It does actually look like unofficial website sources. They have confirmed that they will be doing another restock wave going on so very, very nice to go and see this. We also do have an official listing too, as well like when the paper uh deals, kind of basically going on too, as well and all around some very, very intriguing stuff in regards to the playstation xbox xbox series x and all of that good stuff going on. So im gon na show you guys all this type of stuff. We actually have been kind of patiently waiting and refreshing the website for all of you guys out here for this, and i do believe this will be an online restock, also tied into with other stuff. Too, as well, i dont think we see many other folks also mention about this too as well. So we should be, i think, hopefully, breaking up some actual good news for all of you guys out there so make sure you guys are subscribed with the notifications on as well for the brand new playstation 5 giveaway amazon links down below for the ps5 disc digital Console controller to order into a dream as well link down below sign up for weeble the positive 100. You guys go, get free stock free money go in base, you guys go buy 100 with any cryptocurrency, yes go and get free bitcoin. Those are always linked down below and definitely smash like, but on this one, because the last walmart restack went extremely extremely well, so lets go get hyped up for this one.

So i want to go and say this is pretty much confirmed. I would say based on the links based on the information floating around, although i will probably have another video out for this similar topic tomorrow. Just go so you guys brace yourselves up for this one, mainly just if we see more information, any employees confirming information more black friday stuff or if the actual web pages themselves go and update like right now were kind of in that, like little patient waiting mode For it, but we actually did see walmart update their web pages and, as i mentioned, we also had some elite information floating around when it comes to their black friday deals. So first and foremost, lets go talk about this and the last walmart restart two overall one. Pretty good as well, so they all still put together should be a pretty good, pretty good day and im pretty hyped up for this restack in the first place. So lets go and show you guys somethings going on on over here. So, as you guys can probably go and tell, we did actually have a restock going on for walmart before we had a restock earlier on this week. That was scheduled. We probably made up probably a little bit too many few videos, but im always in the mindset. I hope you guys are okay with this id rather have more videos that has like little bits more information, so you guys can be caught up and as well.

I want everyone to have a chance to get the console thats kind of the main purpose of my youtube channel. So if you guys ever see like a double video on that just one more so i want to remind you guys or sometimes not – everyone sees every video because we have been this past week. Weve been uploading a lot, but i hope you guys more so appreciate that. Then then hate me fingers crossed, but i know a lot of you. Parents are out there anyway, some a little bit of ripple. Sorry about that, but, as you guys can probably go and see, if you guys are looking for the playstation 5 or looking for the xbox ill, show the xbox as well. That does seem like its confirmed. We actually had a very, very intriguing, a new update and refresh on the page itself. With this, we do have a black friday deal for the playstation 5 at disc edition black friday digital playstation edition going on and as well. If you guys want to look towards for other stuff for say the xbox, if you guys also look for xbox 2, i do not so quick little ramble on this. One too is kind of important. The last walmart restock was not xbox all access xbox. All access is like a almost like a secondary type drop where you basically have to run like a credit check, youre, basically getting it on like a loan like, if you guys ever seen like those rent to own places in those types of locations, thats kind of What weve seen before that is not what these drops were.

I think its just a random placeholder like if you guys go the actual web page itself, you guys can go and see it has the like. I dont know why they dont change this, but they do have the xbox ill access on this then, for the last drop we saw. This did not include that it was just a normal console. No youd have to pay the 700 for all access. Just keep that in mind: okay, just keep them. I just want to make that further, but if you guys do look at this one as well also on the xbox black friday deal popular pick for xbox series x console. This is also confirmed, and, if you guys also looked on this, it also does seem like the xbox series ss, although of course not obviously not as crazy, like not as many people really want that compared to the xbox, its also available for the black friday website. So if you guys go look on every one of these pages too, on the actual web ps5 stuff or the normal listings, you guys can see, although if you guys remember from the drop that happened on monday, they usually sometimes did have additional information on it. So i think walmart plus, actually also had like hey well, have a chance to check this out, one more plus on that day as well. We also did go and also have it be like heres, the exact date so beforehand.

We werent entirely super sure, but we actually do have a rough time over here too, as well for this. So, as you guys have seen from all this information, it does seem like its confirmed on the website official website. So you guys can check yourselves, and also you guys can look for the black friday deals as well reminder well talk about the walmart plus in a second, but it may also have some walmart plus requirements mixed on in, but this is all confirmed on the website. Once again, well, maybe have more information tomorrow, but if you guys also have seen some of these also web pages too, as well, weve, actually been seeing it floating around for another walmart deal basically going and confirming that on walmart itself, black friday deals – and you guys Can also like this is like im sure you guys can tell, but also you guys can see the similar colors for the black and yellow mix done in black friday deal if you guys also see the same actual, like graphics, for the offer here, black and yellow This is gon na be for black friday deals. Four days on this is actually the apparently the confirmed date, which would also be more so for tomorrow. I believe, might be wrong on that. But let you guys know black friday deals for days, wednesday. 11. 25. 7. P.M: est online. This is also going on over here. We do see some of these, so this this pay attention.

