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Lets go through all the event details and then some tips and tricks for the event time stamps below. As always. So this events, gon na be friday november 26. 10 a.m. To monday november 29th, 8 pm all local time. Bonuses for the event were gon na have two times transfer candy and two times catch xp. Now, theres gon na be an end of season. Special research story you can get during this event. If you did the following things, if you complete the misunderstood mischief special research, which is that season long special research before december, 1st 9 59 am local time, which is when the season ends. You will get access to the mischief, unbound special research story, which is going to be the end of season special research and youll get access to that at the start of this event were talking about right now. You can also buy this special research story for five dollars. If you dont think youre going to complete the misunderstood mischief of special research before december 1st at 9 59 a.m. Do you have the option to either complete the misunderstood mischief special research or just buy the research for five dollars usd its gon na be a ticket in the shop? But remember your decision has to happen before december. 1St 9. 59 am local time because you cant buy the research after that. If you complete the misunderstood mischief special research, you can also buy the mischief unbound research a second time so youre going to get two pairs of that research and youre pretty much just get double rewards on all the items since youll complete the research twice were gon Na go through what the research tasks are in a second, i hope that makes sense, but pretty much you can either buy the research or you complete the season, long special research and you instantly unlock it.

This event is all about hoop unbound, so to get hoopa unbound youre, actually gon na be form changing your hoopa confined into hoop unbound to be able to form change this pokemon. You need to complete the second page of the mischief unbound special research, which is going to be end of season research, its going to cost 50 hp, candies and 10 000 stars to go from hoopla confined into hoopa and down and 10 candies and 2000 starters. To revert that from hoopa and bound into hoopa could find, and you will get the resources for these form change in the mischief. Unbound special research were also going to have bonus spotlight hours during this event. So, during the following days, from 12 to 1 pm local time were gon na get these pokemon in the spotlight hour november 26 is going to be retired november 27th is going to be save a live november. 28Th is going to be pikachu november 29th is going to be beldum. All four of them do have shinies and theres going to be no special bonuses during these spotted hours. Its just going to be the pokemon spawning in the wall also were going to have raid hours 6 to 7 pm at local time. On the following days, november 26 is going to be articuno, zapdos and mole trace. All due have shinies november 27th is going to be. He train with the shiny november. 28Th is going to be reggie, rocker jason, reggie steele, with the shiny and november 29th, is going to be kobali and track down and verizon with the shiny.

Finally, theres going to be this new avatar item, which you can get by completing the mischief, unbound special research or you can buy it in the shop after the event ends now on screen is gon na, be the mischief unbound its gon na. Be that end of season special research – we were talking about only gon na be three pages, so very easy to complete, first of all, take snapshot of a hoopa for a thousand starters catch 20 pokemon for a lucky egg and spin through pokestops for 3000xp. Getting an incense, poffin and golden raspberry make seven curve. Ball throws in a row for 1500 stardust use 20 bears help catch pokemon for a star piece: complete 10 field resource tests for 3000 xp get some incense super incubator. Three silver pineapples, finally earn seven hearts with your buddy for two thousand starters casserole different species, pokemon for three raid passes and went through raids for four thousand stars, get you 50 hubba, candies, 10, 000 stars and the hoopa t shirt. We discussed. Remember you need to complete the second page, so this one here and then form changing, will open up to you. Thats all the advantages out of the way lets get into the tips and tricks for the event, starting with a tip to complete this research, which is actually the make seven curveball throws in a row test. Now. A lot of people struggle with these make throws in a row task, so im gon na play a video right now how to easily do this task.

If you have no skill in pokemon, go check it out right now. So a lot of people struggle with the make five great throws in a row make three excellent throws in a row and all sorts of tasks. Let me show you how to do them. We have one right here, but pretty much. What youre gon na wan na do is come into a pokemon once youre in the encounter screen, youre gon na scroll down and youre gon na wan na turn on airplane mode. However, you do that on your phone. Youll know youre on airplane mode, because the ball will be spinning in this corner. Now go ahead and try to make your great throw there. You go first, one as you can see it didnt register. So if you make the throw, you can go ahead and turn off airplane mode and reconnect to the internet, so, for example, there make one in a row now turning on airplane mode, one more time, if i go ahead here and hit a nice throw before turning Off airplane mode im, just gon na go ahead and close the app and open it back up, make sure you turn off airplane mode when youre opening it back up, as you can see. Now, if i come back into my game, i havent broken my streak of two in a row. Pretty much just go ahead and make sure airplane mode is on when youre in the encounter and making the throws.

