh catch my eye, and i really do prefer the deals that are available in stores versus the playstation store. I had mentioned that prior. The issue with the playstation store is: it seems like that, theyre not going to undercut the basement price of the retailers. Sony works hand in hand with the retail stores themselves, where, in the case of you know each individual retail store their competition with one uh one. Another at least thats the conclusion i came up with honestly: i dont know how any of this really works outside of i know the prices and the prices look better on the retail stores and amazon, and things like that. So right off the top guardians of the galaxy, which many are considering to be one of the sleeper hits of the year 50 off for 29.99. Now this game isnt like incredibly lengthy, but it it it does have a decent bit of content, and the writing in this game is absolutely excellent. This is one that i can understand if youre waiting for it to be south of 20, but i do really think that idos montreal over delivered on expectations so im a little bit more comfortable in recommending the game at 30, especially because game came out on october 26Th hasnt even been no, i believe today, we just know tomorrow, i believe, will be the four week mark of the game being out so ridiculous.

The fact is, 50 off, i was expecting it to hit maybe 35, but 30 is a great price uh. This is a game, though early next year, i see it being relatively cheap outside of jrpgs square enix. Titles dont have a track record for holding in price for a lengthy period of time like yeah fm7 remake is still expensive. The integrated version is 45, but in the case of more western games uh those square enix games do get cheaper. Not you know super quickly. I wouldnt put them at the level of ubisoft, but uh they will get cheaper, so yeah. Bear that in mind. Mass effect, legendary edition, i think, is a great deal at gamestop. This is 50r. Excuse me its even more than that its uh over 50 off, like 58 off for 25. What a great deal on this um! You know it did come out back in may. So maybe this price shouldnt surprise me as much as it does, but not really recommending it on the basis of it being a surprisingly great deal, rather its the mass effect, legendary collection, you get all three mass effect games. Yes, mass effect 1 definitely shows its age. A little bit but uh still a very, very good game, and i would recommend you to play through that mass effect. 2. Mass effect, 3 excellent, excellent games, mass effect 2, especially one of my favorite rpgs of all time. If you want to go as and as far as saying its your favorite rpg of all time, i mean thats a subjective opinion, but if you want to say its the best rpg of all time, hey thats, an opinion.

I can completely stand by just thought. Mass effect 2 was absolutely tremendous and uh yeah. You get the legendary edition here. 25 bucks, a good pick up: 13 sentinels, aegis rim, gamestop 1999, a great game by the guys over at vanillaware. They did a really good job with this game and its one of those games that has held up in value for a little bit. Itll sometimes have these sneaky discounts uh at retail stores, and i believe, right now. It has a good discount on the playstation store. As well, but a lot of the times it does hold up in price game, ive seen go out of stock randomly as well, thankfully readily available right now, 20 bucks for it. If you want to get into a game with a great art style, an interesting combat system and, of course, character, driven story driven youre going to enjoy it quite a bit 19.99 on that is a solid pickup, uh kingdom hearts all in one package 19.99. On this. Now, yes, this is another uh series and a franchise that is very story driven, but lets just say: sometimes it aint all that its cracked up to be or all that the potential uh. Maybe some of us had seen in its inception, however, lets be real from a value standpoint. Youre still getting a tremendous tremendous deal here. You got kingdom hearts three. You got the 1.5 and 2.5 collections, you got 2.8 its the story so far collection and then you get kingdom hearts through.

On top of that, they call it the all in one package, but you dont, get the remind dlc. The roman dlc has been kind of critically panned, but uh. You know it would have been nice to have that as well but 1999 for all the content. Youre getting is a very good deal. Kingdom parts one a game that definitely does show its age, but i still love kingdom hearts too and i feel like thats more of the hotter take to have so to speak. I feel like most people prefer kingdom hearts one, but i dug king hearts too. A lot and hey sanctuary is going to be one of my favorite songs. Ever so uh yeah a little bit biased towards that kind of parts. Three uh yeah yeah, you just got ta play just play it and let me know you guys thoughts on the story. After youre done playing it, uh sonic colors ultimate launch edition its 1998 50 off at gamestop. A lot of gamestop deals uh here, theyre doing a pretty good job with that sonic colors is a game that uh obviously released in september for forty dollars to have it. Fifty percent off and given that it was already a budget price, pointed game. I think 20 bucks is a good pick up, and this is a pretty good sonic game like its a traditional sonic game. Thats, an enjoyable sonic game. Doesnt try to do some. You know sonic unleash type stuff, its just the quality quality sonic title and i would recommend it at 1998.

