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It starts by 4pm thats right, its bogo season, which means black friday is upon us. Last year we gave our community a chance to think about the purchase before buying launching our sales at the beginning of november, and this year were doing again, but bigger and better buying a scooter is a big decision and one you should be doing your research on. First, luckily, weve got the perfect website and customer service team to compare options and find your ideal match were going to have discounts of up to 250 off certain scooters or an alternative deal of yes buy one get one free, thats right. If you buy one new ghost scooter at full price, you can get one free, apollo air thats. A savings over six hundred dollars were also going to have some great deals on accessory bundles. So you can customize. Your ride were sure. Youre gon na find the perfect scooter for you and one for your family, so this black friday lets ride further together: Music Applause, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, designing from first principles allows you to roll out a clean sheet Of paper to take the time to truly understand your customers, take a walk around any modern city and youll find scooters scattered all around the street, each of them identical, but the people riding them are all different. So why arent scooters made to fit scotsman is the worlds first, carbon fiber electric scooter, custom 3d printed.

Just for you. The existing scooters that you see on the market are all constructed around known components and existing components. When we developed this scooter, we were thinking about how to make every one of those components feel integrated and not simply feel streamlined, but feel like custom bespoke design for this scooter. How do we unlock the true potential of carbon fiber? Well, with 3d printing? We can control the direction and the placement it was also. We had sort of this aha moment where we started to define these peeling elements around the back wheel: the integrated lights in the front, the creases along the handlebar – and these are things that are very much unique to the scotsmans manufacturing process. With this design, that branch gave us weve engineered the placement of every single carbon fiber so that it can translate into a stiff and strong scooter. We wanted to make the interaction with your scotsman seamless, so we added a smart interface right on the handlebars throughout the day. Peoples priorities change, whether its a quick mute or a leisurely ride across town scotsman is modular by design. So you can optimize on the go. Weve always challenged ourselves to avoid compromises. A scooter with long range can also be lightweight and fast. A robust scooter can also be affordable and easy to carry as a technology. Company weve made it a practice to be inquisitive, pushing the boundaries of what can fit into a product without compromising the original design.

Intent no feature can come as an afterthought.

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