And then, if you hit the throw turn airplane mode off, but if you fail the throw then close your app and try again yeah if you didnt know that people consider it a glitch and some people dont want to do it and by all means you dont, Have to do this glitch if you dont want to, but if youre really struggling with the make seven throws in a row, task use that little tip there and you can complete that very easily. Now lets talk about hoopa unbound. A lot of people are gon na be asking: is it even worth the form change hoopa can find into hoop unbound? Is this pokemon even relevant in pokemon? Go im gon na play a video right now talking about this pokemon check it out. Unbound is a psychic and dark type pokemon. It has a stamina of 176 attack of 311 defensive 191 with a max epl 50 of 4530 very high. As far as fast moves it can learn, confusion and astonish and as far as charges it can learn. Shadow ball. Dark pulse and psychic all the stats and moves are subject to change upon release by the way. So, if it does get changed, i will make an updated video on the topic. As far as raids go hoop, unbound is going to be pretty good. Its going to be ranked number three in terms of psychic type rate, attackers behind shadow mewtwo and regular mewtwo with confusion and psychic, definitely a strong psychic temporary attacker.

However, if you already have a full team of mewtwo, shadowy, two and mewtwo are still better hoopa. Unbound will also be a good ghost typewrite attacker, still gon na be outclassed by geratina, chandler gengar and a couple other ghost types. However, you still can use it now. What about for pvp hoop unbound cp is going to be too high for the great league, but in the ultra league, its going to be ranked 499 and the master league is going to be ranked 303 and then actually classics will be 214.. As you can see by the rankings, hoopa unbound is not going to be good issue with hoop and bound is its going to be way too frail and attack weighted and also doesnt. Have any quick charging charge moves compared to similar psyche types like mewtwo who have psycho cut and size strike if youre gon na run hoop and bound in pvp, though, run confusion, dark pulse and shadow ball and you can handle a couple pokemon, but in the end Hoopa unbound is gon na, be strictly a raid attacking pokemon, so yeah, hoop unbound looks like its gon na be a good rate. Attacker not gon na be good in pvp. You can definitely get it for raids if youd like now, as we mentioned earlier, if you unlock the mischief unbound research, you can also pay five dollars to get a second version of this research, which is going to be the exact same and just allow you to Get all these rewards twice now all those rewards in the shop buying them individually adds up to 860 poke coins.

This is about one dollar per pog coin. So technically, the value of this research is eight dollars and sixty cents, canadian, at least technically, are saving three dollars. If you buy this research a second time, but i dont know if its really worth it to buy that research twice, i think youre better off. Just getting rare candies to get hoopa candy and all that stuff, but im just gon na. Let you guys know you can buy the research for five dollars, even if you already have it. If you want to get a second version now lets get into my favorite part of this event and thats going to be the spotlight hours, we have rattata stabilized, pikachu and beldum all in spotlight hours. All these spoilers hours are going to be worth playing. Lets go through each one individually. Why exactly? You should play them and what are the shiny rates for each of these pokemon? First of all, rattata spotlight hour is actually a good one because of the small rat badge. If you dont know theres the youngster medal, which requires you to catch a thousand tiny rattatas, a tiny rattata counts as any rattata under 2.41 kilograms. Since ritaz are gon na be every in the wild. I definitely recommend catching as many as you can to hopefully catch a lot of ratatas under 2.41 kilograms. However, dont stop there. If you dont know, if you actually receive a rattata from trade and its under 2.