I think its a decent pickup yakuza. Like a dragon 1999, i mean its yakuza in a different flavor. Still pretty good story is good and looks like we are gon na get another entry into this story. If you do want, you can play the initial yakuza games uh if you do want to, and i would recommend you to theyre good games but uh like a dragon. 20 bucks. I know its like over a year old at this point, but another game that has held up in price. So 20 is a nice price to see on this one lost judgement is 29.99 honestly a little bit surprised to see it at 30 bucks. I think this is a great pickup. These games have a lot of content so when youre going into it hours of gameplay per dollar. From that standpoint, its pretty good and again, this came out back in september, so 50 off discount on that, i think, is quite good. A couple of other titles just to mention quickly. Okay deals goes to shipment directors. Cut is 49.99. What i like to see it a little bit cheaper, but these sony first party games that are, you know, highly reviewed. I do think theyre gon na hold up in value for quite a while thats what weve seen since the launch of the ps uh five ratchet and clinton rift apart, fifty dollars, another game that i think is very good um. As you guys might know, ive said it quite a bit but tied for my game of the year right now uh alongside tales of a rise, but maybe some like you know there theres been a couple other games.

I got to sit down and really but uh off the top. Those are the two that really stand out to me, but uh ratchet clanks, a great pick up as well, not a bad one. Death loop is 25, and i want to mention this just because ive seen so many people wanting to get a good deal on this and uh yeah 25 on death. Loop is kind of wild again, given that it just came out back in september a north of 50 off discount. For you know a game that was really well received from a critical standpoint, thought that that was worth a mention and then, if you do want nintendo switch games, game stops got the first party switch titles, a lot of them for 27 bucks, which is like pretty Ridiculous really great like if you can get a breath of the wild which is on there right now, 27 on. That is ridiculous. Being that these games kind of level off at like 35 at the absolute best. But then you know youre scratching incline to get to get them any cheaper than that, and usually it wont even be that uh but yeah yeah uh kirby fire emblem three houses astral chain. Is there xenoblade chronicles, definitive edition, which is a great jrpg, a lot of good deals from a switch first party standpoint? So i wanted to briefly give that a mention as well and uh yeah. Maybe some of you guys are busy with your switch uh right now playing the new pokemon.

Let me know how thats going but uh thats gon na. Do it for me again a lot of great deals available really. I mentioned a lot of game. Stop deals just because dude theyre they got some standout deals right now and uh. I think a lot of worthwhile stuff now. Obviously, a lot of these deals are also price matched on amazon. So if you want to get them on amazon im sure you can find it there uh, you know: amazons got some good deals, ff7 remake integrated at 45. I mean that sounds like a high price point, but the dlc itself is 20 bucks and then the game itself, like man, its been holding them in prize. I know it was given away as a plus freebie, but that version wasnt upgradable. So yeah there are some games, you can tell the games and the publishers that uh you know and the franchise that kind of rock it down in price pretty quickly and then the games that really do hold up in price kind of just looking at it. From a surface level, you know your sony games of the world. Those first party, tennis, like spider man, mas morales, is 30. That seems a little high to me because remember that is the base game, but uh yeah thumbs the brakes. Those sony games are just gon na seemingly hold up in price for a little bit, but uh yeah thats gon na do it.

For me. I know a little bit all over the place, but you can find all of the links in the description box below so go check that out thats gon na. Do it for me sound off with all of your thoughts in the comment section down below. Thank you for watching and goodbye, hey guys. We hope you enjoyed the video and, if you did make sure to hit the subscribe button and if youre already subscribed, do us a favor and hit the bell icon. This way youll be notified.

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