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That can help your online store succeed in the market. Now lets go ahead and get straight into this video and get started right away, and that is actually going to be. The first feature of xyro that i want to talk about is the fact that essentially theres next to no preparation time, you can get started right away, choose a pre, built online store, template and then use their drag and drop builder functionality to make it customized to You and perfect for you and then after that, youre basically ready to sell online, essentially theres, no setup theres, no coding, you can just drag and drop and get ready and get started now. The next thing i do want to cover is that xyro is actually super. Secure and it is mobile friendly, what this means is that you can essentially give your buyers a really really good user experience and the peace of mind with a secure online store that will actually work on pretty much every device. So you dont have to worry about certain users not being able to access your website or your store, because it will work everywhere and you wont have to worry about that at all now. The next thing i do want to talk about on these features that really make xyro great as a store builder or as an online store hosting platform or management platform. Whatever you want to call it well, you can easily manage and track your inventory.

Its super super simple, all you have to do is add and manage all of your products by using one single intuitive dashboard. So you can categorize and track your inventory and you are in control. You pretty much can control every single thing. You want theres not going to be any negatives to it, its just such an easy, intuitive setup. Now, on that note of being easy, well, the shipping and delivery is super easy as well. What you can do with the shipping and delivery is, you can essentially take charge, while also keeping it super easy. You can check the order history, you can track payments and the shipping status and you can automatically update your buyer via email if you want to, and if you decide to so theyve got a bunch of different shipping and delivery options which, in my opinion, really does Make it a good online store for a lot of people now that is going to move into the next thing i want to mention, which is that it is actually easy to grow your business with xyro website builder, if youve got an online store and youre trying To grow it, they actually have tools that will assist you with that which, in my opinion, is one of the best things, because a lot of online businesses need that extra help to grow and xyro website builder does provide that. So, essentially, you are able to watch your business grow. You can keep your eye on the prize because they have built in reports and sales tracking.

So if you do need more than that, you can even easily integrate google analytics and max your cells, but you dont have to they already have all this integrated and its super super straightforward. Another thing that makes it super easy to grow is the fact that they have their marketing. Basically super automated – and this is one of my favorite things about xyro website builder and the features they offer for your online store is that you can essentially run tailor made ads on facebook and google shopping and automate your marketing and target the right audiences to obviously Boost your business, but they offer a lot of automation to this as well, which is really good for your business. It means youre gon na have to spend less time on marketing, and you can spend more time on just overall managing your business and really making sure you succeed. So that is, in my opinion, a really really big benefit to xyro, which personally thats one of my favorite benefits, because a lot of website builders dont really come with that automation. Instead, they end up making it even harder, because you cant properly integrate with things and they dont have any inbuilt tools, so it just turns into a mess, but zyro doesnt have that problem. Now, moving on from the features, i want to go ahead and really quickly take you through how to start selling on xyro, how to start your own store and im just going to take you through the process really quickly its super simple.

So the first thing youve got to do is register for an account essentially signing up for a xyro account takes only a few clicks, so all youre going to need is a name and an email address. You just take those you put them into your account and youre pretty much signed up for xyro theres, really nothing more to it. Its super easy super, intuitive and thats. Actually another nice thing about xyro. Is they dont ask for any more information, its just straightforward and getting right to the point, then? The next step you have to do is upgrade to an e commerce plan, because when you sign up at the very base level youre going to want to upgrade and make the jump to an e commerce plan, so you can actually access those ecommerce features. So once youve created your account youre going to make sure to upgrade to their ecommerce or e commerce plus package. Now, once you do that, that is going to set you up with all of these features, which i mentioned, and the ability to access them, as well as obviously custom domain and a bunch of other features which you can see on the screen right now. Now these features are super super good and i really do think. The price for the amount of features is incredible. Like a lot of website, builders will charge quite a bit, but they dont offer this large amount of features and xyro doesnt run into that problem.

Now getting into step number three though the next thing youve got to do is pick a template and customize that template what this means is. You can basically choose from dozens of stunning designer main templates and you can then customize it. So it suits your business and it looks custom to your brand. Now the nice thing about having all these templates, these professionally made templates, is youre going to be cutting down on a lot of the work since theyre already basically built for you, and then all that remains is to just customize the specifics like putting in your name. Changing the logo, all that stuff, maybe the color scheme, and then your template is just ready to go and you can go on to the next step, which is to add your products now with xyro. Adding your products is actually super super easy. You can even just sell one product if thats all you want to do, you can obviously sell more but its not required, and you can use a store builder to create product listings for all the things you want to sell. So they have this inbuilt store builder. Essentially that you can use to get all your products up and running right away now that is going to move into the next and the funnest point on the list, which is to start selling once youve got everything up once youve got xyro set up once youve Got your plan purchased then its time to start selling your product, and you can do this by creating a marketing strategy and getting your website out there now.

You can also, of course, build your social media presence and set up a good email marketing system. The nice thing about xyro is they actually offer a bunch of benefits for your email infrastructure and your social media presence. They have a lot of integrations for that, so thats just another benefit on top of all the other benefits. So essentially what youre going to be? Looking at is youre going to be looking at getting a website builder that helps you with the entire process and thats what i personally love about xyro, and why i do recommend them. The xyro black friday cell is here. You can get up to 86 off, plus three must free with any yearly plan for a limited time only to do this just use the code site starters or click.

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