41 kilograms, it will add a value towards this badge after spotlight hour, im going to find a friend, i already already have a friend lined up who is going to keep all of Their smaller tattoos were going to mirror trade them and were going to work on this badge together. Once youve done the spotted hour as well, you can actually make a tag thats what i have for my rattatas. So i call this my tag. Small rats – and i pretty much all in here – are going to be my rattatas that are considered extra small, so remember save your tiny retards if you can to trade them after, because you can work towards this youngster metal and get that one platinum, because that is Actually, a pretty hard metal to plat stabilized spot hour is going to be one of the best that ones going to be on november 27th, 12 to 1 pm local time. First of all, stabilize is a pokemon that gets you 750 stardust per catch on a star piece which is going to be times 1.5 thats going to be 1 125 per cast. So i definitely recommend during stabilized spotlight hour catch as many stabilizers as you can and use two star pieces, so they last the whole hours, for example, catching a hundred uh stabilized during the hour on a star piece, around 112 000 stardust, definitely really worth it guys Play that stabilize spotlight out not only that but purified sableye is a menace.

Indie league youre going to want to run that pokemon with low attack high defense. High stamina, if you dont know why you want these ivs for pvp in the go badly ill link. Video below explaining that but youre going to need to stack up xl candies for this pokemon and spotlight hour is going to be a great time first of all, catch as many stabilizers as you can, but also after save those stabilizers. And if you trade them with a pokemon caught over a hundred kilometers away from where your stabilizers were caught, youre gon na be guaranteeing excel candy, definitely make sure you save those stabilizers trade them over 100 kilometers to get a lot of exile candy for that pokemon. In the great league, and also stabilize one of my favorite pokemon, so im super excited for the spotlight hour. The stream is going to be legendary. Pikachu spotlight is a good one as well because of the pikachu fan metal, which requires you catch a thousand pikachus guys. You dont have that metal complete play the pikachu spot out and again, just like the rattata metal, you can trade pikachus and it adds values towards this battle, so save the pikachus. If you havent completed this medal. Finally, beldum spotlight hour, one of the best spotlight hours thats ever happened. I think this is better than dratini spotlight hour beldum into metagross metagross. First of all has a mega potential in the future. Gon na be one of the best raid pokemon in the game.

Steel type ray attacker and even a psychic type, ray attacker and then metagross. Currently right now is one of the best steel type r attackers, especially in its shadow form, which you can get shadow metangs right now from psychic grunts. So the grunt says. Are you scared of the psychics that use unforeseen powers, so you can get shadow metang, but just catching a bunch of beldums getting yourself some metagrosses getting some candies all that stuff also make sure you save those belgiums to trade like the stabilize over 100 kilometers to Get xl candies for that pokemon, daylight and beldum are going to be the two best spotlight hours. I see here now because we want to talk about shiny rates during these spotlight hours. Shiny rates are not boosted during spotlight hours, so its going to be full odds based off retalia is going to have a shiny rate of one out of 292.. Shea buys probably gon na have a shine rate of around one in 400, its not on the website, which you will have a shiny rate of 1 in 640 around and build them, probably one in four hundred again. All these shiny rates are just guesses based off, so just look for around one and four hundred gon na be a shiny. I just wan na note that the spotlight hours on friday and monday are actually a lot of people are gon na be at school or at work, or something like that, because it is from 12 to 1 pm local time.

So unless you have lunch break during that time, how do you actually play the spotlight hour? Well, im gon na definitely recommend getting yourself an auto catcher. A couple auto catchers on the market include the gotcha gotcha evolve, dual catchmon egg catchmon pokemon go plus pokeball, plus all those devices. I have a full guide talking about autocatchers and which is the best one to get which i will link below. If you want to check that out pretty much, what you can do is during the spotlight hour, go ahead and connect your gotcha, throw on an incense or whatever your gotcha will automatically throw pokeballs at these beldums or whatever spotlight hour. It is, and you can technically play the spotlight hour, even while at work or in school, so i definitely recommend one of those devices thats what i would be using if i was at school. Luckily im not going to be in school during the spotlight hours. So hopefully, that helps you guys out who are going to be busy during these times before we move on lets talk about mega pokemon. If you dont know, if you mega evolve, pokemon any pokemon that you catch the same type as that mega youll get one bonus. Candy, what mega should we evolve during each of these spotlight hours? First of all, rattata is going to be a normal type, so youre going to want a mega valve a mega pidgeot or a mega loppy.

