I hope you guys are ready for the conclusion of the season of mischief in pokemon go so welcome to the trainer club. Here we go Music. Welcome back everybody. Let me know in the comments below: are you guys excited about concluding the season of mischief which means the conclusion of the hoopa research, which is going to lead us into an event? So i hope you guys are ready before we jump in just want to remind you guys that i have new merchandise up. If you check the pin comments or the description of my video, you can check out the old university of alumni graphic or you can also check out the new version of the graphic with new color schemes that is going to go on for a grand total of One week pre sale, so if you want that make sure to jump on it right now, so with all that said, lets get into the event details which is going to be a grand total of three days. Its gon na go from friday at 10 a.m. Local time, all the way until monday, the 29th at 8 and the bonuses are going to be two times transfer, candy and two times catch xp. The season of mischief concludes a mysterious bottle and poem have appeared at the doorstep of professor willows mobile lab. They appear to be related to hoopa and hint at a method for changing its form, which is now possible thanks to the relationship youve developed with hoopa throughout the season, and just remember guys, we have form changes already in pokemon, go with the fur froze.

So now we have the ability it looks like to be able to change the form of our hoopa to the unbound form in pokemon go. So this is going to be a special research storyline, along with finishing the bound portion of the hoopa as well. The storyline thats been going on for the 16 steps is going to conclude along with this second special research. So if you are not all the way there, you still have the ability to continue onwards. If you need help beating giovanni along the way, please check out the video up here, but you can go all the way until december. 1St at 9, 59 am to then give you access to the unbound portion of the research, and so maybe you dont want to complete it or you dont have the ability to complete it. Well, guess what you have the ability to purchase this? You cannot use coins for a grand total of 4.99. If you dont have the ability to go back or you dont want to beat giovanni, you want to save your rocket radars or whatever. That is to you. You dont want the shadow lugia if you do want to check out more details about shadolugia to make the best decision for yourself. You can check that out up here and that is going to get you. The research unbound story to be able to complete and just a couple notes like i said they cannot be purchased with pokecoins.

There is not going to be an ability to refund it, it is 4.99 or the equivalent in your local currency and thats us dollars, and the unbounded research will be available all the way until the season change on december 1st at 9 59 a.m. So you are gon na have to complete this thing in its entirety by that date, because the season does change and then it is going to expire, so you have to play in if you dont have this done. I do think most of us on my channel. Do have most of the research done because it really hasnt been too challenging in order. If you get to the next level, you are going to have to have a hoopa, because in order for you to change the form of a hoopa, you actually have to have one to get it to the unbound form. So please make sure to get hoopa. If you plan on getting the unbound form as well, so if you do want to see – and you dont have hoopa how to get hoopa, please check out the video up here. So once you get to the second round of the research which we will come out soon and tell you guys as soon as we all know about it, it is going to then lead us to be able to take hoopa into the unbound form. So when you do do this, if you want to take hoopa confined into the hoopa unbound, it is going to be a grand total of 10 000 stardust and 50 hoopa candy, so its really not that expensive.

Once again, this is a mythical pokemon, so you are gon na have to have sufficient candy, but you have been getting candy along the way. So if you did power it up, youre, probably gon na have to use some rare candy for it and then, if you want to take it back from the unbound into the confined its only going to be 10 candies in 2, 000 stardust to be able to Take it there and it says you need to earn some of the resources along the way in the unbound research story, to be able to take hoopa into the unbound form, and not only that theres going to be some celebrations going on. That has to do with the hoopa unbound form, so there are going to be raid hours each day going on during this time, which im really actually excited about this, because i really want articuno candy. So here we go were going to go over the raid hours. That are taking place once per day, so i hope you guys are ready for some fun times. They will be going six to seven local time. So, on the 26th we have all of the kanto birds, zapdos articuno and moltres – that are going on from six to seven on the 27th. We are gon na have a raid hour once again, six to seven all of these im not going to repeat that again, local time zone for wherever youre at local time on the 27th is going to be heatran.

All of the above do have shinies. On the 28th, we have all the reggies regis reggie steele and reggie rock all with the ability to be able to raid for them six to seven and on the 29th we have the swords of justice coming back again: kobalian, tarakian and varisian. So for all those guys, if you do want to single out specific ones for the trios, make sure youre in a downtown area with a ton of gyms available. So you can actually have a pick because when youre in smaller areas – and you only have like 10 gyms and 10 gyms are going to be taking up for the entire raid hour guess what looks like were going to have a lot of fun so make sure To be in those big areas, if you want to have more choice as to which pokemon you are going to be able to be rating unless youre just going to want to see whatever youre given and then raid those out but thats a great time also to Earn a lot of xp guys putting two lucky eggs on and going for an hour with friendship bonuses is going to be a great time to earn you extra xp, for whatever your xp goals may be, and then, additionally, from 12 to 1 on all these days, We are going to have spotlight hours as well, so on the 26th from noon to one local time. Its going to be rattata on the 27th were gon na have stabilize so sableye does need exo candies for the great league to be maxed out at its best place.

So do start. Saving up on those ones on the 28th is going to be pikachu and then on the 29th, guys guess what we have beldum. I love beldum, because it is a really really powerful, attacker shadow form even better, but at some point it has a mega. So that is really really exciting. Mega metagross definitely need it, and i just want to put a note in an asterisk. I saw somebody in my comments that said, please let your viewers know that it cost 360 exo candies to max out a level 50 shadow pokemon. So 296, for the regular pokemon 360 for the shadow so having all those candies is gon na, be really beneficial for the mega metagross, as well as a shadow metagross. If you do have a beneficial one to play for the meta attacker purposes and then you can get the hoopa unbound t shirt as well in the shop. So with all that said guys, i hope you guys are ready for the hoopa unbound form change. This is really exciting. I personally think at some point. This is going to be how we have the arceus. I do believe that youre gon na have to form change it to be able to get it there, because i really dont see us rating for all of the different typings, because i think thats gon na get super hectic. Its gon na be a challenge, its really not gon na serve. I dont think imagine having two weeks on each of the arceuss forms like that.

Just sounds mind blowing, so it looks like testing out. The fur fro was the first one. Now we have the hoopa to be able to form change, just as we do the first row and once you do change it its not stuck into that change, you can then change it back or change it to something else. If you didnt already know that, because you can do that with all the fur froze and then i think at some point the arceus, but not only that guys, we have great raid hours throughout the week. So i hope you guys are ready to max out. If you do need more raids also, i will put that in the pin comments below to get you guys, some more raids and some more raid teams in pokemon go. This is going to be a lot of fun and i cant wait to see what were coming at in december in pokemon go. So i appreciate you guys, as always for tuning in all of my likers comment: subscribers patreon members, everybody who takes their support, subscription anticipation to the next level. Im gon na see you guys out on the next video peace. I want to take this time to thank everybody who supports me in every facet. It means the world to me and an extra special thank you to all my patreons. I greatly appreciate the extra support to continue to allow me to pursue pokemon go full time.

Allowing me to create my daily video uploads in the most timely fashion for everyones benefit, plus, i get the amazing experience of sharing my creative processes behind the scenes and raiding all around the globe with select upper tiers. Thank you, everybody for being a part of the trainer club.

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