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Thank you very much, dr ali, for the introduction. It is a real honor to participate in this cyber security leadership. Talk today and id like to welcome our aruba, speaker and expert tobias van ingen, who is always very supportive. Thank you, youre welcome and thank you for the strong partnership. Yes to be, as i like to start telling our audience a bit of aruba since you are a leader and expert advisor on how to secure the network from the edge to the cloud and how an increased number of devices added to the network today is challenging. I.T teams to being able to identify, control and protect users and devices from threats. Can you tell us about the benefits of capturing the data at the edge yeah? I think you summarized actually really well. I think everything is happening now these days at the edge of the infrastructure, because, if you think about it, thats the only you know place in your infrastructure where people thinks and data actually comes together so thats, where we also need to think about. How can we start securing things? It is not just anymore the laptop and the phone of the user. It is also now the sensors to measure the occupation of the meeting rooms or desks or any sensors depending on the different vertical markets. So we need to make sure that one side, the data is captured on the edge more and more data from these sensors.

On the other side, we need to make sure that we get visibility and being able to secure those devices actually at the edge of the infrastructure, for two folds one is to protect the infrastructure itself, but also do you know that if you are collecting the data And youre going to take decisions on this data if you are collecting it from the right devices, so i think there is multiple ways and multiple reasons why you should think about and securing the edge of the infrastructure. Thank you, tobias. How do aruba enable businesses and employees to be safe and productive? So actually, what we do is we start building a framework and the framework is called connect, protect analyze and act and actually on the first two parts is, i think, where we can concentrate for this. One is the connect one is to is very simple is bill: how can we build best in class hardware to make sure that if you are in hospital – and you need to connect the telemeter that you have always on connectivity or if it is a wire divide, So thats about you know securing the hardware and providing best in class connectivity in that protect layer is where we think about. How can we get visibility because thats number one? I think organizations should first have visibility. If you have the visibility, then how can you protect that infrastructure? So if an ip camera comes on the uh on the it infrastructure, then it needs to get an ip camera roll and only allow to go to the monitor control system or the recording system and that that counts for different vertical markets.

So thats a protect layer, its getting visibility and secure those devices, and then you need to continuously monitor devices and thats where the analyze and next layer come into play. So to analyze is getting data from using the network infrastructure as a sensor. Getting the data and then start to analyze that data and if something is wrong or malicious, start to act on it and thats, why we call the framework connect, protect analyze it at ingram. We can help resellers to position themselves as cyber security, especially supported by our cyber security center of excellences and our public discovery report in gram micro eyesight. Can you tell us what we have built only for aruba in ingram microsite, yeah thats, an interesting one because thats? Actually it is a report that can be a little bit scary in the beginning when you see it, but we have been building a couple of things. Is we do a scan across the internet to see if theres any open boards, or maybe wrong boards that have been open on the aruba devices? So it can be clear, past service connected to the internet? It can be controllers access points and then you can question. Okay, why do i need to have these ports open, or can i take any additional security measures so thats a good way to have a good conversation in about the open ports and securing the infrastructure devices? The other part we have been adding into the eyesight reports is also the geolocation, so you not only know what ports or what device open, which you also know in what part of the world these devices are or how distributed it is to have a proper conversation And a proper security conversation, as you said, its a scary report.

Shouldnt should end users be scared on these reports. No, i think i said it can be scary, because everybody is always a little bit scared if they see that advisor and some of the ports are open, but most of the times there is a good reason, but it doesnt mean you can take additional security measures In order to secure these, additional ports are only allowed for a certain amount of users, for example, but you can also turn it around right. Is that if you dont know it that these ports are open, and you did it maybe by accident, then you rather know and have a good conversation how you can secure them. Thank you very much, tobias um, any final words to our resellers. No, i think i think they should run these reports have a good conversation and then, after that also figure out. Okay, how can you start using products like clearpass to secure the infrastructure, components? Security end users get visibility, so you can start with the with the eyesight report and then have a holistic, uh security discussion uh around aruba and ingram fantastic insight. Thank you very much to us to our resellers. Please please visit to learn more on how to get these reports with the support of our center of excellences and our teams uh in the countries and just to say, develop and grow your cybersecurity business with ingram, micro and aruba.

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