Both of those will get you bonus candy, but i dont think its really worth mega evolving, because rattatas candy is not that valuable stabilize is a dark and ghost type pokemon and i definitely recommend mega evolving, because sable eye candy is hard to come by youre gon Na want to make evolve a mega gengar, a mega gyarados, a mega hound doom or a mega absol. All of those will get you bonus, candy for the sableye spotlight hour, pikachu spotlight hour, not really worth mega evolving, but just for people who would want to mega am froze and mega monettric are going to be two electric types that you can mega evolve to get More pikachu candy finally beldum spotted our definitely worth meg evolving for the spotlight hour. Beldum is a steel and psychic type pokemon. The mega you can mega evolve, is gon na be mega slowbro thats. The only one currently right now definitely recommend mega vault. If you dont have enough mega energy for any of these pokemon, but you have mega voldem in the past, you can walk them as your buddy to get mega energy and right now there is a task use 10 super protector charge, attacks to get 20 mega magnetic Energy, which you can find at poke stops theres a task that says catch 10, normal type pokemon for 10 megapixel energy, and it has power pokemon five times for possibly 10 megapixel energy. All the other megas, though you cant, currently get mega energy for other than mega lopney.

That one is in mega rays right now, also during the pikachu and beldum spotlight hour. If youre trying to get more spawns, not only will using incense attract all the spotted outer pokemon, but during the pikachu and beldon spotted hour, you can use magnetic lures magnetic lures, increase steel and electro type spawns, which pikachu is an electric and beldum is a steel Type to use a magnetic lure during these spot hours, if youre, trying to pull in more of these pokemon okay with spoilers away lets get into the raid hours. And what are these some tips for the raid hours? First of all, shiny rates for all of these raid hours are going to be one in 20.. So if you are trying to get a shiny already, cuda zapdos mole trace heatran redrock, whatever um those are gon na, be the shiny rays for those pokemon. Now, before i go through some counters for each of the raid bosses, i quickly want to talk about a subject. Ive been meaning to make a video on and thats going to be time zone hopping, since these raid hours are from 6 to 7 pm local time. Pretty much one hour over for each of these groups of pokemon youre, not gon na have a lot of time to raid these pokemon. If you want to grind excel candies, try to get chinese all that stuff. You only have one raid out. This is where time zone hopping comes in.

Radar is a local time event, which means theres, actually 24 different hours in which this event is going down in different places. In the world time zone hopping refers to rating the rate hour of each time zone so doing 24 different rate hours and hopping from time zone to time zone, and you can technically raid one certain group of pokemon. For example, you could rate heatran for 24 hours straight as long as you just keep getting raid invites from the different time zones that have the raid boss. So if you are trying to uh raid, you know articuno like religiously. You can start in like the australian time zone or, i think theres an earlier time, so new zealand um and then raid pretty much as it goes down all the way until it becomes. You know the furthest time zone. I dont know what timezone is, but you can raid these pokemon, like crazy people, might be asking. How do i actually get the raids for this? I have no friends and all that. Well, this is where apps like pokeygenie pokey raid loki badler and then all the raiding discords really help out, first of all, ill link below a video on how to use pokey genie. Pokey raid pokey badler its a full video. These apps pretty much allow you to get invites from people randomly in the world, so you can pretty much hop onto those apps. Look for the raid boss, youre looking for, for example, mole trace and then get invites to the raids of the radar thats.

Currently, going down im, also in four different rating discords, pokemon go auto pogo raids, pokemon, go raids and pogo raiders. I have a full video talking about these discords and how to use them. I prefer using the discords, because the discords dont have a queue function in which you actually have to wait. Your turn to get an invite, though discords actually have a ticket. You click on and then its randomly selects five raiders, so theres actually a higher chance to get the rate you want in the discords, but pretty much. I recommend you know having all the apps open all the discords open and looking for these raids, because starting november 26th theres gon na be 24 hours of articuno zapdos and mole choice rates. You can really like crazy ill make a more in depth. Video on time zone hopping stay tuned for that, but pretty much you can raid 24 hours straight as long as you keep changing time zones. Also people might be asking. Can you get these legendary pokemon from go badly encounters? As far as i know, i do not think the gobot league encounter for rank 20 will change. I think youre still going to get crystalia if you get a reward encounter past rank 20.. So dont quote me on that, but if that does change i will link below, but i think the only way to get all these legendaries are going to be by actually doing their raids.