This note right here it is not confirmed for the consoles to be on that date. We do also have more online deals on november 27th. Also at 12 a.m, which i think my webcam is covering on the 12 a.m, est and then also in store deals. November. 27Th. 5 a.m. Local. So if you guys look through all this stuff, so as of right now on the website listing, we do not have it being 100 confirmation for tomorrow, but it does kind of seem like it will either happen on tomorrow or itll be happening on thursday or friday. Throughout these next few days, we do see the black friday deal, but obviously, as you guys can probably know, friday is not the 25th so its like it could kind of go either way like its kind of working. The same black friday right here deals four days on wednesday, so we dont have the exact specific day. We just know its a confirmed restock, which is why i want to let you guys know that well be watching it throughout these next few days we are seeing some posts, even in the fine print. If you guys can see, it does say, online sales begin friday, november 27th at 11 a.m. Est! So, once again, im more so made this video just preemptively im, assuming that just normal black friday deals are on wednesday at 7 pm est and then console sales. Maybe throughout the week, maybe on friday, it is kind of weird wording, because you guys can probably tell its black friday itself and then its also having wednesday deals so heres.

My two things im going to look out for this is a confirmed, restock thats. Why im saying ill probably have more information tomorrow, because theyll either maybe have a chance to update the website, update the listing, update and change up all this type of stuff too, as well. So keep that in mind, but the part two of that will be it either could be on tomorrow. 7 p.m, or, as i mentioned, that might just be the normal walmart black friday deals and itll be an online on friday itself. I kind of wish they didnt have black friday deals for days and then with wednesday right afterwards. Im sure you guys can understand why it could be a little bit confusing. But if you guys want to, if you guys, are subscribed, put on the notifications or follow up the twitter ill, probably give you guys an update tomorrow, almost regardless, if it will be having a console drop. Well, have a video on it. Well mention it beforehand. So you guys can know i just want to. I just want to try to make everything as easy as for you guys as i can, and if it doesnt happen tomorrow ill, let you guys know we can probably assume will be on friday, but, as i have mentioned, this is a confirmed deal the website on Walmart itself is updated uh, as you guys have seen from the monday drops. We havent seen their exact times mentioned on over here, so it can kind of go either way or keep on watching it either way its confirmed throughout this week, either its gon na be on wednesday or friday.

So, as you guys all know, for ps5, disc, digital and xbox consoles and last but kind of like a little bit of a ramble note, we dont fully know if this will be a walmart plus restock as of yet thats. Why im saying ill play? Have another video for you guys for this one as we get more information as time kind of goes on as of right now, on the listing itself, like this actual page, we havent seen any walmart plus like theres no mention of walmart, plus on the we like On the deal itself, we havent seen anything so far and on the website too, as well, we havent seen any things with walmart plus now i personally would probably actually, rather it be walmart plus we saw a lot of people get good. Some good confirms on the last walmart monday restock, but well have to kind of go and see, as i guess i mentioned right now, its confirmed. We just have to have a way for more information on it same with all these uh auto. Also articles too, as well mixed on in so very good news. I love seeing these confirmed, drops well have to wait and see. I wish i had the full on information for you guys, but maybe even walmart doesnt even know at this point, but as i can you guys can kind of. Maybe you guys leave your comments or thoughts down below, as you guys want to, but, like i said well probably, i would id probably expect online november 27th for the consoles, but i havent been wrong before so thats.

Why we have this kind of big up and highlighting over here, so maybe on wednesday, as of tomorrow, so good stuff, at least i love the confirmed, drops. I love that were seeing more information. Well, probably have even one more video on the channel all throughout today. We also made a bunch of other videos on the channel too as well, if you guys want to go check it out after this, video is all done, gamestop news and some other news as well, so a lot of just interesting stuff going on in general. I do appreciate all you guys so much for watching make sure you guys are subscribed with the notifications on it for the ps5 giveaway itself, there should be ending slash new ones soon and also for the updates ill, probably have a lot more updates throughout these. Next, four or five days as we have the twitter and twitch room down below, if you guys want to follow, sign up for weeble deposit 100., you guys can get free, tesla stock go and base. You guys go buy 100 worth of any cryptocurrency. You guys go! Get free, bitcoin and as well. We also have all the other various stuff to mix done in with all the links down below, but if you guys all so much watching, leave your thoughts and comments down below of another video.

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