Okay, lets quickly go through some counters, so these videos im about to play actually talk about one team. You have to build for each of the raid hours instead of building. You know three teams, one for articuno, one for zappos and one for moltres. I talk about how to build one team for all three of them, so you dont have to switch first lets. Take a look at some counters for articunosaptos and moltres. Articunos 100 iv is going to be 1743 non weather, boosted and 21.79 weather boosted. Voltrice is 100 percent of these would be 1980 now, with the boosted and 2475 weather boosted and zapdos are going to be 2015 november boosted and 25 19 weather boosted. Now, both articuno and moltres are double week to rock and zapdos is single week to rock. So i recommend just running a rock team and you could take down any single bird during the radar. What are the best rock types to use shout out, tyranitar with smackdown rampardos ryperior shadow aerodactyl, turakion shadow omastar with legacy rock slide. Regular tarantar with smackdown gigolith shadow agron, regular aerodactyl landers in the incarnate form, are all good choices. Just going with a team of six rock types and you can take out any of the kanto birds, all three of the kanto birds can be deal with the top top counters. I recommend, probably four to five trainers, have no problem taking down any of them. Okay, thats the first one lets talk about heat tran.

What are gon na be some counters for heat transfer. Trains 100 iv is going to be 2145 non weather, boosted and 2681 weather booster heatran is weak to water and fighting, but its double weak to ground. So all your counters should be ground types for the radar. I recommend a full team of ground type pokemon. Some of the best ones are going to be earth power, guard chomp, landers from the theory and form ryperior landers in the incarnate form, groudon shadow, swampert, escadrille, shadow, flygon, shadow mammoth, swine and even crocodile. Each one can be dual by the way. If you have the best counters, if you dont, i recommend probably four to five trainers, have no problem taking down here: thats going to be heat, trans radar and finally, what are some counters for regirock reggie ice and reggie steele reggie rocks 100 iv is gon na, Be 1784 non weather, boosted and 22 30 weather boost reggie steeles is gon na be 1’8 non weather, boosted and 1748 weather boosted and reggie ice is going to be 1784 nominal boosted and 22 30 weather boost. Now all three of these pokemon are gon na share. The common weakness of fighting, so the best thing you can do, is just build a fighting type team and use it during the whole raid hour and you want to switch parties. What are gon na be some good fighting types to use on your team. Some of the top fighting types include shadow machamp, shadow, hirayama, lucario conkelder, regular machamp, pretty much just use a team of six fighting type pokemon and you can take down pretty much any of the reggie trio.

All three of them can be trilled. However, you need the top top counters, so i recommend running at least six to seven trainers to have no problem taking down any of these three raid bosses because they are kind of difficult yeah. I hope that answer other questions. People might be asking what some counters for cobalian tracker and version. I very much doubt a lot of people are gon na be reading these pokemon since they were out last month. So if you are curious on counters for cobaline track and version im, just gon na link below video and you can go check those out but im – not gon na talk about those in here because im sure no one is most likely. No ones gon na be raising this pokemon, since they were just wait coming down to the end of the tips. We do have two times catch xp going down. If you dont know, when you do an excellent throw and you catch pokemon, you get a thousand xp on two times: catch speed, thats gon na be 2000 xp and using a lucky egg, thats gon na be 4000 xp per excellent, throw cat during this event, so Guys, i definitely recommend focusing on your excellent throws during this event. Look for some easy excellent throws pokemon in the wild like slowpoke, you know drowsy snorlax, just remember this event can be good for grinding xp two times cash speed great bonus. Finally, two times transfer candy guys is gon na, be a bonus if you have a bunch of extra pokemon in your storage, although most of you probably wont because shinx community just had three times transfer, candy and four times chance of getting excel candy.

So this candy bonus, doesnt, look like amazing, but if you do have some extra pokemon might as well do a bit of bag clearing during this event. With that being said, thats gon na be all my tips for this video. If anything, pops up that, i need to let you guys know: im gon na leave in the pin comments below so go review the pin comments below to see if theres anything new about this event, but guys comment below any tips i miss because again, i am Not a perfect human being, and sometimes i do miss out on things so comment below your tips to help out the other trainers. Guys were gon na see you on the next one: good luck during the spotted hours of the raid hours and the whole hoopa unbound event.

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